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  1. I cant wait for your beta tes- early adopters to get the wheel! I just purchased a monster V3 (still waiting on gotway for 3 months to send it, lol) after waiting quite some time, for them to refine it and all that nonsense. Im going to do the same here. Gonna keep my Monster in good condition and wait and see what happens with the pro. Its gonna be crazy.
  2. I think you summed it up perfectly. No disrespect @Planemo. I was gonna say the same though. It feels more like a personal thing. More like you find it dorky, or feel a slight insecurity about it (im just projecting ideas now tho, so i may be off the mark). But standing in my neighborhood with a few people and a loud car comes by, looks pretty nice, but is loud af, i see everyones face and they're not happy. They're tired of this person, immediately. I once was riding through town and there was this olllld pickup truck, vintage. Looked brand new though, all shiny and gorgeous so i ride up to check it out. Im not a car person but this thing was beautiful. And everyone standing around it stops and looks at me. Im like "Im here to see the truck!" The owner was like "Screw the truck, what the heck is that?! Thats the coolest thing ive ever seen!" And then i got hit with all the regular questions, rode around. Few people said they wanted to get one (of course none did, lmao). They asked me if i needed to dress the way i did, and i told them, no, but i like doing tricks, hitting the park, doing offroad, and their eyes widened. Mainly on the offroad part. "That thing can hit trails?!" And so the conversation continued. I think the functionality and the fact that, as Darrell stated, they cant even comprehend how we're riding it in the first place, it makes it look cool. We mainly get judged by the onewheel dudes and sometimes the e-skate communities mainly because, they get it and they think their sideways stance is somehow superior even though it doesnt matter at all, lmao. But those are mainly the people i see actually going off about how lame EUC's look, even when it comes to amazing and dynamic riders.
  3. I wont speak on much of what you're talking about because folks in here are blowing gaskets already, lmao. But. Military? Really? No. Just stop right there. I understand that you dont have a wheel yet and cant get one for your reasons, but, its a bad/stupid idea. And on top of it, no. I would rather not have the military invest in our mainly peaceful hobby and make it tactical and useful in ways for killing people at the will of leaders. Im not gonna dive much deeper as this isnt a political forum, but that idea just irks me so badly. About the dorky thing, for me, when im tearing around at 45km/h and carving or riding down stairs, or going off jumps at the skatepark, no one thinks its dorky. I only have one friend who says she thinks it looks that way, but shes more the type to follow the herd and shys away from her own opinions or anything that stands out. If this became mainstream, she'd be first in line to try it and wouldnt call it nerdy anymore. Everyone else i know loses their mind when they see it. And kids always ask me if im from the future. I think the "dork" factor really comes down to the individual. How you ride, your personal style WHEN you ride. I think most people would think someone like Mickey from evX looks pretty damn cool when he rolls up. Although, it could also be culture in your specific area.
  4. ............ I wasnt a fast rider........................... now i cant stay away from the beeps....they call to me.....
  5. Yeah, the other day i was making a trec home on my 18XL, and i have all the optimized stuff off already. I was riding a steady 45kmh the entire time. By the end, it just kinda....locked at 9% when id pull power, and then raise accordingly, but never go below 9%. When i looked at the lights, they were still green and i had almost half of em, so i ccouldnt tell. My wheel was telling me i was standing at 13% when i got home, but the lights were still green. I was a bit confused tbh.
  6. Im offsetting my stress by getting stupidly excited for my dads MSP which will be here on wed or thurs! I'm actually more excited for his wheel than I am for my own. He still has no idea, thinks its on backorder and will be coming around when mine will XD
  7. Haha, like everyone said, give it time. 2 days is nothing. Im currently upgrading from an 18XL to a monster, and i expect i'll have no idea how to corner properly for a few days, lmao. Then I need to learn to ride seated. Then learn to carve seated. Theres a lot to get used to. The weight and size and style of torque will all be unfamiliar and i'll need to work on all of thatover the course of a good while before im confident. 2 days will not even be close. Its only scary for you because these wheels are expensive, and so losing that sense of familiarity is frightening. Not being able to get it right away throws your mind into instant regret, but yes, give it a few more miles and you'll start to see if its really not for you or if you just needed to get used to it. I've heard a lot of riders dont ride hard on their new wheels until after their first 100 miles just so they can get used to it and its dynamics. Last thing is, every wheel is good and bad at something. You need to find out what this wheels advantages are and ride it for those reasons, and when you know your mten is gonna excel instead, you grab that.
