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  1. Understandable, good thing I didn't get rid of my wear os watch. Thanks for your support.
  2. Hey did you ever make a mention of supporting Fitbit watches down the line? I have Android smart watch but got a Fitbit Versa as a gift.
  3. Not sure, I think I will order but won't install it yet. So far the anti-fog has been working well as long as I keep the chin vent open
  4. My new helmet finally came in. This helmet is by Speed and Strength model SS 2210 Spin Doctor. Has switch back removable chin bar, which I probably will never take off. Chin ventilation into the helmet visor area and ontop of the helmet both can be opened or closed. There is a drop down sun protection visor inside that I'm sure I'll use in the warmer months. The faceshield is full frontal clear, optically correct, anti-scratch, anti-fog and uv resistant. Also comes in a full tint faceshield and mirror too I think. Only weighs 3 pounds. Now my opinion...I love it. I was wearing a downhill helmet for about a month which I loved but the season is changing here in Michigan and I plan on riding whenever the weather permits so a better helmet option was needed. So far temp has been down to 33F and this helmet kept my head and nose warm. Wind noise is a hit or miss depending on if I have the vents open. I think visibility it cut by 2-3 percent vs my downhill style helmet. It fits snug, feels like a good build quality cost me $60 on Amazon. Only thing I don't like is the D-Ring style helmet chin straps. If this was quick release ratchet style this would be perfect for me. I can still hear my 16X beep when I hit my alarm so now worries there. I am going to attempt to put a rearview on but unsure if it will stay based on the roundness of this helmet.
  5. I have been riding for a little over 2 months so still considered a beginner. I will say this, I learned pretty quickly and outgrow my 1st wheel in 2 weeks. I started with the 16S with large pedals. I found myself riding a few bike trails, and commuting to work frequently where 21-22mph wasn't cutting it. So I upgraded to the 16X. Night and day. I feel more comfortable and confident riding this vs the 16s which was very nimble. I ride at 26-27mph comfortably, I have 5 mile commute to work both ways and 16X is perfect for me. My only other option would have been the Nikola.
  6. Hey where in Michigan are you guys from? I'm in Oakland county, looking for some riding buddies.
  7. Still waiting on a resolution. Wasn't seated incorrectly.
  8. That's pretty bad, I checked mine and I do have a wobble also but not as bad as yours
  9. Yes it does get progressively worse if not controlled. I found that by carving, slight clamping, and/or deceleration I can come out of a wobble. I have had Wobbles at 27mph and weaved it out. Now I have played around with my foot and leg position and I found if I'm not making full contact with the housing I really don't get any wobble. I balance and shift weight using bent knees.
  10. What I found is the main page Doesn't show top speed, but the 2nd screen shows it. So it appears it's reporting correct for the 16X. Just the main page shows 2 different average speeds vs average and top. Hope that helps.
  11. I'll give that a shot when the rain stops. The tire is centered I checked that. Thanks
  12. That makes sense because it was working before. Thanks man I'll be on standby for next update. Appreciate your work and time.
  13. 2.0.34 is out. I downloaded .33 yesterday and .34 today and both are reporting my topspeed incorrectly. I watch my speed go up to 27mph on the gauge but the saved top speed shows 17.89 and average 18. This is on my 16X
  14. Hey guys looking for some tips on getting rid of the rolling Wobbles I get on my 16X. Back story I had a 16s for a month that I loved. I could accelerate and brake with no Wobbles at any speed and ride at 21mph no issues. Now I have the 16X I can't keep this thing from wobbling over 21-22mph consistently. It's not the wheel I'm sure it is me. I tried different foot position, different knee angles, gripping the wheel. I still get Wobbles. I ride at 39psi, fully loaded at 200lbs. I personally think my legs got use to the big pads on the 16X. Any advice/tips
  15. $1125 KS16S new version with lift handle cutoff, new version of trolley handle, and larger pedals. Less than a month old. Never crashed, no issues, minor pedal scraps from normal use. I put reflective black stickers on for more visibility. Wheel purchased through eWheels this Sept, 12months warranty left, May of this year is the production date. Original box and charger. Only 181 miles. My 16X came in so this is why it's up for sale. $1125 I'll cover shipping in US. I'm in Michigan will also do local pickup.
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