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  1. Havent posted a video in a hot minute, so heres a short one from last night of me riding in the snow for the first time this season. Btw, i passed 5200km on my 18XL. Did over 700km on my old 16s before selling it which is pretty cool considering when i started XD. Hope you've all been well.
  2. Yeah, i was gonna get ultracush, but then decided to go with comfy cush. The reason was, they let me try a Used/returned pair of the comfy and it was SOOOOOOO soft. It fit to my toes, it was so light and comfortable. Then when i got the new pair, they were a lot tougher. I bought the new pair and broke them in and now i cant ride without em. Distances no longer hurt at all! Ultracush are good too, but the padding is on the heel only for the most part, whereas comfy has padding all the way to under your toes. And since i shift my weight around and like to ride on my toes a lot, it realllly helped with that pain.
  3. Bro, wat? They're using the new cells already? :O Geeeeeez........ Does gotway recognize their mod like they do with the other mod that was being sent out?
  4. So i was in the "haha, good luck, baby!!!" camp and just dealt with the pain, but i recently switched out my beloved leatt knee/shin braces for my old triple 8 rugged vert knee pads, as i found the leatts were pushing my knees outward, as my legs touch the top of the wheel. I adopted a wider stance and that would hurt my feet after a while, so i stepped in and the pads were putting pressure on the outside of my foot, i think. Once i switched, i was able to step in close with my left foot and have a wider stance on the right, and unless i totally mess up, i dont get foot pain anymore. My knees go before my feet do. Hard tire pressure vs big ass bumps over long distances start to tire me, haha. But yeah, finding that goo foot position for my left foot seemed to have balanced things out for the right and now im able to focus on other things while i ride! Like fun and happiness!
  5. Ive met them down in Toronto. The worst people. It sucks because i used to be a younger, but lycra clad cyclist, and had i seen an EUC on a trail id try to catch them just to ask what it was about, because id be sold immediately, lmao. Myself and a friend from our crew out here went on a 60km tour. We stuck in the front with the crazy fast cyclists and endured the elements together. It was fast and fun and they respected us and we respected them. They were super nice to us and we made a lot of jokes and complimented them on their skill. I think if they ever see us around, they'll be happy to greet us or even chat. I think its just those high adrenaline junkie morons who think they own anything paved or unpaved that go nuts. But a lot of riders are super cool.
  6. 121km on one charge and still 20% battery is really solid, damn :O That sounds awesome. Thats actually the next wheel i want. I want to do the modded one with 100v and still 2400wh battery because greed. I have the XL which i love but Id dying to try the monster. After that i'll get my nippy 16 inch power wheel to balance it all out. But right now, i want to go bigger, as my XL feels small and light enough to do anything with.
  7. For me, the XL is still a bit tight on the TSG, but then again, i havent cut my hair lately so its a bit much. Once i do, its gonna fit perfectly. My bell is L i think, so yeah...a bit weird, haha. And for real? Damn man, i have it now, with the mirrored visor, and it just looks so cool imo.
  8. Oh, no i meant quite literally doing the dentistry with power tools, since its bulky and hard to handle, lmao. I use a screwdriver and my tired early 30's, not even midlife, complaining wrists to unscrew it too! But i needed help to get it back on. Its a bit of a fight! haha. I'll keep you guys posted when i do get in there. Its getting cooler here, so the fan is coming on less.
  9. Haha, glad to be part of it! Actually i am happy that i'm not alone in it. Nothing more alarming than your wheel acting weird, since any failures and you're on your face. XD. And its funny that its the same thing that got us. Offroading.
  10. Next time i get in there, i'll take a look. Screwing the side panels into the white case is like doing fine dentistry with power tools. Its SO HARD. Need a clamp, 2 people, a priest. So im taking my time, although I do need to loosen the screws for the lift sensor so it actually works 100% of the time. As i tightened it all the way like a dunce and it doesnt always engage, lmao. But yeah, ready to get wet and wild with this wheel!
  11. Sucks. I was just in there and i didnt see the fan while i was working on it. Should have taken a look then. Was told by @The Fat Unicyclist where to find the fan. Underneath the capacitors, which sounds like a disaster waiting to happen. The fan, as loud as it is, is still working. It keeps the motherboard cool. Its never gotten close to overheating, even on our hottest days. But it really sucks, haha.
  12. My fan has been screaming for a while. I tried not to pay attention to it but lately, its just getting louder, it seems like. Today i recorded the sound because its quite annoying. Do you guys think its just a loose bearing or something? It went away after a nice bounce the first time it did this, but came back after the wheel took a few bumps on an offroad ride.
  13. This is the sexiest display ever.
  14. I've been recommended against getting the seat, due to the construction of the XL. The way the shell connects to the pedal arms is pretty garbo. Im guessing it would be worse if you're heavier like myself. Ive already had to fix my wheel after a break. I really wanted to just get it anyways, but im rethinking it now since i dont want to have to fix the shell a 2nd time. Im actually suprised that, when kingsong went to make the new white shells (with the upgraded lift sensor) that in that moment they didnt think "Lets make a stronger binding spot here since this is where all the problems stem from" like, why wouldnt they reinforce it like their other wheels?
  15. This 4000000%. I can ride rushhour traffic, no problem. Country roads with cars shooting by at 80km/h, fine. WALKING my wheel across the road on a green and someone trying to kill me on a right turn...EVERY SINGLE DAY. Some dude actually honked at me last week for crossing... I had the walk signal, i looked him dead in his eyes and started to walk as he pulls into a hard turn then slams the breaks and honks. I just stopped, pointed at the walk signal and he just smiles like a moron. I wanted to swing my wheel into his front light. I need to start riding with a baton. Anyways, OP, end of the day, you could slip down the stairs, choke on food, stub your toe and fall into a pool with the cover on, get hit riding your push scooter across a road, be jumped by a sheep. Anything is possible. Unless you're driving a tank, theres a chance of getting hurt out there. I understand his thinking in that people dont get what we do, but i dont understand limiting your distance. From what ive heard (dont quote me on this) people are more likely to get hurt closer to home, due to becoming complacent. I know for me, i ride cautiously in places i dont know. When i get comfortable, thats when i have close calls. Like the drop on this road i know well. Totally forgot. Straight legs, almost fell in the middle of the street, downtown. Pushing doesnt always mean being reckless. Your dad is trying to protect you and look out for you. You're his baby, so i totalllly understand. But get him out on his bike. Have him join you on real rides, then show him how capable you and your wheel are. You can hit road , grass, dirt, gravel, stones, whatever terrain and ride them all. Toys dont do what these do. Gotta hit him with facts then show him. Hes coming from an emotional place. "Protect my child" so if you give him reassurance that you'll do your best to be okay (you cant promise that) then it should help. Again, it sounds terrible, but the one day one of us does get hurt, we could be walking along and get hit by someone. Anyways. Be safe out there and good luck with your pops.
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