  8. I think i'll just stick with protecting em in advance, lmaoo. That sounds painful and very inconvenient.
  9. I dont even go to the mailbox without wristguards and a helmet. Im an illustrator. I break my wrist or crack my skull and my career is over, so i dont risk it. I LIKE that im confident and comfortable because it makes me make smarter decisions without thinking i might die if i make a mistake. I enjoy getting up after a fall and not being out of commission for a month. But then ive only had 2 falls on the road. One i was livestreaming and rode into a pothole like a tosser. This was super low speed. And the second, i was riding in a snowstorm and pulled off too fast. Wheel just slid from under me and i went down. When i ride fast, im hyper focused. If i dont have on all of my gear, i feel completely limited in what i can do and id rather just not ride. But thats just me. I see an accident on every group ride, and sometimes its not the riders fault. I saw a tour de france cyclist ride up right beside one of our E-boarders who was right on the edge of the path (to the right) and shove him. Like full on push in his back and he fell into the bushes while we chased dude down and yelled at him. No amount of speed control, experience, or anything could prepare you for an asshole, lmao. But he just bounced back up and was back on his board after he took the nature out of it. But yeah. I guess, to a degree the safety gear does give you the confidence to survive a hit or a fall, but i dont agree that it directly causes it. I think its just punishment if you do happen to make a mistake, in the form of longer healing times. Now some people might go crazy the moment they put on a helmet, but I think they should work more on their mental restraint and understanding that just because you FEEL safe, doesnt mean you disregard the world around you, haha. Id much rather pep talk myself than deal with the consequences of the fall. But thats me. We're all adults here, its your body, if the fall and the heal times dont bother you, then go for it. XD. Im just too impatient and wanna ride every day.
  10. A friend of mine did a whole custom thing to his shell to water seal it but also basically made an outer shell so that he can drop it at speed and it doesnt fall apart. Those new sidepads everyones using and bumpers seem to be really helping peoples wheels stay in one piece during crashes so for sure look into that. I will be. I'll be the first person in the GTA (thats part of the riding community) to own the monster. HAvent even seen one before, so this'll be fun. But yah, no matter what you'll be able to get what you pick to work. Thats what makes it tough. All the options are great in their own way, and theres are some drawbacks to each too, hah. Yep! Thank you! Well, my wheels about 4 weeks out or something. It was ordered straight from gotway, so I have to wait a while. Trying not to think about it so I can function, lmao. And my dad got lucky! My seller had 1 more MSP left, so hes shipping it either today or tomorrow so that should be here soon! Super excited for my dad, finally getting his first wheel. And thank you! I got sick so I had to stop, but i'm back now, just gathering footage and whatnot!
  11. Reading this was almost like looking at my own story, haha. I'm also moving on from my 18XL, but im not selling it, due to the wheel im getting. The Monster V3. Still gonna need that 18Xl for days when im not with my riding friends, as im not walking that wheel by the seat all day long. I recently went through this with my dad, and he decided on the MSP Torque edition over the nikola because for him, its fast enough. He wants to be able to hit 50 without that being the end of days. But also wants that power for offroading. The shell is weaker, but from my riding at least, we've never really gone fast enough through the trees to damage the shells in a crash. Not to mention, the dirt/canvas is a bit more forgiving than the pavement, but this does depend on your local terrain. I know some peoples offroading is like rock gardens, haha.
