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Tips on how to learn riding the EUC for the first time


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O.K......so I got a chance to learn how to ride an EUC for the very first time using the Glide 3 and all I have to say is it is exhausting.

This is what I have learned from my first 3 miles of learning.

1.  DO NOT look down when you try to learn.  Always look up and straight ahead.  Even when you mount the pedals, DO NOT look down at the pedals.  Just look straight ahead while mounting the pedal because you cannot miss them.  You will learn quicker if you do not look down.

2.  Try to learn on flat concrete surface.  I tried on very low level grass field but it was so exhausting because the wheel make more sharp turns and I fall off the wheel much more often.  It may damage the wheel less but the higher friction from the grass make it harder to learn.


O.K....that is what I have learned from my first 3 miles.  Did not get much time to practice and learn.  I am so anxious to have more time on the wheel.  It is challenging but fun.  It is so much harder to learn an EUC than the Onewheel XR.


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Eureka!!!!  I finally know how to ride the Glide 3.  It took me about 5 miles on the Glide 3 to be able to ride it.  I was returning home from practicing at the nearby park at a basketball court and got tired and decided to quit and just pull up the handle and walk the glide 3 home.  On the way home and about 100 yards to my front door, I decided to do one last ride on the long street where my house is and wow.....I was able to ride it straight about 7 blocks without falling.  It just clicked.  So instead of taking the wheel inside my house, I decided to do more practice run on the street and I was able to go further and further without falling.  It is a great feeling.

Now I just need to master sharp turn.  I am able to slow down to a stop now.  Wow.  So much fun.

I only have about 6 miles on the Glide 3 now.  Time to increase it to 100 miles soon....LOL.


What I also learned today is that it is better to hold my arms close to my body.  At first I have my arms out for balance and I keep flailing them and this make me lose my balance more because I keep flailing my arms.  Keeping my arms close to my body actually improve the center of gravity and make it less wobbly and I was able to ride better.

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