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  1. seage


    Not my video, just sharing a podcast from Jack, speaking with evX about the new inmotion wheel. He was the guy who advised me when getting my first wheel and essentially brought me into the community!
  2. Not sure if anyone shared this, but Jack had a podcast with evX about their thoughts on it too. Just doin a shoutout since FINALLY THE TORONTO CREW GETS SOME SHINE! Even though he moved and....uh.... Anyways.
  3. seage


    Awesome! If only we werent social distancing, i'd have tried to get out there to ride with you guys already XD. Hopefully in the summer if things cool down, we can hit some trails!
  4. seage


    Haha, thank you! Hes too fast. And yepp. I have extras of everything, so i'll get him in some good kneepads and my bell super before he tries to get all zippy. Im happy I invested so much in gear now that I can share it with him! Hes already a seasoned cyclist, and ive never been able to get too far away from him on our rides, so hes accustomed to the speed. He just needs to learn how to deal with different terrain as we know the wheel handles differently than a bike. Its gonna be fun!
  5. seage


    Thanks to the power of all the older folks on the forums (dads 59, lol) , but especially @winterwheel my dad finally took his first ride yesterday and started free mounting in 15 minutes.... The man was like "I want to learn to mount without the wall" then he did it and rode across the school lot we were practicing in. This was the end of the session. He was tired and we were heading home, so he decided he'd ride back. Hes like my brother, nooothing like me, haha. But you can probably tell i was proud and overly excited just to see it. He had one low speed fall trying to hold onto the wheel instead of bailing, but you know I forced him to have wristguards on, so he slid, no damage, no injury. Hopped back up and got back on! This is awesome, haha.
  6. I need to see this. Tell your wife we're begging, lmao. And thank her on behalf of the community.
  7. I got about 6000km on it. But then im riding it in Canada. Cold, hot, cold, hot, water, dry, snow, salt, dirt. So many elements mashing up my wheel. I tried to keep it clean. Spray it with WD40, grease it, make sure it was all sexy and stuff. But yeah, I didnt realize how cheap a new motor actually is, im surprised. I couldnt find the new 2200 motors on e-wheels or anywhere (And since i didnt buy my wheel from e-wheels i dont know if im able to email Jason about it). To be fair, i might fix it up to sell it and hop on the new generation of wheels now. By the way, i cracked up when i read "Until it explodes". My humor is morbid, lol.
  8. As with all great things, over time they begin to fail, and I think this thing is finally falling apart on me. I was riding a week ago with a new tire i just installed and heard a clunking sound coming from the wheel. Now, i havent done a full teardown yet, but theres a few things I think it may be.... The bearings getting murdered by the salt and snow and wet from the winter The pedal arms not being tight enough The wheel rotating off axis and hitting the body (i doubt this because it was a hit sound) The axel arm something something key something wearing oout. I saw an old thread here and the sound in the video a few posts in was similar to mine, except theirs was FAR more aggressive. My sound was also loud, but it didnt start right away and with some WD40 is goes away for a while, so its got me thinking: My real question should be, should i get the MSX, Nikola or wait on the Inmotion announcent since I'll probably need a new daily driver.
  9. Yeah, thats the fan. Mine does this in the summer which is super annoying. It gets so loud sometimes. It just takes the right bump for it to start up and ruin my day, lmao.
  10. I mean, anyone whos watched a video from (or lives in) China, France, Russia or wherever, has seen communities with manyyyyy female riders. And we've had a female rider weigh in on the thread about the fashion side. From my Russian female friends perspectives, shes told me that she cant find anything that is either comfortable or looks good so she just rides conservatively with nothing. So i think the fashion/equipment conversation is still pretty valid outside of the forums. As long as the fashion talk doesnt turn into "yeah, lets make chainmail bikini armor" and armored tank tops, or some weird fetish, male gaze stuff, lol... Dont wanna start EUC Gate, please.
  11. I hope you're wrong :(... Really rooting for her to get better. She was so happy before it all happened. Ausjdfk. Its hard. I do like to match my gear. Although i try to be hi-vis stylish. White, black and red. High contrasts and blinking lights. I do understand more speed. Its an adrenaline thing. And people are going to get it. I for one wasnt really interested but now i am. I can say that I do enjoy getting up to speed once in a while. There are different dynamics to if you fall going slow compared to fast, so it is a different experience overall. And then theres also outside factors, like, if you slide into a boulder, lol.... But you're right, its far different than virtually anything. You just freefall off the front or back and you're on your own. As much as i would like to go a little faster, i NEVER want highway speeds. Im not trying to go as fast as an MC. Ever. EVER. Id break every bone in my body on a fall. I feel like at that level you'd need a license or something. Or be a registered professional stuntman, or be forced to only be able to do that on a closed track And yeah, after that accident, im not messing around. I already pretty