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antitheft GPS tracker


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After reading the thread about the stolen Dualtron IIEX in FL (my sincere sympathy to the owner, BTW), I did some googling for a tracking solution. There are gazillions. I bought one of these because they're very tiny, and connect the cellular network:

Mini Gps Tracker TKSTAR Anti-theft Real Time Tracking on Free App Anti-lost Gps Locator Tracking Device for Purse Bag Wallet Bags Kids Satchels Important Documents Luggage Compatible Android IOS TK901


Also a 30-day Speedtalk SIM card to try it out. I'll post a quick start review when I get it, and then a full review after I've given it a week or so of testing.

This should be easy to hide on my expensive PEV. For the price, if it works well, it's a win. If not, there are other already known good solutions that would require a bit more work to conceal (like in the deck, bring the antenna out).

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My pretty blond neighbour 24yrs has a stalker that's been following her around from place to place for 9 years ...she is married with 2 kiddies nowadays, but this big fat middle-aged indian man is always lurking around, hiding behind trucks parked in the street & in our local park spying on her ...we locals think he might have slipped a GPS up her fundament, after he rescued her off the streets as a 15yr old homeless runaway & took her home with him, cos he has had no problems keeping track of her ...hopefully the battery will go flat eventually, so she can finally be free of him :angry:

Update ...we locals :ph34r::ph34r::blink1::ph34r: are now stalking the stalker :ph34r:

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