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  1. Im always worrying about that pedal scrape. Luckly only had it at slower speeds during 180's. I ride with my left side leading a bit, so i end up kinda air sitting on left turns and leaning normally into rights. Carving when going faster seems to feel like the only way to do it, probably because im used to having a large contact point on the ground at speed and now i feel like im riding on the edge of a knife. And 55psi is still super high. Curious as to why you like riding so high? Outside of the safety of the inner tube of course.
  2. I have 3500km of lies on my 18XL, lmao. And now its new...geeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeez. Its like endless learning with EUC's, im telling you.
  3. Yeah, i was gripping it and pulling it left and right, which was pretty fun, haha. I do hope i can get that nimbleness back that i had at 30psi with some experience, because i was dodging potholes and manhole covers at the last second at 40+ with ease. I almost died trying my old 16 again. I refused to go over 20kmph, lmfao. Id like the monster too, but i know i'll need to learn to ride the gyro like this before i ride that, because that wheels SUPER stable. When going around a larger bend, do you just lean to the side more than you would on a smaller wheel? I think i am used to hitting those gradual bends with just my feet and that messes me up.
  4. You damn canadians are crazy. I knew it all along. Wait... But no seriously, i actually never hit the rim until just the other day. Ya bois a ninja. Light on my feet. But it was interesting. Going around corners, everyone would just lean in and seemingly float on an angle, all leaning in hard, like a motorcycle. But for me, id have to keep my upper body more straight and turn the wheel with my feet. So if i was turning right, i'd lean the wheel over, and have to push down with my left foot to keep the wheel from just dropping on its side, because there was close to no gyro effect type feeling. The wheel didnt care to be upright, loll. Now on 30, it did. And now on 44 its standing up straight all the time What i mean is, when i go around a bend, i normally lean in a bit. On a right turn my body would be leaning to the right. But i guess because i dont put enough force in because im not used to it, i lean just a bit to the right, and the wheel pops back up straight again, and it pulls my body over to the left, and i start losing balance, trying to keep leaning over to the right to go around that corner. If that makes sense. 55psi with my fat ass and id pop the tire. But riding the beep huh? I ride 48 usually max. Float at 40-48 when cruising out here. But now im back sub 40! Lets goooo, loll.
  5. This isn't a "hey, what is a good pressure for my tire?" thread. This is a HOW?! EXPLAIN ME! EXPLAIN MEEE!!! Thread. So i found out that i STILL don't know how to ride an EUC. I've been riding pretty low air pressure so the way my wheel handles has been totally different from everyone else as well. I tried a nikola 100v the other week and as soon as i stood on it and went to turn right, i almost fell off the left side as the tire just stayed up and i wasnt ready for it. I just assumed it had to do with this gyro everyone has been going on about. And that it was because of the 3 inch tire. Yep, thats it. I can go on and live another misinformed day. So okay, i'm riding with friends on saturday and its all squishy as usual. But then as i hit some curbs i can feel the rim getting hit. Damn, time to pump it up. We go to a gas station and put in some air. The first thing i found out was my psi was under 20, lol....Thats not good for a dude whos around 220-230 without gear. So my buddy, whos all muscle was like, i'll put it to 40 like me. So he does. I get on...and suddenly i had a nikola. Not in like, performance, but it just stood up and wobbled and was terrifying. So i stop, take out some air. Take out a lotttt of air. Drop it down to 30psi. Now, its still scary. Takes me a few km of being in the back of the pack, playing catchup before it finally clicks and im shooting around, then suddenly i get it. Its so nimble and stable and sexy. I was having a blast. So today I decided that i was going to be a man and pump it up to the numbers it deserves to be based on my weight under load. So i put 44psi in this badboy and back to stage one i went. Just came back in from screaming around long bends. I couldn't even hit 40kmph because i was so scared. I kinda got the hang of sharp bends. I was able to really lean it, as the wheel just stands straight and turns casually which throws me off the opposite side, lmao. Now thats the problem with long bends. I cant hold the wheel in a nice lean, so it straightens up and now im fighting not to fall off the other side like a loser. I guess i just need practice and to get used to the different dynamics..... How/why do you ride so high? And any tricks you found to keep yourself from falling off the opposite side of your wheel everytime you had to make a small turn at any significant speed? One thing I noticed at 30psi over 20psi was that turning at speed, on a dime was easier. I was able to avoid stuff really easily and it felt so nimble. At 44psi it actually feels LESS nimble. Doesnt feel like i could just shoot in a different direction, but that could just be because im not used to it. So yes, advantages of running high and not under whats good for your weight? (Besides battery life, because holy crap, i used like no energy!)
