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  1. Monster v3 tire 17×2.75″ Tire, CST. Monster Brand new never used
  2. Anyone has a monster v3 motor in the NYC for sale?
  3. Do you still have it. If so can you send me a picture, Thanks
  4. It's a cool bike to have and it does not take up much space. It's something I would consider in the future.
  5. I currently have the glide 3/ v8. I'm concerning on moving up to the v10f if anyone is selling in the NYC area.
  6. when you connect it to the charger does it indicate that it is charging? If anything you may have to open it to see if any of the wires are lose.
  7. Speed wobble when slowing down or picking up speed on a v8. I upgrade the pedals from the v10 and still having the wobble. Anyone knows why? Thank you.
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