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$300 Segway Ninebot One E+ for newbie?

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Hello. I'm an expert Onewheel rider looking for my first EUC. I've ridden mine over 2600 miles, and absolutely love it, just want more speed and range.
I'd like a zippy $2000 EUC, but don't want to destroy it while learning. 

There's lots of cheap Ninebot One E+ models on eBay for around $300.
Is that a good beginner model? Is there a better one I should get? I'm willing to spend more money.
Or, if you have a beat-up used model, please let me know. Thanks! 

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I do have an used imnotion v8 for sale

Not that much mileage, around 500

But I did lend it to many of my friends to learn on. Used in partys

So it has been pretty banged, still very usable

The outer shell is cracked I could sell it that way or I could buy new shells and install them

Let me know in pm if that's interesting to you

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