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  1. This made me burst out laughing. Its 7am and i woke the house. Thanks for that, LOL.
  2. Lmfaoo. I'm probably too cautious still XDD. Those guys scare me, haha. Im currently looking at the monster since I live in the boonies and can ride far, but it also has that good speed. We'll see XD
  3. Thanks Marty! Yeah, I really have, huh? I posted my 3rd day on here. And then my first actual ride, where I was able to continuously ride down the sidewalk, haha. I still remember how scared i was to go from the sidewalk down to the road. I thought I was gonna fall. Not being able to turn left. Being nervous the first time a car went to pass me. I rode a good 30km going about 9mph once, and it felt fast LOL. I thought I was absolutely tearing it up. Its pretty nuts to look back. This has been an amazing year. So happy I found this hobby and this community!
  4. I grew up on the edge of Brampton and Caledon. So kinda the suburbs, but closer to the countryside. The ppl behind me had a chicken coup, and there were cows down the road, haha. I used to be scared to go to Toronto because it was so different from my norm, and seemingly more dangerous. I'd never go down there on my own. These days I don't worry as much because I always have my wheel with me. I can zoom out of sketchy areas quickly. I REFUSE to drive a car in Toronto. Its terrifying. Plus, its faster on the wheel, haha! But no, I just did a lot of studying and practice, and treat riding like chess. Trust no one, anticipate ahead and assume everyone could make a huuuge mistake and murder your entire being with their death machine. Then I just trust myself and go for it. Im not the best rider, but I am very cautious. Thanks mate! I was born in the same country you were, but moved as a child, haha. But yeah, my actual village is a lot slower paces. Not much to see or do and I can ride end to end in 10 minutes, haha. But Toronto riding is just my favorite thing. Its so beautiful. And cruising on the streets in the core is my favorite part, even though it is dangerous. I need to visit New York at some point, but I probably need to train riding through potholes more. Although cars are slower moving in NY from what I've heard. Come visit Toronto some time. We'll give you a tour!
  5. Thanks! Yeah, haha. Gotta be fully aware. I was woken up immediately by that pedestrian, lmao. And i do a mix of both. Side to side carving, but the camera smoothens it all out. And back and forth when the ground gets bad. I kinda sit in a squat and put my hands out. And if its a few bumps, im like, jumping over them so im swinging my arms, haha. Im pretty active with my hands when I ride faster.
  6. Still have tears in my eyes due to this, but I'm able to cruise a lot faster on this firmware over garbage road conditions that felt like they were gonna throw me before. So I suppose it's not all bad. Also I'm stubborn. 0.8° forward tilt. Get that sexy tilt backwards on turns and downhills. Yum.
  7. First person view video from my ride in Toronto on my KS 18XL with firmware 2.0. I've gotten used to the waves, lmao. You can see I can ride over road imperfections and streetcar tracks much faster than I ever could before. Just felt more stable. And breaking is noticably better. I had one scare, right at the beginning of the video, where dude pops out, haha. Welcome to downtown Toronto:
  8. My reflexes are like magic. I can forcefully hit a small animal at will now. Ive mastered the front flip, to face slide as well. You'd be impressed.
  9. I remember when i was in my garage back a few FW updates ago, it was night, late, and my light was doing that flashing thing when it was leaned against the wall. The hum of the motor was quiet and i could hear the lights pulsating. Im wondering if its always made this noise, and it just wasnt very noticeable until we lost the kingsong whine? To be real, that whine drowned out a lot of sounds, haha. Im hearing all sorts of things now.
  10. So guys, theres footage out from the One R. It looks a bit better than the X, and not as good at that qoo thing. But, the qoo has some weird color stuff going on, and weird ass chromatic aberration on most of the videos ive seen. But that quality is crispy. The R's stabilization is stupid though. I was almost offended by how clean it is. Do you guys find the insta360 X's quality to be up to standard? I know you use it for all of your videos now @Marty Backe. I wasnt too sure if I should bite that bullet because superview 4k footage out of the gopro was pretty hard to beat for most action cams. If i could use my DSLR i would instead, but im not riding all day with that thing, lmao. And a high quality point and shoot would be good too, but mainly for other people. So anyways, 360 has so many advantages, but I cant decide if its worth it with that drop of quality, (I guess its due to the bitrate?)
  11. No way.....Thats really disappointing.
  12. I literally came here to mention this. I was watchign the same video and had an "oh shit" moment. I was ready to bite the bullet on this modular camera, which I still think is awesome. Sometimes i hate how many options we have LOL.
  13. Thank you for that wonderful and enlightening breakdown, lmao. Gonna go curl up on a ball and reflect on my past now.
  14. This was my 3rd day out. I never had any BIG falls, like faceplanting or landing on my side. But i heard people have, so do be careful. For me it was more wobbling to oblivion and jumping off, then at the end slipping on wet grass, lmao.
  15. This guy.... I got none of that! Legacy motor, original motherboard, shell scratched to shit, I have wheel envy, lmao. Doesnt Jason include a free set of wristguards with his orders? I know he used to. When you're first learning, be sure to keep those wrist guards on, as much as I know people think they can just skip out. Low speed falls are the ones where your wrists are most at risk. Falling straight down, twisting, all that other good stuff. When you're going faster, you can slide, so theres less direct pressure on the wrist (although i still wear em every ride) but yeah, people make that mistake of "Well, im going slow, so" Mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm... no point in risking it XDD.
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