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  1. There are success stories ...the Emicro CONDOR 3 electric scooter uses an 8 inch EVO foam filled core inside its front wheel only ...and it is very efficient & robust ...swiss design ...won't save anyone from flying through the air like a giant meat-filled balloon after hitting anything 3/4 of an inch high though, SPLAT !! owwww micro are now producing a 2 seater electric car "microlino" ...BUT the company has the usual history of omitting to publish actual specifications for their electric products ...apparently the vast herds of the public don't need to know ...obviously this innovative measure cuts down on the amount of complaints. l recently saw a new stolid rubber front wheel drive e-scooter boasting an air-filled back tyre for a smoother ride ...the logic of trailing around a cushioned puncture-magnet behind the e-scooter escapes me
  2. That's a ZERO 10X ...your wife will be able to ride up onto your arse & do a BIG wheelie, with that beautiful sexy beast, lol ...52VOLT, 2000Wx2 motors, 25AmpX2 controllers. ...at ewheels called a Turbowheel LIGHTNING
  3. YES, 8 1/2 INCH WHEELS IS VERY good & the new 2019 600Watt motor & the LG bATTERY Are new this year ...this is an upgradedx2 Zero 9 (TITAN), sooo l suppose it will have the very good 25Amp controller installed also ...l am a fan of the 2019 Zero 9 ...good choice !!
  4. l'm going to recommend the TNE Q4-V3 Plus ...comes in 2 options ...52V 1300W single motor or 48V 1000W single motor ...probably fitted with TUBELESS tyres/wheels too ...very cheap if you shop around ...a lot of mid-range scooter (sample) for small money on alibaba ...10 inch wheels !!
  5. Hi Ding, when l was a child l knew a young man called Boing, who was fathered by an american soldier. Yes, l know most people are "pig-ignorant" about NZ ...but l assure you this planet won't be big enough for them for much longer. l did NOT say cannibalism was going on up to or into the 60's in New Zealand ...if l thought you were a "troll" l wouldn't bother to respond, but you only get one break. Cannibalism was very reluctantly discontinued in NZ by about 1879, when the last rebel Te Kooti (Te Kooti's War) was pardoned in 1883 & allowed to retire. Te Kooti was fond of sending runners to his friends carrying 4 gallon kerosene tin's full of cooked european flesh topped-up with fat to preserve it. Those 2 phases are english "quips" ...[bob's your uncle] refers to a famous 1887 case of english nepotism ...[codd's wallop] refers to Hiram Codd's invention of marble-stoppered bottled fizzy soft drinks (soda's) ...wallop was a slang word for beer. "long pig" is the South Pacific Region description for human meat for consumption ...everyone ate people extending from Papua, New Guinea (PNG) and all the way around the pacific ocean islands to the Hawaiian Islands with only very rare exceptions ...2 or 3 by my count. l don't know what they call human flesh for eating in Africa ...probably 'dinner' ...human flesh tastes like pork, but it's sweeter & delicious ...practicing cannibals usually refused pointblank to stop ...a notable exception is Samoa which stopped the practice when asked the very first time. ...roasting hands & feet on sharp sticks over a fire was common, knocking a stray girl on the head & butchering her carcass for lunch was normal, killing 120 enemies or 50 slaves for a feast was, when asked by a journalist "what of it ?? ...it was our custom" ps. l had a look & noticed a report that cannibalism continued in the Pacific Region right up to 1974, which was later than my early research (pre-internet) had turned up ...if you or anyone is interested in learning more about this very politically-incorrect subject, simply type "polynesian cannibalism" into your search engine & have a good poke around ...there are a number of other sources ie. newspaper logs, govt, historical societies (journals & memoirs), etc etc BUT start there & you will end up everywhere, lol ...what occurred on the Chatham Islands to genocide/extinct the Moriori people was unforgivable in its savagery, BUT is simply one recorded example of a huge number of others stretching back into prehistory.
  6. hi, ABS brakes on a e-scooter vibrates all the nuts & screws loose ...so yes it stops you fast/straight ...but ABS brakes are NOT popular Yes, steering head play is unavoidable ...all, every single e-scooter that folds like that, gets some play. ...that same size e-scooter sells for $2,200 Sonic & $2,300 ZERO 10X & $2,500 TNE in NZ ...and the Dualtron 2 MX, 800Wx2 motor, 60V 18Ah battery costs $2,700 ...since you are only zapping to & fro, to & from your letterbox, sooo if you want your chinese? lithium ion battery to last 3 or 4 times longer ...only charge it up 80% or 90% ...only put it on the charger when it is holding under 25% capacity ...storage charge is 30% to 40% & usually recommended at 40% to 50% ...fast chargers are okay, BUT HOT BATTERIES are definitely taking some real damage ..."rest" your battery before & after use, so that the cells can re-balance. ...l just love it when eggsperts tell me charging does NOT hurt lithium ion batteries & they have done the research ...lithium ion batteries can ONLY endure a limited finite number of full charge cycles, ggrrr ps. l'm still waiting for an expert or anyone that knows the answer to answer my recent question over at the other thread, please thank-you ...Dualtron 3 lll battery quality
  7. One of my less intelligent posts bit the dust ...l've noticed a delayed icon pops-up indicating if a thread successfully loads or fails to load.
