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Gearbest Z10 - legit?


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28 minutes ago, maxkan said:

Gearbest have Z10 for 1750$. What do you think, is it legit? There is no warranty info...

I don't think the question is whether they are legitimate... let's assume you purchase the wheel and receive it as described... The 2 main issues are as you said, If there is a problem or issue that could be a warranty, how is that going to be handled, I have been reading instances of Manufacturers not honoring warranties of un-authorized sellers, and secondly, are you prepared to possibly receive a bill for the Tariff for an additional $437.50

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Jason at EWheels is getting in z's in the near future, I heard there may be a few in addition to the 25 (air freight) coming in in a few weeks in a shipping container... I personally can't see any reason to try to go anywhere else right now based on what my concerns are from above. Even if I can save a few bucks and guarantee I will not get hit with the tariff, having someone a phone call away that has a reputation to stand behind and go way beyond in resolving problems if there are any is priceless to me.

EXAMPLE: the 2nd to last ACMv2 EWheels had was shipped and expected here in Florida a little over a week ago... while en-route, the status didn't update. The buyer contacted Jason and the wheel was/is MIA, no one (FedEx) knows where it is... Before trying to get it fully resolved, Jason shipped out a new one (last one) and was received last Friday... 

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