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  1. This 300%. When i lifted the wheel out of the box i was like, oh wow...this is...really heavy.... Its totally different than on paper where you see the specs. Once that little beast is infront of you, the intimidation kicks in. Like, wow, this is a REAL vehicle. Then your first time standing on it and you feel that power you're like, uh oh... For me, gripping to the pedals for my life while being tilted forwards and backwards really killed my confidence in trusting the machine because i was scared an unexpected dip would just pour me into the ground like milk while the wheel used my back as a ramp to rejoin its friends in the sky. But even with the glitches - once i faced my fear and didn't worry about it, i was able to ride and stay on for a good while. That fear alone was the deciding factor for if i could stay on the wheel or if i was gonna fall.
  2. Thanks mate! I actually just talked to the guy who sold me my wheel, and he was putting in an order for a broken piece on my euc, so hes getting the pedals at the same time. XD. Im all sorted, just have to wait a bit. Thank you though!
  3. Seems to be out of stock or not listed on the sites i checked Until Feb. Damn, haha.
  4. Im trying to treat this as i treat everything im studying for the first time. Just drilling the foundations. We got snow today, haha. So im still locked inside. Its super windy and slippery. Just gonna do the most I can until I can get back outside. Funny thing. I've started to work out since getting the wheel. Stretching and working out as i got annoyed with all the huffing and puffing i was doing while learning to ride it in the beginning. So at least i have more to do during this horrid weather XD. And yeah. After surveying my own street and realizing theres almost nothing good to hold on to to get on the wheel, i decided its probably best for me to get better at this. Hopefully with time my success to failure ratio will get smaller, haha! Are the bigger pedals really good? My buddy got some and said he liked em too. If so i should put in an order now, haha. I'm not sure if it would matter for me at my level XD. What do you guys think?
  5. Keeping up my studying, even when its icy and cold outside. I watched this ollld video from speedyfeet and in it he gets up on his wheel from a complete standstill, so i figured id try from a slow start. Just to see if i can, haha. I got it a few times. I figure if i get some speed even after a bad step up, i can fix my feets placement.
  6. LOL! Im so jealous! Today we got a high of 1C and i was dancing around my house, couldnt wait to get outside and enjoy the heat, haha! We're hitting -21C this weekend. I'm not looking forward to it.
  7. I figured it would after finding out the solution. I thought that I was doing it properly, so i didnt question that it was wrong. So i instead blamed it on my own instability, until the roll that is. Then i was like...ok, this things broken..................... Thanks! And I see. Yeah, I think if mine was a bit less garbo, i would have ridden on it for a long time before realizing. But it lett me know when it rolled me and just went straight down, haha. I was like, yeah, no, this is wrong, haha. I wanted to get outside today to ride but was in meetings all day, and now its all rainy and freezing cold...ugh..... He hasnt. He seems interested, but im not sure HOW interested. He road bikes, and hes actually got way more endurance than me. I can beat him on a sprint, but he'll blow past me on any hill and outride me in distance. So he may be interested. I'll bring it up in the summer XD.
  8. Haha, thank you! Honestly, I've been feeling good about it all day. Im not even bothered about the days spent fighting with it. Im looking forward and im happy I can now have a "safe" ride and work on improving properly. Everyone who saw the videos were like "wow...yeah thats not normal........" Damn. I didnt realize it was that bad. (Well up until my wheel did a combat roll when i tried to get on it). But i wasnt sure if the videos would showcase what i was trying to say properly, because i had nothing to compare it to. Only just speculation that this HAD to be wrong. Im happy I was right and was able to fix it, because if that was actually how the wheel was supposed to handle, i was gonna just give it to my brother and buy some running shoes, haha.