  12. I don't know about everyone, as i cant speak for everyone, but over here in the GTA, even before I knew what EUC's were, we understood that things flowed differently in different states. We probably understood Americas flow more than Canada's, as we get fed more media from you. I have no idea whats happening in Prince Edward Island..at ALL. But i know just how different New York is from Los Angeles and so on. And with that, we also understood how a cyclist in LA would probably DIE if they rode like the crazy people in NY. We just got that there were different flows. Now fast forward to EUC's and suddenly, everyone is being held to the same standards of riding in their own cities. And if a person rides how the local culture enforces, in a sense, that person is "an asshole" in the other persons eyes. But then we see video of India, Thailand, Vietnam and so on and traffic is crazy, but because its so far its more fascinating than insane and dangerous and in need of yelling. But from what ive seen with american culture, each state is kinda like its own mini country in a way in the way that people behave, speak, navigate. I heard Lutalo say "bama" the other day and had to google that shit and found its a local word. Wat? Now this whole thing is just to say, lets lay off ripping on the NY guys for riding like NY guys. On the flip though, irresponsible dumb shit DOES need to be called out. U-stride tearing inches from a child on a bike path needs to be called out. Posting videos riding on the highway when we KNOW that shit allllways makes the news for everyone who does it regardless of the sport, needs to not happen and the people need to be called out for that dumb shit. Its just that i see two sides colliding in here, and usually when this stuff comes up. First its the general anger at people doing reckless things, like speeding down a populated bike path, which is stupid as shit, imo. You don't go that fast around pedestrians. Stick to the road. And second, its hating on the New Yorkers AGAIN because of their aggressive style. Lets cut out the second one. Lets stop with the name calling and guilt tripping and focus on the main point, which is our general image and holding people accountable for silliness. You're not gonna stop a New Yorker from being a New Yorker. They could agree to everything you say on here, then the moment they go outside and almost get pincered between a taxi and a parked car, or t boned by a random "ATV going through a red (lol), they're gonna go back into NY survival mode and keep flowing to survive in their city. But what we CAN do is ask people to try to think a bit harder before posting a video on a highway, or bunny hopping over a toddler. But also understand that if people from outside the country can look and see that a NY cyclist does not match up with a Texan cyclist, im sure others can too. Or at least i hope. We do have other stereotypes for american's, lol. I just always see this. People ripping on the NYers, some of which are amazing people and give us so much information and passion in this hobby. And the NYers have to come and defend themselves, even if they're not even apart of the nonsense thats gone on, because people are intent on misunderstanding or brushing aside lived experiences and realities that people in that city have to live with. Its not "oh so they're from NY so they get a pass" its, they're from a place that flows different so they do what they do to go with that flow. That's really it. You don't need to like it, but its a reality. Being a cyclist for half my life and travelling around I got to learn sometimes the hard way, just how different a city can be and how you have to adapt to it or get off the road. And again, this isn't say ALL behaviour is protected under the NY immunity act. They act like morons sometimes just like the rest of us, but just lets focus on the acts more than slandering where they're from. Oh, also, i don't think there will ever be a blanket ban, but some places that already want to take out PEV's will quickly jump on or create their own negative media to ban it, so they can continue destroying you with insurance and making that oil and petrol money. Yum yum. Corruption. Alright, peace.
  13. Downside with flexmeters for me is that you cant remove the padding for when you wash em. That sucks a bit, but not the worst, a cold wash and airdry still works. But the other thing is, they're super hard to put on with my MC jacket. I've started wearing gyroriderz more often than not instead.
  14. Lol. Just put jump pads on the wheel. Like kuji or those winglets or custom ones like I have (i'll take a picture later if anyone cares). Then if you fall, you can still step off the wheel. Not get caught. What you really need is good grip tape and something to stop you from bouncing too far forwards or backwards. But you'd need a super strong magnet to lock your shoes into the pedals. And i dont know how much the internals would like such a strong magnet when the pedals are up.
  15. I use vaneuc because the guy who runs it is awesome. I've met one of the people from smartwheel and he was nice enough, but their prices are always the highest so i refuse to buy from them. You can get a better deal through ewheels after shipping. Duties and other boarder robbery fees. It would still come up to less than smartwheel half the time. Which sucks because they have a physical storefront out here and i'd love to have a place locally to roll into for maint and other things.
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