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  1. Ah, thats good then. Well, mine actually smell great again. The magic of disney or something. Have you fallen on the flatlands? (I mean, i hope you dont, but just curious for your experience with them, if they're just as bad as others)
  2. Yeah, he was saying that they partnered with him. so i was immediately ready to just come on here and see first hand reviews instead. Im sure we'll get an update after he goes down, but hes a fast rider, so i get the feeling we'll hear about how they deal with high speed falls, rather than the one incident on here where someone went down slowly, which i know is hard to deal with for any brace due to the lack of sliding? Anyways, yeah, the concept IS really cool, and i was very excited about it as well when I saw it, but i've learned to be skeptical when it comes to protection.
  3. Well shit... I saw chooch's video on these gloves, but i noticed that he just got em and hadnt fallen on them yet so i figured id check the forums and see if anyone had any reports from them, and this is disappointing. I currently wear flexmeter, and i love them, but they're so annoying to put on/take off, with my gloves. Also, I messed up and kept them in a musty area for a bit too long and now im probably gonna have to get new ones, lol. So i was HOPING to replace em with something easier, even though i know they're the best out there right now. But i guess i'll just be buying a replacement soon instead. Bleh..
  4. Curious about the original insole. I have some vans and they have 0 cushioning. It feels like im standing directly on the pavement when i'm walking.
  5. If it explodes, the plan forms a shield around you to protect you from the blast.
  6. I never thought I'd hear someone else say it! Im only like 5'10, 220lbs now. (Lost 10 haha). But my 18XL feels really small. Like, now 16s small, but still rather small. And i can throw it around like a toy for the most part unless i have too much stuff in my backpack, haha. Its why ive been looking at the monster! I rode into Toronto the other day and did a 70km ride alone, mainly beside major roads and on some pretty questionable surfaces. The 18XL handled it quite well, but there were areas i thought I was going to eat it, and being able to sit at any moment during that ride would have saved my legs, which went numb at the end, and shaved off a lot of time, since I had to dismount and walk to get feeling back and stop the cramping after a while, haha. In terms of battery life though...got home with 40%. At my weight with that much distance, and the speed i was travelling, i was very surprised. Thinking that a monster can go further, faster with a bigger tire and a seat? Its almost a no brainer, lol.
  7. How kind of you to notice! Yes sir. Working out daily for a while now Im glad its visibly paying off!
  8. Forgot, i posted a picture. Got the Leatt knee pads off a friend who unfortunately had to stop riding after an accident. Wearing them every ride. They look so cool, I dont ever get lazy because I want to show them off all the time LOL.
  9. I was struggling between the two and picked the 18XL only because of the convenience factor. Since I have to go to meeting a lot. Walk and wheel the wheel when with friends who dont ride. Im on and off of it like crazy for things, it made more sense for me to get the wheel with the better handle/ easier to trolly around. The MSX isnt bad to walk, but all day, it gets a bit much, I think. I went to pride with my wheel, and my buddies all dont ride, so i was walking it for literal hours. I would have been mad if it wasnt so easy, haha.
  10. Yeah, im in Toronto, Ontario, and have the 18XL and it was $2800 after tax, so be careful on where you buy it so you dont get ripped off. Are you in the GTA too? Will we be getting a new person to ride with downtown soon? XD.
  11. I remembered, haha. Which is why i was wondering if it was a port issue. If maybe that bottom one got damaged somehow.
  12. ill be sure to pay attention to that then. I just got the new charger a few days ago, and my 2nd original charger broke randomly before that. So i'll keep monitoring it. But i dont think the fast charger is the culprit yet. The bottom port seems to want to charge to 100%. It only acted strange when on the 90% setting. Could be getting an incorrect reading? Thanks mate. That seems to be close to what i experienced with my top port. At least I know. I think i'll mainly stick to my stock charger while at home and charging in the day or whatever, and use my rapid for my rides.
  13. Thats what it did on the top port in the end. I dont know whats up with it, but i hope its no big issue. Imma keep gearing up incase my wheel decides to turn off and let me eat concrete. I need to save faster for my monster. That way i can switch between wheels and elongate the time between critical wheel failure, lol.
  14. My wheel had the first generation handle. I learned that as it broke in 2 seconds. I got a replacement. Which was also a first gen. I learned that when it broke in my hand and my wheel fell and fractured my foot. 3rd was their new one and its been great, although my brother now has that wheel.
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