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Inmotion V10 V10F battery protective case


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3 hours ago, YonWoue said:

Inmotion included glue + battery protective case in all new V10 and V10F to solve definitely the water ingress issues.

@YonWouecan you tell me who is making these ? is Inmotion distributing these for V10f owners? is it a local solution by inmotion France? 

how can we V10f owners get a hold of this solution?


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3 minutes ago, YonWoue said:

for now it's not available as selling as spare parts.

I am afraid I don't understand your sentence, I guess we are both not native english speaking ;)

can you tell me a bit more? 

When/where available?

For who are they made? How can you receive one?

thx in advance.. 



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The same Yonwoue, new created account as well in Paris, posted the above saying that it has been installed on all the V10 and V10F for some time by InMotion.

So I believe that he is working for InMotion and is here to 'deflate' the impact of the ongoing issue?

@Yonwoue, are you working somehow for InMotion? Just curious...


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@Fastmike, aka Go-go Gadget au roues!

yes "Inspecteur Gadget"! I'm working at Inmotion JUPITER with E. MACRON. I am also on the FR forum and I share an www.inmotionworld.com answer on this forum too.

It's a joke don't believe your overflowing paranoid imagination. ;-)

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