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  1. It helps a lot. Thanks for the info. I kind of suspected that to be the case.
  2. Good point, and sorry for re-addressing something that's been covered. I saw it again on my social feed and thought immediately of this thread.
  3. Thoughts about this head airbag? I wonder how it would work for face protection. This model's face is fully exposed. https://hovding.com I like the idea because when my air is wet, I don't ride since I can't squish it into a helmet. My peripheral view is also better without my Shoes helmet. It's fine with my Lumos.
  4. It's subjective. I have bought each iPhone since version 1. I lock in a sell/trade-in price right as I pre-order the next one. This keeps the price of the new one reasonable. But lately the new ones have been so expensive that price remains high post trade-in. This is the first year I'm second-guessing having pre-ordered the iPhone 11 Pro Max, but the good thing is the return policy so you can decide for yourself.
  5. That's why I don't upgrade my Apple Watches each model. I had the two, now the 4 and don't plan to sell it until the 6 is out. I sold my 4 to an AT&T employee who, as he was prepping it to buy back, decided to make an offer
  6. Even the Lord is like, "Jesus Christ!"
  7. After this post, I happened to see one on the bike trail
  8. I noticed that too. I used to think they were super cool. $5K saved!
  9. I bought one without reading the reviews. Oops. I wish I had. They're not good overall.
  10. What do you think of the Yike Bike? I rode one years ago, and wanted it then. NOW, it looks like an EUC with a seat to me. This man appears to have buyer's remorse.
  11. I'm new to EUCs and this group so I appreciate you as well as everyone. Respectfully, I stand by my original position. I look forward to what else Future Motion develops. I like their community and kudos to anyone who can ride them.
  12. That's the very reason I wanted something smaller with a handle (skateboard-like, not the Mten) to compliment my EUC (V10) and carry into places where they may not want a tire rolling around.
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