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MSuper3 Stuck, PLEASE HELP


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Please help me, super frustrated, I"m in full tiltback with the Gotway MSuper3, having connection problems with the kebye gotway app ('network issues" which is bullshit, obviously) and Darkness Bot for some reason isn't working properly. I"m able to pair up my device and enter settings, and I keep setting max speed to something decent like 45 mph, and as soon as I start on the wheel, by 10 mph I go into full tiltback. I look at my settings and again, the max speed somehow got brought down back to 30 mph. it's really odd. In the past, only kebye's app would help free me from this massive headache, but now I"m really stuck

please help




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Gotway's server is down so that explains the app. (thread)

The tiltback reset may be a bug of the iOS app or with an app that tries to set tiltback (or some other setting) to a non-allowed value (like tiltback >48kph). Then the wheel defaults to some crazy beginner settings. So make sure Darknessbot doesn't try to set something the wheel does not like.

You can also use the old Gotway app if you're on Android. Link here under Downloads, direct link: https://forum.electricunicycle.org/applications/core/interface/file/attachment.php?id=11932

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