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  1. Hi, in NZ until about mid 2024 (if my memory serves) mobility scooters are up to 1500 Watts output & eeeeeverything else electric or electric assisted underneath the moped class is up to 300 Watts output ...so of course, everything that has more output than a Lime rental scooter is illegal ...the courts are on the side of the EV owners, so the police are staying out of it, since they lost a test case when a court upheld that a Segway is a mobility device. The annoying thing here is that e-scooters are illegal in bicycle lanes, when the road traffic here is murderous, ggrrr
  2. No, but the french forums might have one ...Dan in my e-scooter group has figured it out okay, he said the User Handbook is rudimentary & not much use ...ask him.
  3. My pretty blond neighbour 24yrs has a stalker that's been following her around from place to place for 9 years ...she is married with 2 kiddies nowadays, but this big fat middle-aged indian man is always lurking around, hiding behind trucks parked in the street & in our local park spying on her ...we locals think he might have slipped a GPS up her fundament, after he rescued her off the streets as a 15yr old homeless runaway & took her home with him, cos he has had no problems keeping track of her ...hopefully the battery will go flat eventually, so she can finally be free of him
  4. Bought 10 of these ROCKBROS bicycle bells from mainland China on Aliexpress ...my nitwit postman couldn't read my street number, so he sent it back to China instead of using my mobile phone number to contact me ...my parcel has been circling the planet for 6 months & the chinese bell company stopped talking to me ...service non-existent, waste of my time, ggrrr l ended-up buying 4 nice japanese Crane bicycle bells & they were delivered in a few days
  5. https://endless-shere.com/forums
  6. Update, just to clarify ... wepedscooters.com is actually run by a US based shipping?/trucking? company offering free delivery to american customers inside the USA ...they invite questions, but this site [US$3,499] is too expensive for people outside USA, because of the dollar exchange rate, additional shipping back out again, extra import fee & taxes.
  7. No, you can't take your hands off the handlebars on a scooter ...if you do you will eat road, a young man was killed here a few days ago because he lost control of his lime scooter & landed on the back of his head on the road ...l recently saw a video of a woman smacking her face into the road for no apparent reason, other than not paying attention. When, and l say when not if, l get fucked-up on my scooters, l don't think l like the idea of landing on top of it, because l am attached to it. Companies that encourage people to double up with kids & girlfriends don't impress me ...and l think that Kickstarter device invites people to kill themselves. Hold on tight & keep your eyes on the road, etc
  8. Hi, l'm recommending your website today, to a friend in Whangarei ...his chinese electric longboard no longer functions, 18 months after purchase no parts are available & they don't answer his emails ...perhaps unicycles are for him.
  9. Congratulations !! l would have bought it too, but l had already bought a D3 ...l'm waiting for the controllers to crap out, bad batch put in the spider, d3, speedway. l started up reddit.com/r/ElectricScootersNZ/ for auckland locals ...simply click on "join" & you're in ...lots of e-scooter groups on reddit, but always remember reddit is wacky, wild west & it can get a bit bloody. Did you buy your scooter from kiwihoverboard.co.nz or import direct from the factory ?? ...l'm surprised they didn't put a user manual in the box. There are people on the french forums that know the answers to TNE questions ...ask on espritroue.fr &or urban360.com Lots of people find answers on Facebook about chinese scooter brands ...good luck.
  10. Our NZ agent graciously agreed to supply me the X for NZ$9,000 with at least 50% deposit up-front & there would have to be other buyers in NZ before he would buy a parts-kit for a Warranty ...and l agree with others that these new age prototypes do cause expensive headaches ie, the Spider/D3/speedway controller failure debacle, ggrrr A friend bought a second-hand Jetsurf [czechoslovakia] with only 8K on the clock for NZ$10,000 from an importer (not a agent) ...after another 10K the ignition/controller won't turn on ...it's made out of sealed components & he doesn't know why it's dead ...nobody will help him ...a new controller shipped from Europe will cost over NZ$1,100 ...expensive wall-hanger.
  11. [to date] NO "weped" parts are available on shopping sites ...presumably we can ONLY buy tyres, controllers, etc directly from Weped in South Korea
  12. hello, Weped have set-up a global site US dollar vacuum-pump facility for the GT50E at wepedscooters.com ...free delivery Can't find any agents outside South Korea other than in the Philippines for gold ingots & freemotionshop in Canada selling the Mini R ...discounted on ebay A shipping container with approximately 28 GT50E has been unloaded by a freight company in the USA, according to recent published shipping data ...enjoy
  13. Falconpev sell replacement bushes for the wiring entry/exit hole for the 8&9, if my memory is correct ...but not the 10X ...so that would make it splash-proof, but back it up with glue or silicon.
  14. There are success stories ...the Emicro CONDOR 3 electric scooter uses an 8 inch EVO foam filled core inside its front wheel only ...and it is very efficient & robust ...swiss design ...won't save anyone from flying through the air like a giant meat-filled balloon after hitting anything 3/4 of an inch high though, SPLAT !! owwww micro are now producing a 2 seater electric car "microlino" ...BUT the company has the usual history of omitting to publish actual specifications for their electric products ...apparently the vast herds of the public don't need to know ...obviously this innovative measure cuts down on the amount of complaints. l recently saw a new stolid rubber front wheel drive e-scooter boasting an air-filled back tyre for a smoother ride ...the logic of trailing around a cushioned puncture-magnet behind the e-scooter escapes me
  15. That's a ZERO 10X ...your wife will be able to ride up onto your arse & do a BIG wheelie, with that beautiful sexy beast, lol ...52VOLT, 2000Wx2 motors, 25AmpX2 controllers. ...at ewheels called a Turbowheel LIGHTNING
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