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  1. Oh thats awesome! Id love to give that a shot. (I mean, i dont want to cramp your style or anything, but it looks interesting, haha). Is it just a thick piece of foam just above the ankles? Or like..the one on the msx looked like a piece of black foam (or 2 pieces) inside a large sheet of sticky foam. But since its black on black its hard to see, haha. I am not a fan of the wobbles on my emergency breaks. Acceleration im fine, but being able to lock in and break hard would be nice. Saw this and thought it would be cool to try but wanted to ask you about it!
  2. Understanding more how you're such a good rider. You need to be "on" the entire time riding there, wow! I sometimes go on hour long rides without even seeing a car...lmao. Totally different worlds. I was wondering something. Those big pads on the sides of your wheels. Do they help with jumping, maneuverability, stability? I saw you had them on there in your msx vs 18xl video and was curious abotu them ever since. Anyways, amazing video. Always happy to see new content from you
  3. Will do. I have the latest, but i downloaded it from the app store. Does that make a difference? I have the latest firmware and all that nonsense. Im trying to stay clear from the KS app these days, as the fact that it wont bind is dangerous. If i accidentally touch my speed settings, it will lock me back at 20km. Which...just no.
  4. So ive been testing my wheel. Still having tons of trouble with all things bluetooth. And the binding issue was not fixed. One thing thats interesting is that now the connectivity issues are worse than before. Normally after a disconnect from my wheel, the WheelLog app would reconnect after a while. Now it just repeats the connected message without actually holding then loses the wheel completely as the bluetooth button turns off..... And this happens after maybe 5 minutes of riding. Not sure why or how its getting WORSE... Is there any way to buy a new bluetooth module alone? Or is this a whole motherboard thing? I really wish things would work...
  5. Sorry to hear that, mate.... I actually came to report some degrading issues of my own. And only with the bluetooth... Have you learned anything new? Spoken with your seller?
  6. The shadow cracks me up. Looks like you've gone for a quick joust, haha
  7. Just a question for all my video making brothers and sisters. Maybe i'll make a separate thread for it if it derails, but I was curious about comments. Do you find you get a lot of negative comments from non EUC riders? Depending on platform too. I have a few friends who had their videos shared on facebook by big pages and pretty much all the comments were super negative even though the riders in question weren't even pushing their wheels. Just riding responsibly. If anything, safer than a casual cyclist.
  8. Ive heard people talk about the integrety of the case, But that makes me wonder. Ive seen the msx case break from someone looking at it too intensely, but you can put a seat on it. Is it in the way its built that you can sit without damaging it? Like all the hefty stuff inside keeps you okay? And is the build quality of the XL just too different to allow the same type of safe ride? I need to see this video. Please make it a priority, lmfao. Im joking, but seriously thats awesome and i'd love to learn more about it. Also want to know if you reinforced the case at all. I dont want my fat ass breaking my wheel. Riding along then suddenly the side panels are racing off down the road ahead of me.
  9. Wait, seated on your XL? Did you mod a seat onto it, or you just kinda squat on the handle? I need answers!
  10. This conversation made me laugh because technically you're all right, lmao. At least from my experience, both with bikes and euc's. I can idle on my bike, and i learned suuuuuuuper slowly on my EUC before finally getting used to speed. When i go super slow, i lean. If my balance loves me, its very minute and small weight shifts that keep me standing tall at a low speed. Now, if my balance is a bit off or i overlean, i have to twist to compensate. Usually after a twist or two, i regain my balance and go back to shifting. But its a mix of the two. Had i not learned about twisting early on (You guys taught me) - I would be stepping off the pedals every 3 seconds. But yeah, its a mix. Smoother is like his name says. Dudes smooth. So for him, im guessing he just leans and shifts. Possibly using an increase in speed to balance himself out? At least thats something ive done in those types of situations. I unno yall. End of the day, i use both. When it comes to balance you can talk theory all day, but there will never be a situation where you do an exact set of movements to keep yourself upright, so you have to do what feels correct in the moment. Your body needs to apply these techniques that hopefully you practice to the point are reflex, and use them to stay afloat in all situations. Thats all really. I also think when it comes to learning, everyone's gonna have a different approach. Some people wanna read about it for 5 hours before stepping outside and applying it based on facts and dynamics learned. And others just need to hop on immediately. Neither approach is wrong. One may take longer than the other, but if the end goal is to learn to ride, and both parties learn to ride, then does it matter? Enjoy the ride, friends!
  11. Lmfao. Everything feels like i could throw it like a frisbee after using that damn wheel. I tore my garage door open by accident the other day. I was used to it being super heavy for me (one of them is electric the other is manual). I used to have to get a bit of a lift, get my knee under there, then grip it underhand from the bottom (to do it with 1 hand only). Usually i just rested the wheel and used 2 hands. This time i leaned down and damn near ripped it off its track. Scared the shit out of myself. Not only because of the power in my arms, but my squatting power. This time last year, i couldnt even get into a squat. But ever since i started riding, ive been forcing myself never to ride standing straight. Im always in a more that normal deep squat just for conditioning. People say these things are lazy, loll. Not for me. Im SO tired after riding. Wait, what was the topic again?
  12. You're out in New York. Im not sure if its possible, but maybe see if you can meet some of the riders there? Theres a HUGE PEV community out there. I know theres a big group on Facebook and the app Telegram. Try talking to the locals, see if you can meet em and feel the wheels. Obviously you wont be able to ride yet, but just getting to see them in person, feel that weight. See the builds and build quality, it may be beneficial to some degree. This doesnt answer your initial question tho, sorry. When it comes down to it, if you're going with something on the highend right off the batt, you wont have to worry about overpowering your wheel unless you're 300lbs+, at the top end of the speed before cutout and still pushing. There are a few charts out there, i know theres some on e-wheels site to show you specs and so on. It is a hefty investment so good on you for doing your research. But yeah..all wheels are going to wobble, you learn how to deal with it. Go with the wheel that calls to you and learn. If worst comes, you can sell (Should be easier out in NYC) for a bit of a loss and upgrade like what I did. I bought and rode the kingsong ks-16s for about 600km. Loved that lil thing, but I knew pretty early on i wanted more power and something more comfortable for distances. Plus, as much as it took my weight (im on the heavier side) it felt a bit TOO squirelly for me, so i upgraded to the 18XL and probably wont be upgrading for a long time, unless i get the marty bug XD.
  13. I know im not turned in that much like in the picture. But ive seen video of myself and my body shifts sideways often when i pick up speed. Unless im going slow, my left shoulder is almost always forward. But its all good. Im not trying to be part of an exclusive sideways club. Its how it feels (and looks on video) but i guess whats most important is the comfort, control and safety. XDDD Edit - You know what it is? Its less of my full body, like shown above. And for me, its more my upper body is twisted. Which, sometimes leads to some soreness in my back if im not careful. So its most def different.
  14. Its cool to see a lot of us adopted that stance. Or at least on these forums, haha. In person i don't see many ride like this. I must admit though, i havent taken any highspeed spills yet tho, so im not the ideal candidate for this post. I've almost come off, but always been able to save it. Or been able to slow down enough just before impact to be able to run everything off. But i chalk that up to luck and paranoia levels of spacial awareness, ahhaha
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