  9. I think i may be able to actually keep up now. Although, i see you're out in BC, are you in Van or like...the mountains? Lol. Because does Vancouver even get winter, or is it just extended fall? Over here, if i ride on the grass, i will break my bones, lmfaoo! The grass is harder than the pavement as its all frozen with pockets of ice. Its rock hard. I tried walking across it yesterday and it hurt my feet through my shoes. Its actually that bad, loll. But in spring/summer i would do that first. I learned to ride my bike on grass and it was perfect training to prepare me for the road, where it was like easy mode. Now that ive fixed my issues with my wheel, i wonder what the rides gonna be like. Ive only tested it in my basement, but even down there i was able to ride slowly around, which i couldnt do before. Now i can do that! I'm gonna take a little time to get used to the wheel again, and then im gonna actually start riding around. Im no longer worried its gonna drop me off on my face, into a hill. Your dad sounds amazing! Haha. What a freaking trooper. Reminds me of my own dad. When he decides he wants to do soemthing, he doesnt even want to hear what i have to say. Hes jumping on and taking heavy hits before figuring it out and flexing on me. Thats so funny though. Im just imagining him happily riding around gashed up. Sounds like a character from an anime Thats kinda what happened with me. I was ready and watching videos in anticipation. And then started super slow. Then my brother comes along with no knowledge, fights with it for a few mins then just gets it and click. I can understand why he could still ride it even though it wasnt calibrated correctly. Even still he trusted the wheel. Didnt care at all. I was filled with doubts and fears and bailed anytime it felt off. I cant really describe what it feels like for me when it finally clicks. Its like gliding, i guess. Lmao! I've heard so many stories on here about this exact thing. Its the showing off thing where people just eat dirt. Pretty much always infront of people, haha. I was even warned by someone that im gonna experience a big fall once i feel confident and attempt to then ACT confident infront of people. I was like, damn, is it that common? Lmao, yikes! I guess im lucky that i just feel self conscious when people look at me in anticipation that i'll do something cool, since I couldnt even mount the damn wheel LOL. lmao!
  10. Alright, so update before we even begin, yall. My fears and concerns and complaints...WERE ACTUALLY JUSTIFIED! I've been riding a badly calibrated wheel since like day 2. Today i went to ride and the thing did a front roll without the motor cutting. I was like, what in the f?! Made a video, asked a few of you amazing souls on here. @houseofjob, aka, the most patient person ever told me to make a post on the kingsong forums, where @meepmeepmayer saved my damn life and told me that I've been calibrating my wheel all wrong. This whole time i figured I could just lean it up on whatever angle against a wall and calibrate it in a way that the pedals are straight, since it balances forwards and backwards, not side to side. Meep explained to me how the gyroscope works and so i went down there with a damn level. Re calibrated it, perfectly straight. The thing is like a new wheel..the pedals are sturdy. I can go up and down things and it doesnt tip. People were asking me why i always dismounted after 40 yards or so, and why i didnt just gun it on that hill. Well, its because the wheel would tilt me forwards on any hill, just dropping me into it. And when i was riding around any uneven ground i was being abruptly thrown back and forward on the pedals all the time. If i totally relaxed my body i could kinda anticipate it level myself out. But essentially, ive been riding a bucking bull of a wheel this entire time. I thought it was because i was trash at riding, but it was actually because i was trash at preparation and understanding how this thing worked. A super huge thank you to meep and houseofjob for helping me out when I honestly starting to feel like i was just making excuses for being uncomfortable and trying to justify my fear. You know, a placebo. The wheel rides totally different now. Its much simpler XD. Im happy with that simplicity!
  11. seage

    I think i'm having Gyroscope Problems

    @meepmeepmayer If i ever meet you, im buying you the drink of your choice in excess. Lol. I didn't know that the side to side angle had any bearing on the forward and backwards calibration. I had calibrated it a few times, but each time the sideways angle was a bit more than necessary so that the wheel wouldnt fall over. This time i followed your advice to the letter and stood it as straight as could be. (I did the 45 degree thing first). And set it. And suddenly its going straight with no dips! I made a little ramp, and the pedals stayed strraight up and down it, backwards and forwards. I stood on it and all the weird jerkiness of it disappeared. But hey, thank you so much for all your information. I'm trying my best to learn as much about this thing under my feet and I feel like a complete idiot a lot. Im not used to being so far out of my element and completely new to both to activity and the technology, lol. I assumed this was happening due to human error, or my lack of experience, and that was KIND of the reason. I dont know if i would have figured out that the lean messes up the calibration though. I've uninstalled wheelapp for the time being since i wasnt even using it anyways. And sticking to default everything on the wheel until i look into everything and learn how it works. At least now i know what to look for in case there are any other issues that arise due to my lack of knowledge XD. Thank you so much, meep. I really appreciate the help you always give me here. I get the feeling this is really going to help my riding, because ive been riding while the wheel dips me backwards and forwards pretty much since my first video that I posted. I wonder how its gonna feel now that its sturdy....
