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Tire sealant: anyone heard of armor-dillo?

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After further research, this stuff seems to simply be rebranded Multiseal Armor 3500 which normally comes in 5 gallon containers for $400. That company also sells three "consumer" versions for ATVs, power equipment and RVs/trailers. Those are conveniently sold on Amazon for $15/32oz. Their FAQ explains how it works. I think the RV/trailer version could work without being so thick it unbalances the wheels at speed.
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I'm the guy behind 'Dilloz - and while I can say that you've got the right idea on the technology - it's far from just a rebranded product - we do source several base military grade sealants from suppliers - and utilize those as a part of our formulation, but - we mix and significantly enhance that base product in house, and ensure the right product components are in place to maximize performance, resulting in a killer product that is specialized for different applications - for example, our Red product has the highest fiber and particle load you'll find in any sealant anywhere - this helps it to deal with the very thin tires we have on the Onewheel, whereas the military product is intended for tires that are 1" thick - so even the best commercial product isn't as effective as we need for our applications.

The blue is another example of our research and development partner program - we worked with Fluid Freeride, the largest e-Scooter dealer in the United States, to create a sealant that is optimized for both high speeds as well as inner tubes.  This required us to source long fiber kevlar that allows for greater 'bridging' of a puncture, as innertubes are so thin and delicate.  

In any case, if you'd ever like to try our product, send us a message at armordilloz@gmail.com (EDIT: Use teamdilloz@armor-dilloz.com now please) and mention this conversation, I'll be happy to help you select the perfect product for your application and would be happy to extend a discount offer to any new customers.

Thanks for your interest,

-Cory Boehne

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I'm checking it out.  I tried Slime in bike and EUC tires and it was just making a mess and I was having a lot of mystery leaks and going through tubes, so I guess I decided it was worth paying more hoping to get something that works.  I have Red in an Mten3 and a V8F, and I bought some Blue for a buddy to put in an S18 and a Sherman.  On the bike I'm trying some Tannus tires.  If I have any more problems, I'll report back, so far so good...

OK at 900 miles the V8F had a small puncture.  I was at work ready to go home and noticed the tire was soft.  I could put 40lbs in the morning and in the afternoon I was riding home on 20lbs, did that for a few days.  So not a cure, but slowed the leak so I could limp home.  I'm feeling like I would have lost air much faster with Slime.

At 300 more miles the V8F had another small puncture.  Similar result, I could limp for a few days while I ordered a tube, but ultimately I changed the tube.  And the Mten3 has taken some knocks and no more flats.  I'm concluding:

TUBELESS tire:  Armordilloz is great insurance.

tire with TUBE:  Consider an insert / liner instead of a sealant.

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I have the blue stuff in my RS HS - but I haven't had a puncture to test it out yet, as far as I know anyway.

It is a bit of a  mission to get it in because of the fibres clogging up whatever you are using to inject the sealant.  But if it lasts the life of the tyre/tube then it is totally worth it.

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Armor Dilloz is an awesome product. Have used both green & red versions in multiple euc’s. I recommend getting the 16oz bottle so you have some to add at a later date. 

Great customer service and Cory is secretly Batman for those who don’t know. 

Will continue to support Armor Dilloz, thank you @Cory Boehne

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