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  1. The agent replaced Dan's TNE Q4-V4 Plus 4 times before Dan opted for a refund & bought a Dualtron 3 ...Dan won't know or be interested in anything more to do with TNE. You're not supposed to change the magnet setting ...it will be 10 or 15. Dualtron setting is Magnets P2 ...and P7 is Slow Start 5 on or 0 off.
  2. mmm, go on the Atkins Low Carb Diet & lose weight !!
  3. The problem turned-out to be since l was an early purchaser it wasn't in the handbook yet ...and then nobody bothered to tell me how to activate the fingerprint scanner ...l'm not a mindreader, ggrrr
  4. l will tell you a little trade secret ...they stopped producing high tech quality TVs a few years ago at the time plasma stopped ...LCD (LED) & Plasma (sports) used to support the pixel count (hd/full hd) with high picture frame replication (watts), colour guns, layered screens ...then it all stopped, no more research, no more competition ...now you just get the minimal basic frame count (60) that's transmitted onto a basic UHD high pixel screen, glued-in circuit boards, spare parts for a few months, every model circuit board is unique, so a repair man cannot mix & match ...no more pri
  5. Collectors will drool over the classics with all the curves ...but only the tubeless tyre models
  6. I suggest you leave the battery charge at 47% (storage charge) ...contact the agent you bought it off immediately for Warranty repair.
  7. Garrie now that you know the glorious Singapore Government has banned all PEV/EV including your beloved DYU do you advocate putting all the fascists in Singapore against a wall & shooting them ?? If not, perhaps you wouldn't mind too much if we send all of our fascists over to live with you on your beautiful clean island, where they can be nice & safe
  8. Good e-scooters don't come at reasonable prices ... usaminimotors.com will give a discount & free shipping to get a sale, tell him l sent you & what l said, hehe! ps. look regularly on your local internet auction/sale site ...people who are frightened of the monster they bought list them with a big discount
  9. u/InterstellarReddit ...l can see you asking questions on Reddit, but getting no answers ...addressing your concerns to is Mr Cooper Klinger on wepedscooters.com is an excellent idea, as you are protected under their Warranty. However, l suspect this may turn out to be the culprit responsible for what is annoying you about your new scooter ... Weped GT50E SPECS Max Speed : 45 mph ( limited in the USA to 15 mph via speed limiting wire ) ...should be 2 wires, 1 per controller, under the deck ...should be able to disconnect a connector on each wire. ...and that is my 2 cents
  10. BMW just entered the scooter market with the BMW City Scooter ....that's the WOW factor !!
  11. You can ask questions on the site you bought it on www.wepedscooters.com ...hopefully the english speaking man is familiar with how the product works. This bang, bang, bang on the accelerator is putting a strain on the resistors inside the 2 controllers. The torque P setting (battery save) appears to be completely missing from your P settings ...very strange indeed ...you're hammering the battery constantly. You can ask questions or sell the scooter on www.reddit.com/r/ElectricScooters/ (post that gif with a brief headline "heading") ...finding other Weped owners is a problem,
  12. l've been talking to Weped, so l'm going to assume you are too ...only just a guess, but sounds like inside your LCD throttle control it has been "speed pre-set" (P8 max output) for 15 mph & the torque setting (P9 battery save) is on 3 none, instead of 2 medium or 1 max ...&or you have 2 "grey wire" speed retard/limiting wires (15 mph) connected under the deck ...powerful scooter, going to take time for you to get used to it. ...l see near-new big e-scooters on our NZ online auction site Trademe regularly ...sellers are people that got a shock when they realised they were standing
  13. _ _ _ _ _ _ _ we're sick of walking, ggrrr ...there's blood in the water, the established order ie. minimotors, inokim & zero are taking a beating from the competition here ... some chinese manufacturers have reduced their factory prices on good sellers & new models ...oxo, d2 & ultra discounted $200 or $250
  14. Hi, in NZ until about mid 2024 (if my memory serves) mobility scooters are up to 1500 Watts output & eeeeeverything else electric or electric assisted underneath the moped class is up to 300 Watts output ...so of course, everything that has more output than a Lime rental scooter is illegal ...the courts are on the side of the EV owners, so the police are staying out of it, since they lost a test case when a court upheld that a Segway is a mobility device. The annoying thing here is that e-scooters are illegal in bicycle lanes, when the road traffic here is murderous, ggrrr ps. l
  15. No, but the french forums might have one ...Dan in my e-scooter group has figured it out okay, he said the User Handbook is rudimentary & not much use ...ask him.
