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One of my 2 ks18xl chargers died


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So tonight one of my chargers just... Didn't turn on. Which I must admit, is a pain. I never knew just how slow these charge times were until I had to wait for a full charge with just one charger, oh my gat. If there is any way to fix it, could someone let me know? I don't even know what happened 😭

Now, I'm totally trash with all this battery science stuff. I see you guys go off one huge deep conversations about battery life and how cells work and all that. I get the surface level of it but that's about it. I do understand that not charging to full all the time helps the batteries to last longer due to overcharging being a thing. And so on. So that's why I wanted to ask. Should I invest in another standard charger (I found found for about $110) and continue my dual goodness. Or grab a rapid charger from ewheels and that way I can moderate just how much juice I'm giving it and even lower the.. uh.. watts? Amps? I dunno. Charge it slower when charging when I'm not in a rush. At least that way I'll only be dealing with 1 and it's more versatile on long rides? That one is $150usd on ewheels. So um. According to xe.com that is $196 Canuck chips, which is a fair amount more. 

Figured I'd ask here before investing since you guys really get this and I can learn some valuable info. If there's a third option, please let me know. 

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5 hours ago, The Fat Unicyclist said:

Replace it with the King Song fast charger - Its... umm... faster!   :D

XD. Welp. Sounds good. Haha. Thanks mate 

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