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  1. Welp, I love the presentation and specs. I don't ride fast. I didn't read through the thread. Is there another coming out in October?
  2. That's crazy. I'm so sorry that happened to you, but glad you got the wheel back and that you had your armor on. Meeting people is one of the most fun things about having PEVs. This is certainly a cautionary tale. A random guy asked to ride mine, and of course I said no. I am really careful when people only ask how much it cost. What really sucks is that they took from a humble, good person who really can't easily replace those things. I hope they get what's coming.
  3. There are bikes painted in the lanes, and green denotes bike lanes. Although technically, that excludes PEVs too. See here:
  4. Has anyone noticed this? There are new bike lanes in Manhattan, and I was excited to see them crop up over the past winter season. They were relatively empty the further West (like 11th Ave), but the warmer it gets, the more they've filled up with people traveling the wrong way. Yesterday, I saw a man on a moped with a passenger use the bike lane!! Today, I saw a delivery rider on an electric bike traveling extremely fast the wrong way up the bike lane. I recorded pedestrians overtaking the lane (also the wrong way). This type of stuff makes me, a less street savvy rider, want to walk my EUC home after work when it's crowded. Any thoughts on this?
  5. Loving the 3D work, but I like EUCs for portability. That looks like a monster truck But if built, I'm sure it would have its market.
  6. I relate to this one. The experienced folks make riding with the selfie sticks look simple. I can do it but haven't made videos lately because it adjusts my balance uncomfortably. I've seen people mount their 360 cams. I think there are enough vids of riders so I don't need to add to it for now.
  7. Impressive. I was fortunate enough to have a neighbor who coached me on my Segway i2 years ago. I wish I had someone like you locally.
  8. Very cool and great music. You should tweet this to Gene Simmons
  9. Lillian


    I'm inspired by the map. Wishing I had somewhere in NYC like that to ride. Better riders can go all over the city but I'm most comfy on smooth, paved terrain. Re. additional media, I have 3 cameras, front, rear and 360. I like the excitement of sharing, but find my best rides are without it. This morning I hopped up, went out and rode camera-free. I had fun looking at the stares, confused birds that didn't know how to time their fly-aways and chatting with folks about this strange wheel.
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