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425 Watt hour Gotway Tesla?


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A seller where I'm located (Taiwan) has a Gotway Tesla V2 listed with 425 WH battery. It's priced even cheaper than a Inmotion V8 or mten3!

Is anyone familiar with such a spec existing?

And apart from the obvious decrease in range (listed as 42km), are there any other major downsides to the smaller battery? I'm assuming it's just the 850WH model with half the cells removed. Less safe? Would there be a higher cutout risk etc?



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i dont think you will have fun with this wheel. above speed 40 kph the wind resistance is very high and the battery power will decrease very fast. you only reach the max speed of the wheel when the battery is 100% full. because of the very small battery you max speed will decrease very fast. see the diagramm from ewheels below


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i think 425 is the lowest possible 84V model.. same as mten battery.. so at least its 84V but if you ask me its a total waste of money and potential.. why on earth would you want an euc that relatively large with a piddly 425 wh battery.. unless you put along at 20 km/h your battery will be drained within half hour and your safety margin is extremely, dangerously low if you are wanting to go at any half decent speeds.. if you ask me i wouldnt buy it, unless it was given to me free and i could buy the battery separately, which btw is worth approximately 1000 USD practically the cost of the entire EUC, dont waste your money

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