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  1. stephenbadger

    Replacing a bad cell in a battery pack?

    mmm, new cells leave the factory 40% charged-up (storage charge) to minimise degradation ...my 2 cells worth, hehe!
  2. stephenbadger

    EUC tire management

    l remember my fathers generation changed their own car tyres & lit "clamped" vulcanising patches over punctures with matches ...not activities modern humanity is familiar with today, lol
  3. stephenbadger

    Airless tires

    Airless tyres are a new technology along with TUBELESS tyres ...airless tyres are hollow inside or "honeycomb" or foam sponge filled inside ...solid airless tyres are a pain in the arse because every bump vibrates the PEV & it falls to pieces all over the roads/footpaths, like the emicro ONE X1 & X2, ggrrr
  4. stephenbadger

    EUC tire management

    That hot-water soak sounds like a good idea ...however 10" & 11" TUBELESS electric scooter tyres are built very tough ...all l have heard so far, is that they are put on & taken off by machine, ggrrr People are buying "tyres on detachable rims" on aliexpress to avoid wasting time sorting-out which service centre/shop/agent has invested money in a "small tyre" machine. Some agents & customers are unaware of what a TUBELESS tyre is or that the latest electric scooters are fitted with them or how to repair a tubeless puncture.
  5. stephenbadger

    TNE Q4-V4 Plus

    Hi, no duties, but yes a NZ$52.67 processing fee & GST on the purchase price/shipping cost (US$105?) ...about NZ$1,300-1,400 l remember l think l estimated the total costs ...TNE e-scooters are slightly cheaper cos they bung their own batteries in them ...they are a leading international battery producer. TNE designed the prototype USA Luna Apocalypse electric scooter for https://lunacycle.com ...then copied the design for the launch of their own chinese e-scooter line ...now on their 3rd generation ...a chinese electric toothbrush importer in Auckland has sold a container-load of 1000W x 2 motor & 1800W x 2 motor & end of line discontinued 1500W x 2 motor TNE e-scooters ...BUT the money is in the TNE Q4-V4 Plus ...but nobody is interested in the fanciful opinions of this anaalist, lol Popular in France, TNE e-scooters make excellent wall-hangers or electric fly-killers after being taken out in the rain ...TNE are selling well in the middle-east arab states, no rain
  6. stephenbadger

    TNE Q4-V4 Plus

    Does anyone know what the controller amps are on this 52 Volt, 1300W x 2 motor, 10" Tubeless tyre, "munchkin blue" e-scooter ?? 2018 TNE-SCOOTER V4 Price List(3).pdf This pic is reversed like an old tintype photo ...the disk brakes are on the other side & the wheels are navy blue ...this model also comes in a 1000W x 2 motor option ...and NO it's NOT waterproof ...20A battery US$610 or 26A battery US$655, plus shipping on alibaba or email pattysales@tne-group.net ...TNE is very fond of direct bank/money transfers.
  7. stephenbadger


    If you're going to quote, click on this or these posters will breed like rabbits ...the latest model cheap counterfeit ROCKBROS bicycle bell off aliexpress is a good investment ...4 colours
  8. stephenbadger


    This the whole set of 8, courtesy of Mr Henry Tan https://scoozzi.nz ...if you can find a use for them, copy & donate
  9. stephenbadger

    On "uncivilized savages"

    I can think of a few poople that don't matter, ggrrr
  10. stephenbadger

    On "uncivilized savages"

    There are "savages" everywhere, the planet is teeming with them today & always has, probably always will be infested with amoral, immoral & violent "savages" ..."uncivilised" is a synonym for uneducated, ignorant, deluded & common ...politicians/bureaucrats often tend to be "uncivilised savages" or unethical/corrupt & the prisons are full of all varieties ...and they all feed on "sheep" & each other. 2 cents worth
  11. stephenbadger

    Is Dualtron the only high speed scooter brand worth buying?

    mmm, my dealer insisted & got my agreement to my new D3 being shipped with the hardest rubbers fitted ...this will be because of problems he's encountered with the many (cheapest option) D2 MX scooters he has distributed in NZ ...under or out of warranty, it make no difference to him, his time is valuable, he's learnt what works long-term & what doesn't. l take my D3 delivery next week, so l will start a new learning curve on my first Dualtron ...and NZs first D3 You are absolutely correct, l started out on 3 microscooters & yes, it's a very expensive journey ...researched & aimed straight at the best when l realised the direction this e-scooter craze was going l looked at Zero 9 & 10X, Nanrobot & TNE Q4-V4 Plus ...BUT l was worried l would end-up in serious trouble with water leaks, bits falling off & marginal backup service/parts. BIG e-scooters are starting to come in ...too early to say if or when there will be a crackdown ...but the pc NZ news media are behaving like rabid starving pigs at dinnertime, nothing surprising about that, fortunately for us, there is always lots of other news stories to fill the headlines ...so far we've been instructed to wear helmets & keep left everywhere.
  12. stephenbadger

    Collision with a cyclist

    Interesting ...l will read the whole thing when l have time ...l see it was last edited 18 days ago ...the NZ Government just announced the maori in prison numbers have worsened ...if l tried to suggest somewhere nice & safe to live it would be a struggle to find one ...we humans like city life & alcohol. mmm, l actually write & contribute to subjects relating to corrupt or repressive activities on Wikipedia ...at first glance the writers seem competent enough.
  13. stephenbadger

    Collision with a cyclist

    l feel sorry for the rest of you, if NZ is the least corrupt nation in the world ...underneath the surface NEW Zealand is as CORRUPT as anywhere else in the western world ...the NZ Police enforce government policies & ignore "law&order" whenever it suits them ...for example, if tree-huggers chain themselves to a majestic beautiful old tree, the NZ Police simply order "WorkSafe" not to attend ...and give the go-ahead for the scumbags with the chainsaws to dismantle/dismember the 3 & 4 story trees on top of the protesters heads ...part of the vigorous central government ordered campaign to make space to house another million rich immigrants inside the Auckland Super City. All the major government & business institutions are as corrupt as hell ...why anyone here would think they aren't corrupt is just effective government propaganda ...it's on the TV all the time, people are such sheep ...we've got a LOT of sheep here. The reality ...when no TV cameras are around, is as brutal & bloody as it can get ...a lot of violence, intimidation & property damage, ggrrr - stupid people-stupid places-stupid times doctrine gets trotted-out to me regularly, along with no stun-guns & no hurty hurty the little thug that finds an "old man" alone in the park late in the evening and instantly decides to attack him ...and yes, bullying is very popular here, l am the wrong person to try & bully ...and l always reply that people should be safe day & NIGHT in our park ...not just during the day when hundreds of old people, groups, kids etc are exercising & playing cricket, netball in "packs" for safety. got to run, my new Dualtron 3 has arrived in in the country ...oh joy, hehehe!
  14. stephenbadger

    Collision with a cyclist

    haha! well, from this end of the planet we refer to teenagers&young people taking time-out from their studies or after graduation, doing some globetrotting as their "OE" ...overseas europe It didn't occur to me that you lot on the other end wouldn't be familiar with the term.
  15. stephenbadger

    Collision with a cyclist

    Hi, surprise, surprise, a new neighbour l met with his boy & dog in the park last monday night has got one of these products ...l will give it some thought ...the PC brigade won't be too keen on a scarey "weapon" but at least nobody gets killed and that is a very big plus ...thank-you for your contribution to the discussion.