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Tesla questions


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I like the specs of the Tesla but I have a few questions:

  • Has the current version fixed the problem with the fragility of the shell?
  • Does it have a rear light and brake light?
  • Will there be another version that fixes these relatively small issues?
  • Anything else I should know about (I'm 96kg, 6'2")?

It's the looks, power, battery and handle that I like but the above issues put me off. I'll admit I quite like the thought of owning a "Tesla" even if it's not a Model S.

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40 minutes ago, Meserias said:

Get a serious wheel man for your weight ...
This is not for you !!!!

Start to look for NikolaPlus/KS18XL/KS16X and do not get anything less than 1600wh battery

Here in the UK EUC's are currently illegal which limits where you ride, how far you really want to go and how much you want to invest in them. A smaller stealthy wheel is better all round for me especially if I have to carry it up and down stairs onto a train. I'm also well within the weight range for the Tesla - why wouldn't the Tesla be OK? The Nikola is just too expensive for me and it would only take one spill to damage that very pretty exterior. I do like the KS16X and it appears much more rugged but, again, it's still too expensive for me. I also like the KS16S, especially in matt black.

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