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Why Is My MSX Always Beeping At Me?

Luke Herron

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So, I finally broke down and got an MSX. It doesn't feel as fast as I thought it would, but it does eat the road up. However, anything over 30 kph causes it to beep at me. Is there a training lock on that, or something? Is there a way to take it off?

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6 hours ago, scotchtape said:

I think it has the final alarm you can't turn off

Correct. :efee612b4b:

2 beeps at 30km/h.
3 beeps at 35km/h.
Final beep that can't be turned off at 80% power which is around 55km/h for the 84v.
To verify you can do a lift test. Power on the wheel, connect the app, lift, tilt, let it spin until it it shuts off the motor. Observe the tilting and beeping.

Or discover it on your own on the road. FOR SPARTA!!!!

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