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  1. Bought a Monster V3 84v. Went for a quick spin you know nothing fast or anything try out the seat for the first time. Everything going well. 5 min in to my ride seated I turn a corner and head down a little hill. The thing starts tilting back and further back. Inexperienced I try but fail to stand the tilt is too much. I step off the back but the wheel keeps going. Turns into a massive spectacle. Wheel spinning, leaping several times and flipping and tumbling Most of the nut-serts have been pulled out of one side. The plastic stand offs broken and to top it off a capacitor has been squashed. Other than that it held up fine.
  2. I just got a monster and I have experienced a minor speed wobble. It's weird. Really low frequency and amplitude compared with my other smaller wheel. It could be me I don't know. Only just got it. Wheel and tyre seem to be really straight.
  3. Thanks I'll give another look. I meant that either the screws holding the board are either tight or the plastic stand off is broken. The PCB doesn't move at all. I haven't checked the axle nut recently.
  4. ICE cars have oxygen sensors as well. The wire needs to remain in tact as sensor is tightened in the exhaust bung. The tool for that is a slotted socket commonly an crow's foot or a 22mm deep socket with a slot in the side. You don't need to disconnect the wire. Google oxygen sensor socket. Click on images. Tadaaa. So I would cut a slot in a 24mm socket and have at it.
  5. hi guys thanks for listening. My wheel vibrates intermittently under very light load and at slow speed. It's noisy like a blown MOSFET but is not consistent. Sometimes it's fine but usually makes that horrible noise. Rides fine at speed even under heavy load slow walking pace you wouldn't know it had a problem. The board has been replaced 1500km or 1000miles ago. I have recently overheated it. I had stopped riding it and was pulled over when I guess it heat soaked the thermocouple and started beeping and tilting back. But after resting it, cooled down to about 50degC. it was fine and this issue was not immediately apparent. A couple of hundred KMs later I repair a puncture. Check the wiring as you do when you have the covers off. All ok. Back together test ride no problem. Next day I turned it on and it's grumbling. I rechecked inside maybe pinched a wire. Nothing seen. Cover back on. Everything works fine. Next ride noisy again. Off and on. No noise. Later noisy. I don't keep it in a position to keep the wheel in the noisy state of course. It can't be good. Do I need a new controller? Is it going to blow a mosfet? Safe enough? The screws holding the board are tight. I can't tighten a couple of them but pcb is firm. No shit stains. No smell of pixie smoke.
  6. Why not change the plug and socket and wire diameter to the battery then?
  7. Normally I wouldn't hesitate to swap out the connectors but in light of the fact that the mother board replacement should match the wheel I'm going to ask. I bought a replacement board after blowing up a MOSFET on the old one. I quoted to the supplier my wheel serial number. The phase wire terminal connectors are different. Should I be worried that the new mother board is wrong for the wheel? Or should I just go ahead change the connectors and send it.
  8. Roger that. Ok. I will leave the beeps on. Tilt back has been pretty good to me so far. I find the 2nd alarm is actually fast enough anyway. And yes I should further investigate a smart watch. Thanks.
  9. I casually dropped my msuper v3 not hard not hot not raining just one of those slow rolls negotiating some rocks. It tipped. The wheel wanted to spin and gave a couple of beeps(like normal) when it was on its side. It turned but slowly and gave up. Sounded rough and cogging like a missing phase or hall connection. A whiff of burnt electronics. Hmm. Power off and on. Rough grumbling no balance. Broken FET. I'm quite sure it was impact damage. The chip is cracked. It wasn't being pushed hard. It wasn't wet. A sharp bit of rock hit the case and smacked the FET. Unlucky. Pretty bummed. Was hoping to go ride it over the holidays. Oh well I guess I will get the Esk8 going again
  10. Thanks for your help @Marty Backe and @meepmeepmayer. I understand the risks I'm taking. In open area with smoooooth bitumen 35kph/20ish mph feels slow and really safe and stable. I don't want to stack hard like Marty (YT fan). Maybe I will turn off the 2nd alarm and leave the tilt back on. There should be redundancy in the warnings. Ie a flashing light and second buzzer. If the speaker stops working....then what?
  11. I bought a Gotway msuper v3 and have turned off the 1st alarm (annoying) and adjusted the 2nd alarm to 30kmh i think via electro-sport.de app. Tilt back to 36kmh. I don't want to disable all the safety features. But I want to know how close to cutting out it is. How are people going faster ie 45kmh? Do you just ignore the three beeps? I read about riders talking about the 3rd alarm is that the top speed alarm? Does sound noticeably different? I get bored sometimes cruising at 35kmh if situation presents itself I would like to go a little faster. It is advertised to go nearly 50kmh.
  12. Can't even like this because I have used my one like. Lol.
  13. Hello. I'm interested to start EUC hobby. From what I can tell this thing will do just fine. I already have Esk8s. So need it needs to be cheap. How much Plus shipping to 2318?
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