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  1. Yo. @desia is my sister. She just told me about you guys bumping into each other. Always a super pleasant surprise since its so rare, especially in guelph of all places, lmao. Anyways, we have a few local groups around the GTA. And although the official rides are pretty much over for the season, there are still random get togethers when the weather permits. Do you use Telegram? Thats what most of us are on.
  2. Explains why you've never written your name out on the pavement with face skin, lmao. I've been on kingsong until just recently, so i never tried the actual full send yet.
  3. Would you suicide lean at 40% battery?
  4. The events described in this article are nothing like the OP's aside from the fact it involved an old woman and an EUC. Even the EUC in the picture on the article isnt the same as the one the OP stated, and OP is in Indonesia and the article is from the UK.
  5. Man...that was really sad...... Gosh. I was not expecting that at all. Im so sorry for your experience and rest in peace to that lady. I can understand why her family might not be mad at you though. Accidents happen, as tragic as they are, they do. Anyone could have been riding anything and if she had the same reaction and they hit her, it could have led tot he same results. I hope you can forgive yourself for this, although its gonna be really hard, but i really dont think it was your fault. I myself am a very aggressive rider when it comes to cars. The only times ive ever almost
  6. I don't think theres a competition here. Like, at all. Most serious riders seem to have at minimum 2 wheels to deal with their needs, as we've all learned that there is no 1 perfect wheel. I just got the monster, and i love that beast for the road. But since i ride softmode, i touch the grass, and the pedal dip is insane, loll. Maybe i'll have to switch to hard if i ever try a path setting, but thats a real issue, so, it stays as my city and mid range speed cruiser. But i also love offroading. For that, it calls for a different machine. If the S18 offered more power, then i'd probably get that
  7. Thankfully hes helping with everything. As you know, we got the issue with the balancing, but i'd still like to know waht the red flashing is. And hes getting me the batteries and whatnot. This hasnt been a fun first Gotway experience at all....
  8. Another thing from testing. If i hold down the power switch, the lights turn on (again, no headlight) and the bluetooth for music turns on, but if i let go it turns off. It only stays engaged if i press it 5 times. I figured it could be the travel lock thing, but even in that, the lift sensor makes a noise. EUC world detects the wheel. It pops up in the bluetooth list, but when i connect, nothing happens. Ive literally done nothing with this wheel and its broken......
  9. Hey guys. I have the worst luck. So i ordered a Monster V3 almost 5 months ago now from my dealer. He didn't have any in stock as they're not too popular here, so I got it on backorder and he ordered it directly from Gotway. As covid was just starting up, i was expecting a fair bit of a wait time. But i didn't expect 5 months, with them announcing 3 new wheels in the process and shipping demos all over the place as well, as my wheel just sat in limbo. But i waited. I was as patient as can be. So fast forward, my wheel finally comes. I just had a bad feeling. I couldn't even get exci
  10. Well, i wouldnt take it that far, or else civilization would already be over, as there are tons of people who consider themselves above it. But im just stating that thats what many people do. Do i? No. I stop at reds. But if the road is empty, no ones around, i might head through. I dont race anymore one whatever because of what i said later in my post. We have eyes on us, so better to not attract too much unwanted attention
  11. It makes sense though. You go forever, doing the same thing, every day. Following the flow of other cyclists, boarders, e-bikes, whatever, then one day you get pulled over for it while on a vehicle people dont understand, you tend to think, yeah, its probably the vehicle. On the flip though, these things are like targets on our backs for attention. In a sea of scooters and bikes and whatever, an EUC WILL stand out the most unless someones riding some treadmill bike thing. So you need to be hyper aware that cops will be hyper aware of you and what you do, and will stop to talk to you on random
  12. Sorry to hear that, mate. But smart choice all around. Hope you're not too bummed out about it. You know what you CAN do though...get into VR, lol. If your body might get irreversibly damaged in a fall in real life, then fall in a video game that you're immersed in. (Im getting my first headset tomorrow and im a bit too excited, i apologize)
  13. Okay, so i wasnt the only one who felt it.... Yeahhh...that was a rollercoaster of "your culture/music makes criminals, but not really, but also yes" I enjoyed watching VT get justice, but this post seems...odd? I think we should stick to the topic at hand. Shitty person stole. Shitty person got robbed back and had his face caught on camera, looking like a clown for the internet. Justice was served and none of the good guys got hurt.
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