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  1. Oh, I know. I used to own a Segway i2 ('Mall Cop' version) and endured a lot of that falsehood that I quoted.
  2. Kind of like when former President Bush fell off of a Segway. Not to mention the "the creator of the Segway died on a Segway" mis-truth used as an argument against Segways (originals, not the small ones).
  3. She's awesome. Both are but to see a woman doing these things is rare.
  4. It's probably overkill, but it's my first motorcycle helmet. I really want a Skully but can't justify the price just for the HUD. The Lumos Matrix is my bike helmet for casual riding.
  5. Yeah, I appreciated the perk but tossed mine into my V10 box to give as a perk to someone who buys my wheel one day or for friends to ride along.
  6. Good to know. I'm happy with my V10. As I progress, I may look into those other wheels to see what the praise is about.
  7. My first wheel was a V8. I ordered a V10 shortly after learning to ride the V8 and immediately regretted not having bought the V10 in the first place. It's heavier to pick up but as a new rider, I don't find the V10 difficult after riding the V8. To me, mounting on the V10 is easier.
  8. Mine slipped to July 30th.
  9. Are you an EUC rider who once owned or have ridden a Segway (pre-Ninebot)? What's your opinion about the different riding styles, whether it's easier or not? I used to frequent Segway Chat when I owned a Segway i2 (PT - Personal Transporter). I sold that Segway and have blown through e-scooters, e-skateboards, Ninebot's stuff (Mini Pro, Drifts) and landed on the EUC as my favorite Segway alternative. People on the Segway boards emphasized that knowing how to ride a Segway wouldn't translate to riding an EUC. I was discouraged and didn't look into owning one until recently. I'm glad I finally did because it feels most like the Segway of the other PEVs I've owned. The side-to-side balance is challenging, but the front and back lean feels Segway-ish (new word). I am not as comfortable on a EUC as I was on a Segway...yet.
  10. Not knowing that costs me. And the $2,000 price tag for an aging machine drove me to sell it.
  11. I had a Segway i2 model from around 2007 to around 2018, but sold it because the batteries ($1K each) died. I loved it so much but times changed and it didn't. Over the years, e-rideables got 'smarter' and smaller. I wish the PT model evolved to maintain quality but with some smart features and smaller. It remains the safest e-rideable I have owned to date. My EUC feels similar but I am too new to feel the same level of control and comfort as I did on my Segway. After Ninebot acquired them, it's shameful the crap they put the Segway brand name on. Finally, it's interesting to see people enjoying the fruit of Dean Kamen's invention in various other forms.
  12. I'm glad you're okay and can inject humor. You're a great writer, by the way. I don't have the best EUC safety gear advice as I am also researching that now. I have what's likely more suited for a bicycle than an EUC. My helmet is a Lumos Matrix, but I am considering the Skully or Cross Helmet for the heads up display and full-face protection. My wrist gear is Flexmeter D30 with a mirror I attached. That's likely not the best idea if in an accident, the reflective material shatters on my hand. Re. #3: There's a bike lane along the street directly in front of my workplace that goes about 1.8 miles to my street. From there, I just turn and continue along less busy side streets until I arrive home. It's an absolute perfect straightaway...except it's in the street in NYC with a variety of surfaces and hazards. I have not ridden my EUC on that path because I'm afraid, but have spotted an EUC rider on it.
  13. Great to know, thanks. I really appreciate all insight. Edited: I tried the OneWheel (big one) today!!! The result? I was happy to have cancelled my Pint order. I don't want to learn another wheel style. The EUC is solid for me.
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