  12. Hi everyone, I'm a beginner and have no experience with any other wheel (and close to none with this one) so i wanted to ask in here with people who are more experienced than I. I have the ks 16-s and over the past maybe 2 or so sessions I've noticed my pedals dipping a lot. I initially attributed this to the pressure in the tire, as i was riding quite low, then filled it up. But it feels like its a bit...extra? Yesterday when I went out I noticed it. When spinning around a basketball pole that was on uneven ground. If i spun in the direction of the downhill it would tilt me forward pretty hard then stable out when i stood still. And if i went uphill it would put me on my heels. But this was a very slight incline, it was no hill (Enough that kids could still play bball here), but today when trying to mount, it just tipped me forward. I keep thinking its human error, but I'm not quite sure now. Its also a pretty abrupt dip, its not slow. I've made 2 videos. One just walking it in the basement. And one of me walking in my garage, set to medium riding mode. My garage has a slight incline so when i walk up it, the wheel tilts back, and down the wheel tilts forward. I don't remember feeling this before... The app is updated to the latest it will let me download. In the first video it is set to experienced mode and the tire is around 48psi and the second is set to medium with the same tire pressure. The handle broke yesterday so we did a fix that stops it from locking (I'm getting a new one soon). But the wheel feels like its dipping WAY more than it used to and feels like its getting worse. Is this just something that comes with higher air pressure that i need to get used to? Its just strange because the tilt is even heavy when i'm just walking it ,and its something I didn't notice at all in my first few days with the wheel. Thanks everyone!
  13. Ya, That path does turn a bit, but it turns on a downhill. And i actually rode down a bit of it there but i lost my balance as i was being tilted forwards. It may have just been my inexperience with hills and my quick shift of my bodys mass which made that happen. But it pushed me into a tighter turn and i was going towards the icegrass deathtrap so i leaned back and went for a stop instead. I cycled around my area and searched for a good path and everything is pure ice and and frozen gravel (Which is like mini knives). Theres a few more paths id like to check but most of them i wont even ride on my mountain bike in this weather. I am really happy i was able to make it down to the end of the straight path without losing control or wobbling like mad. I felt really in control for once! Lmfao. Accurate. Thats pretty much a 1:1 on what happened.
  14. It took me about an hour to get my balance back up after pumping up the wheel. But after i started yelling "just ride" and just trusting the wheel no matter what weird stuff it did, everything became easier. And a lot more fun. Had the tunes going today and used that to take away any doubts. I realized after feeling how the wheel reacted differently due to the higher air pressure, it freaked me out at first, but i just stopped caring so much. And just started having fun. I was treating riding it almost academic and i was like, no, relaaaaaaaax. It was all about clearing my mind and reacting before my mind had a chance to make me think x y z. And your idea to gamify was a great one! I did just that and again, it gave me an objective to focus on which in turn got me out of my head and shut down the overthinking at the source. Thanks a lot my friend! Actually, i completely agree. Although it was a short stretch and its just a straight run, riding down that pathway today really helped me out. I would have gone to something better but i was at the end of my practice for today and the handle had already broken, lol. Riding around the open area did give a bit too many options that were almost overwhelming. It also sometimes makes you feel like the wheels taking you for a ride whereever it wants to go, rather than you riding and controlling the wheel, haha. But i do like that. Most of the places around are not paved, and the ground has a lot of ice so i cant ride most of them yet. But yeah, it sounds like we were dealing with the same thing. Which you've overcome! The anxiety and fear. I think im slowly pushing through it, and it feels great XD Im understanding the "Yikes" in the title, since that what you're saying when you look at that pricetag. Geez... Oh? Prices rose on them over the years? I guess it does help keep a bit of a wall between those who can get one and those who cant. And yeah...it looks pretty ridiculous, honestly.
  15. Yeah, i had to relearn a little bit, but thats the next plan, just keep riding, haha. everyday if possible. (which it wont be until i get that handle fixed) But yeah, slow and steady wins this race, haha. Lmfao, you're probably right. Ive jinxed it for certain now! I see. I still do feel a pretty decent sized difference in cycling and wheeling. Mainly the position of my feet and so on. Also, what is that contraption? The design is....interesting? But it looks like an actual death trap.