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  1. i had a look at them a year ago for my motor and EUC , I had contact with the vendor and manufacture but apparently they wouldn't work for EUC's, the explanation was somewhat technical and I forgot exactly why.. but falling of a motorbike is different then from a EUC.. btw not each time you jump of the wheel your airbag should be deployed, but it should when you jump of your motorbike , there are different systems at hands but the one here I think you are unable to refold yourself, other airbags you buy folding it and chasing the Aircan.. but maybe over the year things have changed? I would probably end up buying one if they would work for EUC's too..
  2. btw in the review of mr flex, you can clearly see his wider stance while riding on the S18, it seems as he is not using the pads at all ? I wonder if it has to do something with his footsize (they look rather big ) ? or that he was unable to adjust the screw? since they were doing a group review? I can't remember any of the three covering that topic either but that could just be me forgetting it...
  3. yep, to me it was clear that you could move the pedals up and down by adjusting a screw , but I keep on seeing people doubting and that is contagious , I wonder if I understood it right? But this will only resolve the ankle/pad problem, nothing to see with knee frictions problems, but the knee issue he is referring too will probably easily resolved by padding.. although I have to say I would prefer my knee not to touch the wheel (in my case this won't be a problem since I am 1m80) for easy manoeuvring ..
  4. in this episode he points out as the first that the wheel is probably not for people that are on the smaller side... because of the position of the knee against the wheel? I have no clue what size he is nor can I imagine that a chinese product is not taking in account smaller people? but besides the other good points that was something that got stuck in my mind after viewing this good review...
  5. well sometimes the music is better then the review... so not sure if you are always right
  6. I like every bit of my V10f and my KS18L I really look forward to the new V11 and KS18S , and I really can't resonate with all the negative vibes about wheels they even didn't test merely based on specs.. The need for extra speed and even more range or batteries is more a niche market if you ask me, I am quite happy with the speed I get on my wheels so far, but then again I am maybe not the daredevil as many are on here apparently , allthough I paraglide and kitesurf, ski at a decent level the whole of my life For the EUC community I can only wish that we get good products, products that comes with a good warranty , good safety and that governments belief in, so we can see the banns on euc's in countries lifted and been taking more serious by a wider group of people.. that will not work trough a never satisfying group of riders who wants more speed, nope it will come from a majority of happy riders that are sharing there joy of riding an EUC, and to all producers out there, I think they understand this need of conformity and reliability more then some of us, look at inmotion I think it's good they don't try to make the V11 much faster.. if you want to go faster buy a pimped up wheel at go to a track with it.. but don't annoy the bigger group by crashing and getting bigger and bigger injuries so the larger community will perceive EUC riders as irresponsible.. my 50 cent.
  7. i've riden a few times in antwerp , but didn't came across people, I know there is a bigger community in Brussels, see on facebook belgium wheelers, there you will get more response in regards to your question about Antwerp.. happy to see that your making progress keep practising and slowly increase your speed (alarms) if you feel confortable enough, but don't push it, learn to ride , anticipate, whobbles etc..
  8. Hey guys, after a tyre change yesterday I would want to clean my V10f outer hard plastic shells, they have some scratches but not too many, I wondered if people have experience in cleaning it? Did you use Wax? Simonis? or what would you advice to use to give it original shine look again? I have waxing gear.. but I know not all plastics respond well to certain treatments.. cheers CL
  9. it surely doesn't help to bring over emotions like excitement etc..
  10. Hmm, I just watched their show, I am relatively enthusiastic and although I have still some questions I am interested in how this V11F will perform... For starters I don't understand the negative comments here, we are on an EUC forum so why not cheer for any brand that is pushing forward our beloved EUC community, I see quite some new development over other brands and I am very happy that Inmotion is investing in the development of new features like the suspension, lights, engine power, a stand... And this was a marketing pitch for an audience, all the technical details are never in such a pitch, you would bore 3/4 of the audience, so be patient I am sure we will know much more shortly ! The V10F was for me an outstanding EUC, one that I still ride even when I have other EUC's , the riding comfort is awesome, having said this I hope the V11f will have the same riding experience .. I hear not enough speed? is 50 not enough? for some daredevils nothing is enough, but this is a product that we want to see on our streets that is reliable and that can take the EUC experience serious and to another level, speed shouldn't be your first concern unless you want to see EUC's banned everywhere ! In regards to design I can see that I really like what they have done with it... I am looking forward to the first reviews and experiences.. The range is is ok for most of us.. One thing I didn't hear is the weight of this new V11F ? If every manufacture of any EUC brand would be able to bring ONE new working feature to the market every two years, then the face of the EUC market would radically change in the near futur, so a big shout for trying and investing !!
  11. any news/idea on pricing setting? will this be a stepup compared to other similar range wheels? MSX Pro?
  12. Je opmerking over 18 inch klopt, mijn KS18L gebruik ik veel minder dan mijn V10F , maar dat komt grotendeels omdat ik geen grote afstanden mee doe op dit moment, en de V10f vlot inzetbaarder is tov KS18L een 16 inch is gewoon zo veel meer wendbaar en flexibeler in te zetten... maar om langere afstanden te doen on en offroad dan is die 18 inch dan weer veelzijdiger.. Ik blijf er mee rijden voor korte afstanden zelfs nu in de winter , maar gisteren was het bijna prijs, defensief rijden was gisteren nodig in het stormweer, ik reed niet sneller dan 10 a 15 km per uur en plots blaasde een rukwind me helemaal van de baan, kon snel voet aan grond zetten, in feite geen weer om te rijden , maar voor mij is het eerder een noodzaak als ik ergens wil geraken (knieproblemen) maar ik zou het niemand aanraden, de volgende keer blijf ik binnen
  13. Proficiat met je aankoop Steven, zelf hoor ik alleen maar heel goede dingen over de rijcapaciteiten van de nikola, zelf heb ik hem even overwogen maar persoonlijk vind ik hem los van het feit dat hij heel zwaar is ook onhandig in het opnemen/opheffen.. het handvat is gewoon te dik om handig grip erop te hebben, en wat me ook tegenvalt is de kwaliteit , ik had er eentje gezien die een paar weken oud was en hij zag er zo kapot uit... als je dat dan vergelijkt met een KS18XL die toch veel robuuster is gebouwd ... maar hij rijd fantastisch dus veel succes ermee, een prachtige aankoop !
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