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  1. I relate to this one. The experienced folks make riding with the selfie sticks look simple. I can do it but haven't made videos lately because it adjusts my balance uncomfortably. I've seen people mount their 360 cams. I think there are enough vids of riders so I don't need to add to it for now.
  2. Impressive. I was fortunate enough to have a neighbor who coached me on my Segway i2 years ago. I wish I had someone like you locally.
  3. Very cool and great music. You should tweet this to Gene Simmons
  4. I'm inspired by the map. Wishing I had somewhere in NYC like that to ride. Better riders can go all over the city but I'm most comfy on smooth, paved terrain. Re. additional media, I have 3 cameras, front, rear and 360. I like the excitement of sharing, but find my best rides are without it. This morning I hopped up, went out and rode camera-free. I had fun looking at the stares, confused birds that didn't know how to time their fly-aways and chatting with folks about this strange wheel.
  5. I also ride with a minimum of two cams. I reviewed my rear camera (Cycliq) footage after an early ride and spotted something odd. A delivery biker flew out from around a corner, came up right behind me...maaaaybe spotted the rear camera???...changed course and rode away. It was odd because the street was pretty empty and it was a wide street. There wasn't any reason for him to come right up on me that way unless he was curious. But it was still a bit jarring to see the playback.
  6. Wow. That has never happened to me but I have been yelled at by bicyclists when riding my (now sold) e-scooters and Segway i2 in the park's bike path. The kicker is that I only rode when it wasn't crowded on purpose with their space in mind. The last I rode there I was on an e-scooter on a weekend morning with maybe 2 others in sight. A biker rode up behind me and starting yelling insults. I haven't ridden in the street's bike lane during the daytime to experience that yet. And I'd think an EUC is more biker friendly because of the small footprint. Did you happen to have a camera? I ride with front and rear cameras now.
  7. Great video and demonstration of riding on wet pavements.
  8. Thanks for checking it out. I'm glad to know you're a rider who wears protective gear also. It's cumbersome but smart. My lights are ShredLights. I ride with the cover on because I'm still not very confident riding due to infrequency. In my longer Times Square ride video, I almost had an accident that could easily be avoided by experienced riders who know how to quickly swerve. I didn't fall but would've messed up my wheel had I fallen. I never thought of the light display for visibility. That makes sense. I thought they were only to show off
  9. 10th Ave. bike lane in NYC. My Insta 360 wasn't recording. This is for anyone who doesn't know about this bike lane or wants a glimpse of it.
  10. A short (parent-friendly - no scary stuff) cut of my longer ride. I'll share the longer one soon.
  11. I almost had my first crash. I was in the street, riding on the right with the green light on my side. I had lights, a horn and blasting music - not a match for someone with ear buds, I learned. As I approached, moving out of his way, he continued moving into my path - not looking. Not hearing me until the last minute. I was able to weave around him. In a way we were both wrong because he should not have been walking against the light with a ton of boxes, not looking nor listening. I am not on a street legal vehicle. Since nothing happened, all's well this time.
  12. It's just fun slang that doesn't reflect his educational level. In fact once slang is a popular phrase by those called uneducated, it's monetized by the opposite of his likeness whose education doesn't come into question.
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