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  1. Looks like Slyme doesn't do well against snakebite punctures. I was able to inflate the wheel but it starts losing air while riding, imho its better to properly fix it to be safe and not waste your time with that green stuff
  2. Somehow I got negative responses only the first couple of weeks when I started using the EUC. I guess when your skill increases its harder to give negative comment as you look so confident
  3. My 4 crashes on EUC: 1) Was texting during driving and did not notice a speed bump. Pain level: moderate 2) Decelerated too quickly so the wheel was overloaded and shut down. Pain level: moderate 3) Accelerated too quickly so the wheel was overloaded and shut down. Pain level: low 4) Was distracted and did not notice a pothole. Pain level: none. Not really a crash. I was able to run off it. Total loses (holes in them): 1 jeans, 1 hoodie, a pair of gloves, coat
  4. Well that's not a valid reason. I has nothing to do with device safety...
  5. His moves sometimes look awkward and clumsy, not very good at advertising. Also doing tricks at the pavement is bad idea
  6. 1) dont do anything that you wouldn't be willing to share 3) share everything that you do, if you want to do so
  7. Looking at that new wheel I started to have serious doubts about sanity of Gotway engineers. I'll probably pass on Msuper X, just to be on the safe side
  8. My 50% off priced black/white Bell Super 3R finally arrived. I used it today for the first time and its not that bad at all. I guess its as slim as you can get for a full face . Maybe I don't look that crazy anymore while riding along with the cars on public roads The only problem is its a bit cold in it as it has pretty good ventilation. Do you guys use any removable helmet sealant/foam for winter conditions?
  9. I disagree. Such videos MUST be posted. Some EUCs CAN go that fast. And not everyone (almost no one?) is able to constantly maintain control on that speed. People must be warned.
  10. Bump. Good topic for everyone who is buying wrist guards, I was 1 click away from buying the 187th
  11. Yeah giving it a second thought that acceleration at second 32 looks much more than 2x, but the speedometer is showing an increase from ~6 to ~12 km/h. I wonder if it was faked as an evidence of driving within speed limit? Maybe for insurance purposes?
  12. That video is falling at 17 km/h, he was almost able to run off it. 51 km/h must look totally different
  13. That stance is probably even more stable than the one with the thin wheel
  14. FYI guys sunandski have 50% off fullface Bell Super 3R helmet now: https://www.sunandski.com/p/7755063201705/bell-super-3r-mips-equipped-mountain-helmet
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