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Z10 vs Nikola pedals

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Wasnt sure if this was the right section as its not really a review but thought it might be of interest to someone at some point.

@stephen did a nice comparison between the MSX and Nikola pedals but I wondered how different the Nikola would be to the Z/E+ as the Ninebot ones are what I am used to, and with my incoming MSX I was intrigued to see the difference. Its quite a bit, which is great as my UK10.5 size boots are not ideal on the NB pedals. With my heel aligned at the rear, the balls are virtually hanging off the front.

As an aside, the Nikola pins are the same diameter so the pedals do actually fit onto the Z as well (I have tried) but it would require quite a bit of material to be removed, either from the pedal or hangar (or both) to get the required dihedral so I didnt go that far but I think that if someone was really keen on doing it and was desparate for bigger pedals it could be an option.

Anyways, pics below. The width is virtually identical (Ninebot a mm or so wider) but the extra Nikola length is significant:



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