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  1. seage


    More practice with that gopro. Fixed a lot of stuff. Need to get used to DaVinci. I did some color shifts, but they were abrupt and jarring, so im gonna look up how to ramp up to shifts. Would have done that earlier but I was editing while on the phone, lol. Also, for some reason noise that isnt there in the final render on my PC is there in the video on youtube. Maybe some of the settings messed up the compression? I need to look into this, haha. Ah well! Still happy with this!
  2. seage


    Yo, are you serious? I figured a zoom would diminish quality as all digital zooms kinda do. Do you find that its still pretty crisp? Im gonna play with that in the day too! That exciting to know. I love learning about this.
  3. seage


    Wanted it a bit tighter. Certain look i was going for. But i used the wrong settings, haha. Hypersmooth did a really good job, but because of most of my own mistakes, i messed it all up. But i'll do better! This was day 1 of ever using a gopro XD. I usually do locked shots with no motion. Gotta get them hours in and keep trying things out.
  4. seage


    This is not a full put together video at all. Just figured id drop it and share some thoughts. Got the gopro hero7 black yesterday and decided to take it for a spin today. Ive never owned an action cam and normally shoot on my chunky DSLR, so this was totally new to me, and i was stupid as hell, haha. First, i didnt realize you could change from 4:3 to 16:9. I was mad that it was in 4:3 but figured id just learn to live with it. What.... I shot too small. I used 1440, and placed it on a 1080 timeline. Then i stabilized it in adobe premiere, which I also messed up...... What this did was crop in the footage. And then i had to crop in even more to lose the crazy wild edges. This destroyed the quality of the footage and made it kinda choppy and compressed in some areas. Id advise anyone with a brain to use 2.7k or go the full 4k if you have a memory card (and a computer) that can handle it. Using larger footage and making it smaller gives you some cool options. Like panning and artificial zooms without any loss of quality. But you might have to proxy (edit with smaller image files so your computer can handle it, then render out with the original huge files with all the edits on them) in order to not blow your computer up if you're using an old machine. On the up side though, i finally got to channel my inner tishawn with my superman pose as i was getting low to the ground with one hand back for counter balance while filming. I probably looked like an idiot, which isnt actually like tishawn, but i FELT cool, and thats all that matters, lmfao. Oh, one last thing. Someone mentioned it in here before, but for color editing, im using Davinci Resolve. Its free, and its...probably the best software out there for color editing. Its just stupidly good. Wait until i get some non-scuffed footage to work with and i'll show you! Oh and one more last thing, livestreaming on this thing actually works super well! Im a twitch streamer and this was a great option as opposed to the $3000 gunrunner backpack that costs like $300/m to upkeep. Anyways, hope some of my rambling helped some of you guys learn from my mistakes XD. And i apologize to those of you who already know this stuff and want me to shutup. Heres my video:
  5. seage


    Likewise for Toronto. Im a new rider so i'll be meeting the community soon, but I know its pretty tiny here, haha. I'll be out there soon tho. Best friend is there and i've always wanted to visit. Just before I didn't have such an awesome way to get around XD.
  6. seage


    Damn man, that was dope! Great color correcting and grading. I really need to make it out there sometime. Ive never seen such big roads totally empty, haha.
  7. seage

    New KingSong 16X Rumours

    Yep, almost broken, i suppose i can call it, to be correct. But luckily it didnt interfere with my day to day. Just makes sleeping, sitting, working, life, painful. LOL. But its much better now. See, i love riding in my hightop runners. I like feeling the roads imperfections ruin my life beneath my feet. But now even I'm wondering if getting something sturdier with some insoles might be the way. So when my next handle explodes, at least my feet will be okay. Then i'll invest in some full body armor for the idle assault, considering the wheel hasnt hurt me while im riding it, lmao. LOL. I happen to like that awful round disk body! Haha. I think it looks cool. But i'm all for change too! The next should be a hard edged triangle. Falls would be...lifechanging....
  8. seage

