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Super Coarse Grip Tape

Guest PogArt Artur

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Guest PogArt Artur

I've received today a greater coarse grip tape from eBay.

(It's been in Post Box when I came home @stephen ).
I'm off today,so I've replaced the previous standard grip tape...
I didn't cut out the stripes to fit the underneath original rubber this time.
I think that rubber is lessen the grip while its get wet, I'm not so sure about it, this is only what I think after riding in wet conditions...
I felt my shoes sliding a bit easier over the pedals, if it's rain...
So this time I've covered whole surface with the greater coarse grip tape.
I'm planning also fit three spikes (yes..,I decided to try them out @Rehab1 ) at each pedal (spikes on their way).
One at the front, one aside and last on at the heel spot (just few as you do @Scatcat ).
It's meant to give me some extra grip,in case the dirt will lay over the tape reducing the grip, so the spikes will give me that extra points to keep the feet in place why dealing with kerbs or anything unexpected.
Don't get me wrong.
I'm far away of bonding my boots to the pedals, and risking accident, by not being able to jump off the wheel in emergency.
The spikes are little ones, will be fixed at three spots only, nothing more than this.


*The two first pics are to show you the difference regarding grip tape.

The cut off pedal's shape is Super Coarse, it's placed on top of the standard grip tape's sheet.




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