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With the price point being $2000 for 2019 models I can not invest in what is currently offered with all of the active issues. (KS - firmware/mechanical problems/inflated stats \ GW - build quality)

My 2019 wheel deposit will roll over to 2020 unless major improvements are made (KS only as GW does not offer "free" updates)

Appreciate what you have if it makes you happy. 

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Yeah my only concern is I think these EUC companies are only able to pull in a profit because the EUC community is more than happy to subsidize the advertisement of the brand through word of mouth, conduct the repair work to undo quality control issues, review the products, and be the distributor of their wheels.  This is such a niche thing that it's remarkable GW/KS/IM can pull a profit at all.  I feel like if everyone waits too long for issues to be ironed out, then nobody will buy their wheels and the whole "EUC" thing disappears into the ether like most fads.

I'm not criticizing you, FYI.  I agree with you.  I am also of the mindset that I'd rather wait before purchasing another wheel.  But I'm getting the uneasy feeling that dealing with quality control issues will likely just be the norm unless this form of transport really becomes popular.

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I would think  that the vendors would pay close attention to this considering that they still have a customer base who is always looking to refresh their hardware. If the QC issues continue then they will be in the same position as the cell phone industry where users have moved past refreshing their hardware with every release.

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