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M Super V3S+ vibration at light load.


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hi guys thanks for listening. My wheel vibrates intermittently under very light load and at slow speed. It's noisy like a blown MOSFET but is not consistent. Sometimes it's fine but usually makes that horrible noise.

Rides fine at speed even under heavy load slow walking pace you wouldn't know it had a problem.

The board has been replaced 1500km or 1000miles ago. I have recently overheated it. I had stopped riding it and was pulled over when I guess it heat soaked the thermocouple and started beeping and tilting back. But after resting it, cooled down to about 50degC. it was fine and this issue was not immediately apparent.

A couple of hundred KMs later I repair a puncture. Check the wiring as you do when you have the covers off. All ok. Back together test ride no problem. Next day I turned it on and it's grumbling. I rechecked inside maybe pinched a wire. Nothing seen. Cover back on. Everything works fine. Next ride noisy again. Off and on. No noise. Later noisy.

I don't keep it in a position to keep the wheel in the noisy state of course. It can't be good. 

Do I need a new controller? Is it going to blow a mosfet? Safe enough? The screws holding the board are tight. I can't tighten a couple of them but pcb is firm. No shit stains. No smell of pixie smoke.

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18 hours ago, Goonman said:

The screws holding the board are tight. I can't tighten a couple of them

The two main reasons for vibration have generally been a loose mainboard and a loose axle nut. What do you mean by not being able to tighten a couple of the mainboard screws? It definitely sounds like the first step to examine closer.

Even if the board feels tight, if it’s not held properly by all screws, the board may have room to flex/bend a bit causing the vibration loop.

Unfortunately the mainboard side axle nut requires a special tool. Slotting a sturdy socket with an angle grinder has worked well for me and a few others.

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Thanks I'll give another look. I meant that either the screws holding the board are either tight or the plastic stand off is broken.

The PCB doesn't move at all. I haven't checked the axle nut recently.

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