much always wore a helmet. Once in a blue moon i wouldnt, but even before this incident, i just opted to put on a bucket or a bike helmet when i felt too lazy to put on the full face. Im not sure if i can ride with people here on group rides who dont want to wear something on their head. Not because im trying to police their experience, but because im petrified. I never want to witness that again. Im not built like a paramedic or a firefighter in @bigwave's case Interesting story actually.. Guy on a board was visiting town. He had a connection problem, board cut out. He hit the throttle on his controller and it cut back in. He goes flying off the back. EXACT SAME FALL BUT BACKWARDS as that girl. He was wearing a helmet. He hit a patch that he had on it, that was soft. He didnt even a headache, just stood up and dusted himself off. He would have been in the hospital. This was last week, on thursday. Needless to say, i was about to have a panic attack when i saw his head snap into the ground....then he hops up. We did a check, made sure he was okay. Kept checking in with him, but he was actually fine. AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAND i feel like i hijacked the thread. Sorry yall. Main point, lets force some fashion designers to design dope ass gear for women so that they actually have realistic options if they do decide they want to try this reckless hobby. XD
  12. We passed on our information to the guy who was with her, but havent heard back.... im praying shes okay. Or at least will be. Thats not really what I was getting at, at least. I mean, from cycling to riding motorcycles to skydiving, they all have their different "uniforms" so to speak. But im not saying that everyone NEEDS to wear armor. Its more that i wish there were more stylish and practical options out there for everyone to WANT to wear armor. Like what the girls said, it feels like theyre in a bubble. Thats real, i believe them. Well, if we had more, non-bubble, options, maybe they'd enjoy wearing that gear. Our sport can be more dangerous, this is a fact yes, but its not always. Hitting max speed, super high jumps in the skate park, riding up stairs (Fantomas, lmao) is on the dangerous side. But slow cruising to the coffee shop on your Mten3 lowers the risk factor. Doesnt kill the risk, as you could be riding really slowly while on your phone, hit a giant dip in the road, fall straight down and crack your rib on the machine. Anything can happen. But at that point, its not even a PEV thing, thats just a "bad luck" thing. Like stepping on a lego and falling down the stairs. My main point, and at least what i was in agreement with @clementine418 about (even though it wasnt too clear, im sorry) is that I hope we get more options in terms of fit, style and convenience when it comes to our "uniforms" with the growing popularity of PEV's. I cant blame anyone for not wanting to wear the options we have now, because they truly are limited. But im hoping for a future with more variety as the demand and need rises For myself, i'll still gear up. I dont care if the public thinks "Wow, that must be dangerous..." When people ask me "So do you need to wear all that gear to ride?!" I say "Nope, but i plan to ride hard."
  13. My response wasnt to you. You actually replied as i was typing, so i only saw it after i pressed enter. It was to mike about petra and monika. And i know, we're in agreement. Thats what i was saying too, that the stuff that actually does fit isnt realistic (motocross) and the rest is uggos Edit* Also, to be clear, i wasnt against anyone in my initial statements either. Just saying that since more people are riding, i hope to see more options and that i had actually in fact heard that things didnt fit/didnt look good and so on which caused many people to just skip the hobby as a whole. But yeah, wasnt coming at anyone.
  14. Hopefully it sparks off soon. Theres gotta be designers that are starting to ride PEV's. Im sure the ideas are stirring. And we need female designers working on this. I remember this "Gamer dresses" fiasco that happened either last year or the year before where this dude made these uncomfortable looking dresses for girls....and didnt even give them pockets. Like come on, thats an easy point. lol
  15. I've heard many things about gear not being fashionable or fitting women enough. I've only seen high end Motocross gear for women that seemed to fit them perfectly, but it was like 9 trillion dollars. Outside of that, most of the stuff we have is bulky. Theres a girl in NY who has big custom cat ears on her helmet. She linked to a helmet customization shop the other day. I was all for "wear what you want" for quite some time. Im still kinda like that. But the other day i was on a ride and watched a girl on a longboard fall off. Her shoulder hit first and her unprotected head snapped into the ground. The crack was loud enough that i heard it over my music and the wind in my fullface helmet.. She was knocked out cold immediately. We called 911 immediately. She then began to have a seizure. She foamed the mouth. Woke up, passed out again, then woke up and was in shock until the ambulance finally came. I...yeah, i cant. I know people talk about it being safer without, and all that talk about knowing how to fall and so on, and yeah, if thats how you wanna play it, go for it. But man...lets just make some stylish/affordable gear so that no one has an excuse anymore, and get more people in it instead. Im actually pretty traumatized by seeing that. It plays back vividly in my head. I was so scared she was gonna die right there.
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