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I don't like the idea of bike wheels, chains, being less visible by sitting down (vs standing on something that makes me more visible), having to deal with all moving parts, etc. BUT, the laws regarding PEVs doesn't seem to be changing significantly. 

I am keeping my PEVs, but considering adding an e-bike to it. While that is still a PEV, laws are being softened in NYC in favor of pedal assist bikes. The GoCycle is like an e-scooter bicycle. I wouldn't buy this anytime soon, but it would be my submission to the law since I love our bike trails but don't want to get ticketed. I think this wouldn't be as likely to be flagged and may be legal by the time I get one. 



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Looks cool, but limited usage it would be best on street for short trips. Needs a 600-800Wh battery, and a top speed of at least 40km/h to really be considered a bike replacement.  It could use double the gears also and a price tag about 1/2.  It would be fun to try, but too limited for me. 

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