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Speed & Strength Helmet

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My new helmet finally came in. This helmet is by Speed and Strength model SS 2210 Spin Doctor.

Has switch back removable chin bar, which I probably will never take off. Chin ventilation into the helmet visor area and ontop of the helmet both can be opened or closed. There is a drop down sun protection visor inside that I'm sure I'll use in the warmer months. The faceshield is full frontal clear, optically correct, anti-scratch, anti-fog and uv resistant. Also comes in a full tint faceshield and mirror too I think. Only weighs 3 pounds.

Now my opinion...I love it. I was wearing a downhill helmet for about a month which I loved but the season is changing here in Michigan and I plan on riding whenever the weather permits so a better helmet option was needed. So far temp has been down to 33F and this helmet kept my head and nose warm. Wind noise is a hit or miss depending on if I have the vents open. I think visibility it cut by 2-3 percent vs my downhill style helmet. It fits snug, feels like a good build quality cost me $60 on Amazon. Only thing I don't like is the D-Ring style helmet chin straps. If this was quick release ratchet style this would be perfect for me. I can still hear my 16X beep when I hit my alarm so now worries there. I am going to attempt to put a rearview on but unsure if it will stay based on the roundness of this helmet.










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1 hour ago, someguy152 said:

looks nice! do you plan on getting a pinlock / does it take pinlocks for antifog?, or do  you trust the antifog coating?

Not sure, I think I will order but won't install it yet. So far the anti-fog has been working well as long as I keep the chin vent open

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