  6. Planning to get a jacket myself, although i do enjoy having the hardshell protection of the elbow pads. I wear my leatt kneepads on the outside. Its loud and i like it that way. Lol. But when i travel for work and stuff, id rather wear stealthier stuff, like a sleek black mc jacket and pads under my clothing.
  7. Super excited, but my normie friends dont understand so i have to run to the internet to share with you guys, lmao. I ride with the bell super, full face. Loooove it. Summer was a blast with that helmet. A blast of wind and ventilation, lol. But as the season closes out, the swarms of bugs pelting me directly in my eyeballs has been incredible. Also its getting cooler at night and i find myself in a full, high speed cry. Tears everywhere. Cant see shite. I was looking into just grabbing some goggles, but all the best ones with good visibility were like $150 - $250 canadian, lol. Also ones that wouldnt fog up immediately, you know. So i bit the freakin bullet and bought the TSG pass in white (to match my leatt and other blaack and white gear ive got going on). So excited for it to come. Got it in an XL because i tried a large today and that was tight tight. Dont thing there was enough room for my glasses under it. (Also i measured my head and i was right on the low end for the XL). Happy i found it on sale, and shipping within Canada, so no international fees and other craziness. Cant wait for it to come. I love my Bell Super, and think it looks awesome. But the other helmet i was eyeing forever was this TSG as i was split on which i thought was the coolest looking helmet, so i'll be happy to rock both! (Plus its nice to know they're both not shite, lol)
  8. Thank you! I cant see it AT ALL, but at least i know where it is. Under those green things? Loll. Which i assume are the capacitors. Can you tell im learning as i go along? XD
  9. I tried to pm you but it wouldn't go through, but it may just be a mobile thing so I'll try when I get home. It wasn't directly from kingsong as they didn't answer me directly when I asked about it. It was from ecodrift from a translated page. And if my memory serves me correctly, it was also repeated in a video they made. I didn't want to state the original statement as fact though which is why I made sure to add that I didn't have all the details and added that "I heard". But I can go back and edit it to be clearer if necessary. I don't want to accidentally spread false information as facts. When I got my new case, they didnt seem to have any in black with the new lift sensors. It would be great to know for sure though. I'll try to pm you the sources when I get home if I can find them again. Thanks for the info! I'm going to order one of the first batch and be a guinea pig for it, so we'll see. Haha. I'll be sure to film my progress if learning to sit down, successfully sitting down, then breaking my frame for everyone.
  10. Hey @The Fat Unicyclist where exactly is the fan in my wheel? I didn't see it when I did nthe transfer, but I didn't fully unplug the motherboard. I've been having issues where the fan either has a bad bearing or is off axis or has dustbin it as it's super loud, sounds like it's struggling. If started after I dropped my wheel a while back, but I gave it a hard bounce and it's went away until recently when we went on a trail ride and I fell a.few times. Wheel went flying and suddenly the sound is back. It quiets down if I lift up the wheel and bounce it down. But slowly starts up again, which makes me think it's an off axis issue, but I'm probably wrong.
  11. I was told about the cracking shells from people on the forums, but i never thought it would happen to me. Until it did, lmao. SO i had to deal with the lame ass transfer to the new case. IT was horrible, haha. But yeah, ive never heard of it either, and I havent heard about it with the white cases either. Unless someone wants to pipe up with pictures of their busted cases. I wonder what the inside of the 18s looks like, and how they managed to keep it from snapping.
  12. They actually went back and changed all the inner shells of the 16x to white. (From what i saw). XD
  13. From what I've been told, the black innerframes were discontinued due to being weaker. Something about the color, or whatever was in the compound to make it black actually made it more prone to breaking. I dont have the details. I think it may have been ecodrift that talked about the upgraded white innerframes. And when i ordered my replacement, thats what they sent me, with the new lift sensor. Im a bit heavier. Im still working on getting that down. And now that im actively talking to ladies again, you can bet your ass im working even harder, LOL. More range, and girls. Thats the fuel to make me healthy. I have a problem.
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