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  1. In the early 2000s, I was tapped by a bus that was making a tight turn, didn't see me and kept going. I had a sprained ankle from being knocked off balance and landing on my feet wobbly. People asked why I didn't take action. I explained that I was on an 'illegal' or 'grey area' Segway (the Mall Cop kind, not today's toys) in the street. They didn't understand, especially then when PEVs were not as familiar.
  2. That's perfect and works with a Shoei. Ugh. As you stated, there's something fishy. I'll keep an eye on it though. If nothing else, it's a good point of reference for what I want even of I have to pay someone to make it. Thanks for sharing.
  3. You are one of the reasons I like the EUC community on this forum. You have good advice while being kind. I got slammed on another platform for asking someone to swap my pedals because I don't know how. Anyway, thanks for the boost of confidence about learning to turn my head using your own example. I will work on that along with my wrist mirror. I have access to a safe bike trail that's miles long so I have no reason not to practice.
  4. Lillian


    Thank you! I was in a creative mode that day.
  5. I like the rear cam with a wrist mounted screen idea. Good points about the shakiness. I ride with a rear cam (Cycliq), but it's in case an accident happens . The helmet with the mirror is Reevu. It's almost perfect but hasn't innovated. I have a wrist mirror and may have to build up the comfort to use it as you and Barrett J pointed out. My fear is that by the time I raise it to try to focus, I've hit an obstacle. The Shoei is my first motorcycle helmet so I didn't know what I needed and regretted buying it at first. I don't notice the weight, but I don't ride far nor often. I h
  6. Yes, those prices are great! When PayPal did the conversion I went back for more too.
  7. I just went on a shopping spree based on your post
  8. I ride with a Shoei helmet. I have bought multiple bike helmet mirrors and none have worked for me except Bug Eyes, but my backpack blocks them. Ideally, I'd like to install a HUD with a camera for the rear. Skully went out of business, Reevu hasn't evolved and a few others are unproven. The wrist mounted mirror doesn't work for me because I have to lift, aim and focus. Ideally I'd like to glance and just see if I can change lanes, etc. And no, I am not comfortable turning my head...yet. I'm eyeing this although it seems crazy to carry a monitor on an EUC. But I'm sharing to g
  9. 1. The glide feels most similar to my Segway PT (now defunct). 2. The small footprint. 3. The ability to take it with me at my destination. To elaborate on this point, I have owned many PEVs. But once at my destination (a store, office, etc.), would I be refused entry? In 2012, my Segway was rejected from the indoor bike room at work. Since 2018, I have rolled my EUC past that same security checkpoint with no objection. So it can go where some PEVs are rejected.
  10. My average commute is 4 miles roundtrip. I chose the V11 because I like the Inmotion brand, reviews about its quality build, the headlight, kickstand and of course, suspension. I'd like to see how the Sherman develops in its second model.
  11. I wanted to use a full week to learn it, but couldn't wait any longer. I took a week off, then got a notification that it's arriving next week...after my vacation's over. Oh well. I'm happy for you though.
  12. Ordered: July 3, 2020 Arriving: October 9, 2020
  13. Me after dropping the $500 pre-order payment and watching every negative review for weeks: I think I've made a mistake. This may not be for me. Such-n-such fell. Maybe I should wait... eWheels: Hi. The wheel has arrived. Click this link if you'd like to pay the bala... Me: TAKE MY MONEY!!! TAKE IT ALL!!!
  14. My phone is stashed safely in my backpack when I ride.
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