  8. hi, can't seem to load a post anywhere else, so l will dump it here, like a big wet steaming pile of shit l keep reading about people removing, then mutilating & destroying their Thunder & D3 (& TNE) TUBELESS tyre rims by prying off their punctured tubeless tyres, then having to buy new rims fitted with brand-new tyres to get operational again ...can't imagine how they are fixing those punctures, bicycle patches maybe ...BUT surely it is much simpler to carry a US$2 or 3 dollar aliexpress tubeless puncture repair kit, just PLUG the puncture & pump up the tyre again at the nearest gas station. Now a question for the experts, since minimotors doesn't explain it anywhere, including in my D3 users manual ...what on earth IS the controller setting Battery Save Mode P 9, 1:max save, 2:mid save, 3:no save ...exactly what the hell is it, that l'm saving ?? Am l reducing the charge put into the lithium ion battery down to 90% / 80% OR perhaps it is enabling me to stash some battery capacity in my sock drawer. I'm not a mindreader l'm going to need a hint at least ...what's the big secret ??
  9. Hi, l'd like to point out that the Dualtron SPIDER is advertised on ewheels.com with 2x 650 Watt motors & e-scooter motors are NOT ventilated ...last year 2 RAPTOR's got their stolid back tyres melted in Singapore?Philippines? by 2x 800 Watt motors X 25 Amp controllers probably mitigated by hammering the back brake-drum ...so the next production runs of RAPTORS had 22 Watt controllers installed. ZERO 9 (TW Dart) ...48 Volt ...2018 500W motor ...2019 600W motor both handle their 25A controller, haven't heard any complaints so far. ...don't know what 60 Volt ...2x 27A controllers would do to 2x 650W motors ...would the motor wiring be heavy enough gauge to carry the load ??
  10. l'm assuming you are already aware that the Turbowheel Dart is exactly the same as a 2019 model ZERO 9 (25 Amp controller for darting around, 600 Watt motor for longevity) ...the deck has changed colour too, that & 600W inscribed on the back wheel motor is how you can tell what you're looking at is indeed the new upgraded ZERO 9 from Titan Industries.
  11. 2019 TNE Q4 V3 ...1300W motor, 52V 18Ah battery, 10 inch Tubeless tyres ...a very cheap chinese e-scooter ...might find one in the USA ...you could buy one off the TNE company on alibaba or directly off the company if you get the sales rep email address off their YouTube videos ...sorry, l don't appear to have the pricelist for V3, but it's about US$500 plus US$105 shipping, l hope, lol ...alibaba offer security ...TNE e-scooters will be all over the USA Like a bad rash over this year ...they make their own lithium ion batteries, so they're a bit cheaper, a big company. 2 cents worth
  12. okay upgraded, so minimotors is now putting big chinese 59.2V 23.4Ah lithium ion batteries in speedway to keep up with the competition & presumably 800W x 2 motors & plus TUBELESS 10" Tyres ...BUT to produce 3600 watts maximum power it would need 2 seriously BIG controllers, if you do the math ...so what's the controller specs please ??
  13. Hello fellow Dualtron e-scooter owners ...Henry at scoozzi.nz has contacted me to advise that this new innovation "the fingerprint scanner" that some of us have opted for in NZ is malfunctioning & causing problems/not working ...he is offering to remove it, plug the wire-hole & reinsert the "bridge" inside the handlebar controller. I know in the big USA market the fingerprint scanner/fast charger were promotional freebies to stimulate sales, so lots of Dualtron owners have this device installed on their e-scooters ...is anyone else experiencing problems ??
  14. yes, yes, yes ...in a YouTube video the eggspert owner disconnects one grey wire on the left under the deck facing the handle-bars & it definitely works & unlocks the e-scooter, but only tested MOUNTED on a stand ...and in a 2nd YouTube video by Alien Rides sponsored by lastmilestore.com Sep 5 2018, the expert scooterist aaaaaalso disconnects a second wire on the right-hand side of the wiring looms ...and it also unlocks the Dualtron THUNDER for their speed/road-test (mmm, 2 controllers, 2 motors, 2 grey wires ??) Henry Tan the Exclusive/Sole NZ minimotors DUALTRON importer at scoozzi.nz should be able to tell you ...but l'm unsure whether he will be willing to compromise his christian values & rigid conformist politically-correct code of behavior ...you must have signed his famous DISCLAIMER with a Notary or Justice of the Peace to witness your signature & provided a photocopy of your Driver's License or Passport to have been permitted to buy a Dualtron THUNDER in New Zealand in the first place ...Henry must know all about the factory installed "governors" he puts into his imports, it was Henry that had the minimotors factory put those nice big noisey, off-road knobby mud tyres on your THUNDER, hehe! Henry is a nice guy, just telephone him & ask him ...he won't bite your head off, lol remember Charles, you promised that you were at least 28 years old & going to behave yourself & just scoot around in circles inside your own private backyard ...imagine Henry is a rabid ex-pat singaporean Chow Chow dog chewing on your toes, yapping "l'm hungary, buy me lunch, buy me lunch, buy me lunch, ggrrr"
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