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  1. Thanks for your very kind email! Thanks for your very kind email!
  2. hELLO FELLOW RIDERS Please help me, super frustrated, I"m in full tiltback with the Gotway MSuper3, having connection problems with the kebye gotway app ('network issues" which is bullshit, obviously) and Darkness Bot for some reason isn't working properly. I"m able to pair up my device and enter settings, and I keep setting max speed to something decent like 45 mph, and as soon as I start on the wheel, by 10 mph I go into full tiltback. I look at my settings and again, the max speed somehow got brought down back to 30 mph. it's really odd. In the past, only kebye's app would help free me
  3. scary AF however these things really do happen a lot in Russia (something about the russians and their need to come crashing into things a lot). I'm new but took to EUCing super fast (I'm 47 in two months) on my gotway mSuper3. Just a few moments I was "flying" head up high at 45 MPH on a large avenue. I'm being hyper vigilant and all, but I thought, if something goes wrong, whether it's another vehicle coming at me or my wheel malfunctioning, I'm F-U-C-K-E-D. That helmet I ordered couldn't come too sooner, and I might start wearing leather gloves, too.
  4. so I'm gliding on home, nervously checking my DarknessBot's battery percentage. It said 16%. A few minutes later, I look down again and it said, 30%. I couldn't believe it. am I missing something here? Your newbie friend Rinco
  5. I'm Gotway Msuper3 soooo, on the advice of a fella on this forum I ran the Darknessbot this morning, after using Gotway's native app and here are some thoughts (and I'll admit, I haven't spent a lot of time with DB, for good reason-- read on) I had to reset the top speed thrice on darknessbot. with the native app, no need to do this. Otherwise, do I love DB's bright and informative panel, telling me battery life, and other cool stats? yes, surely. but my main preoccupation is my need for speed and I hate Darknessbot resetting itself to grandma-crossing-the-street speed. so what gives
  6. Riding in NYC is nice. I'm riding in Paris, which is cool too
  7. Hello, I'm using an iPhone X with my wheel, using the official gotway app and had a few questions: (1) I was told that if I set the tiltback speed limit at 45 km/h (or whatever the top speed is) I run the risk of the motor cutting out, while in use! (not a pretty picture). Any truth to it? (2) Seems like I often have to go back and pair the wheel and again reset the tilt back speed to a higher speed setting. Any idea why? Thanks Rinco
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