  16. My pretty blond neighbour 24yrs has a stalker that's been following her around from place to place for 9 years ...she is married with 2 kiddies nowadays, but this big fat middle-aged indian man is always lurking around, hiding behind trucks parked in the street & in our local park spying on her ...we locals think he might have slipped a GPS up her fundament, after he rescued her off the streets as a 15yr old homeless runaway & took her home with him, cos he has had no problems keeping track of her ...hopefully the battery will go flat eventually, so she can finally be free of him
  17. Bought 10 of these ROCKBROS bicycle bells from mainland China on Aliexpress ...my nitwit postman couldn't read my street number, so he sent it back to China instead of using my mobile phone number to contact me ...my parcel has been circling the planet for 6 months & the chinese bell company stopped talking to me ...service non-existent, waste of my time, ggrrr l ended-up buying 4 nice japanese Crane bicycle bells & they were delivered in a few days
  18. https://endless-shere.com/forums
  19. Update, just to clarify ... wepedscooters.com is actually run by a US based shipping?/trucking? company offering free delivery to american customers inside the USA ...they invite questions, but this site [US$3,499] is too expensive for people outside USA, because of the dollar exchange rate, additional shipping back out again, extra import fee & taxes.
  20. No, you can't take your hands off the handlebars on a scooter ...if you do you will eat road, a young man was killed here a few days ago because he lost control of his lime scooter & landed on the back of his head on the road ...l recently saw a video of a woman smacking her face into the road for no apparent reason, other than not paying attention. When, and l say when not if, l get fucked-up on my scooters, l don't think l like the idea of landing on top of it, because l am attached to it. Companies that encourage people to double up with kids & girlfriends don't impress me
  21. Hi, l'm recommending your website today, to a friend in Whangarei ...his chinese electric longboard no longer functions, 18 months after purchase no parts are available & they don't answer his emails ...perhaps unicycles are for him.
  22. Congratulations !! l would have bought it too, but l had already bought a D3 ...l'm waiting for the controllers to crap out, bad batch put in the spider, d3, speedway. l started up reddit.com/r/ElectricScootersNZ/ for auckland locals ...simply click on "join" & you're in ...lots of e-scooter groups on reddit, but always remember reddit is wacky, wild west & it can get a bit bloody. Did you buy your scooter from kiwihoverboard.co.nz or import direct from the factory ?? ...l'm surprised they didn't put a user manual in the box. There are people on the french forums that kn
  23. Our NZ agent graciously agreed to supply me the X for NZ$9,000 with at least 50% deposit up-front & there would have to be other buyers in NZ before he would buy a parts-kit for a Warranty ...and l agree with others that these new age prototypes do cause expensive headaches ie, the Spider/D3/speedway controller failure debacle, ggrrr A friend bought a second-hand Jetsurf [czechoslovakia] with only 8K on the clock for NZ$10,000 from an importer (not a agent) ...after another 10K the ignition/controller won't turn on ...it's made out of sealed components & he doesn't know why it's d
  24. [to date] NO "weped" parts are available on shopping sites ...presumably we can ONLY buy tyres, controllers, etc directly from Weped in South Korea
  25. hello, Weped have set-up a global site US dollar vacuum-pump facility for the GT50E at wepedscooters.com ...free delivery Can't find any agents outside South Korea other than in the Philippines for gold ingots & freemotionshop in Canada selling the Mini R ...discounted on ebay A shipping container with approximately 28 GT50E has been unloaded by a freight company in the USA, according to recent published shipping data ...enjoy
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