    Newbie help please

    My ks-16s was locked to 20kmph. That was perfect for me. I dropped it down to 12 to feel the tilt back. And after getting spooked a few times, i put it back up to 20 and continued practicing. I didnt even get close to that 20 mark for many many km of riding. I was busy trying not to die, and doing circles in a school ground. After you get more comfortable, you can start moving a bit faster. But you wont need to worry about your top speed for a while until you can actually ride comfortably AT that speed. Or if you set it lower to practice feeling the tiltback.
  9. seage

    New KingSong 16X Rumours

    I want to ride with you, but im also scared of you. You want nimbleness....at 40kmph....i want an immovable tank. Like a bigger z10. I want to need to throw another mans body to get the force to turn the wheel, lmao.
  10. seage

    New KingSong 16X Rumours

    Haha, honestly. But on the upside, passed 200km on the wheel today! Learning to ride a bit faster now. But i wont hijack this thread with that stuff. After seeing the specs and riding my own 16, i think id still go for that 18xl...unless i win that contest LOL. But man, how can folks go 40km+ on a 16 inch wheel?
  11. seage

    New KingSong 16X Rumours

    Slow healing spot, but its getting better everyday! No longer hurts unless i poke it. You can imagine my disappointment having it break off on the day it arrived, and mashing my foot up on the process LOL.
  12. seage

    New KingSong 16X Rumours

    Yeah, no one told me about the weak handle until the 2nd one broke on my 2nd time picking it up, dropping my 16s directly on the top of my foot - fracturing it a few weeks ago XD. I love everything else about that wheel, but that handle was just terrible terrrrrrrriible engineering. Im happy its fixed, i just wished it was before it broke me, loll. Still waiting on my replacement tho, lol.
  13. seage

    I just ordered a KS 18xl

    Yo, i hate you guys LOL. I havent even gotten 200km on my 16s, and i'm already dreaming of the 18XL. Im gonna stop all this drooling and keep riding my wheel for a good 1000km or something ridiculous...maybe.....stoppp! Although I will say, im happy I didn't get the 18 first, considering the air my 16s got on falls while learning. Id rather already know how to ride so I can really appreciate the upgrade in the future, haha!
  14. seage

    Newbie help please

    I can't add too much as Im a nub too, but from my struggles, I learned that its just like the others said. Don't lower your top speed. You wont be going that fast anyways as you're learning your balance, and from someone whos wheel had calibration problems, let me tell you right now, the pain of trying to ride a wheel that tilts up when you're moving is like throwing a wrench in the spokes of your bike while trying to practice downhill. Place your max speed back up. You wont be hitting it anytime soon. Focus more on learning to balance, ride a little, turn. Stopping and maintaining a decent speed. I learned inside for a chunk of my practice, so I had to learn to ride slowly. My max speed was still 20km/h, but i was riding around at like 7 or 8. For the speed you have set, you could probably hit it on a push off and then it would tilt you back immediately, essentially destroying your balance and confidence in the wheel. So yeah, take off the limiter. As much as it SEEMS its a safety, riding these things is less like pulling a lever and being at max, and more like the accelerator on a car, iin which YOU control the speed.
  15. seage

    The Mullings of a Beginner

    Did a 19km ride today. Found a bunch of new areas in my city. Parts I didnt even know existed, it was awesome. Started off the ride with those little warmups and found the ones that helped the most were the acceleration and hard breaking. It forced me to stop gripping the wheel with my legs and in turn placed me in a more comfortable riding position. Also, found that the warmer weather helped keep me loose from the gate. Normally when i go out, i get a chill through my entire body and i stiffen up. I get the feeling summer is gonna be nice. Oh and lastly, i got into a consistent habit of placing my foot on the pedal in a pretty comfortable way. With my heel closer to the body at the back and toe flush with the edge. Just now i need to find a good forward to back area as sometimes there was 0 strain and other times id get a tension in my calf. I'll keep riding till i naturally figure it out. Bottom line though, i had so much fun. It was a great ride and I didnt want to stop. But it was starting to get stupid windy again and my legs were burning, haha. Oh, question for you guys. When going over speedbumps and curbs, i loosen my stance and let the wheel kinda do its thing. I usually bounce a little, but not enough for it to feel bad. But i tried going down a tinnny curb today, just to see what it felt like, and i got a little too much airtime for my liking. Do you guys lock your wheel with your legs during curb drops or stay loose and bend your knees more?