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  1. The griptape is holding without problems, so I am definitely happy with the modification..
  2. Daarnet zag ik iemand rijden in Zandbergen (geraardsbergen) ? toevallig iemand die hier ook op het forum zit?
  3. I own both, and I can only say that I love both of them, but comfort wise I always go back to the V10f, since I find it more nimble and needs less muscles used to get it turning etc... but it's a different wheel 16(17) vs an 18 inch wheel is comparing apples to pears , I do find the V10f to be more natural choice for me, less effort to put in and more comfortable footplates... and if you choose the KS18L do go for the bigger footplates of the XL it's much more convenient, better etc.. cheers CL
  4. Thx for the input, I am trying out what has been written here, but it's not working out as described, even simple color schemes stop after a few seconds after you change them... The wheel is riding awesome so it's a pity it is not working as you would except, but I can live with it.. if I want to see the battery status I just have to log in with the KS app.. cheers CL
  5. Hello, this sounds a bit stupid I reckon, but I have my KS18L for a year, since the beginning I am not using the LED's schemes , I remember that I have activated those.. over the weekend I wanted to get back the Green LED indicator for the battery status.. But I can't seem to find it anywhere in the new app? I can put all color schemes on , like the spectra etc.. but how do you just switch on the green lights that shows how much your batteries are charged? BTW I had also various issues with the bluetooth on and off messages each time I switched on or of the mobile, but that one I easily resolved by reading a few topics about it.. cheers CL
  6. I had a look to this a uear ago and phoned some distributors.. an daccording to them it would not be compliant with a EUC .. Ibdont knos exactly why anymore.. i remember that it wouldn depmoy in some cases on a EUC.. The same applies for airbag vests for motorcycle purposes.. again several distributors told me they wouldnt work.. and in this case i am only discussing the ones without the strap/leash.. ones with a strap would work but that means it would be deployed each time you loose your wheel.. even when you dont crash.. Hope this helps Cl
  7. well that's an interesting feedback , and my questions were maybe not clear enough let me elaborate and let me go over point by point : 1. don't understand the first question : Possible outcome due to electronic or mechanic failure of EUC? Well, in another post we discuss that people tend to ask what price the EUC cost, how far, how fast and a lot of times the answers you get back is, I won't dare to ride it, it's dangerous, then I often reply it's like learning to ride a bike... But a lot of people reply yeah but it is technology , it can fail and then you'll crash hard at high speed.. In that case I don't know what to answer honestly since I never had a problem with my EUC's, hence my question to the larger community. If your EUC fails what was the outcome? No crash since it simply was faulty by turning it on? Some EUC's I have seen get tiltback and stay there without being able to resolve the problem, again this is not leading to a crash , hence a safe failure.. That's why I stipulated the different probable outcomes.. if the community (larger group) answers then we can see what the possible outcomes of failures are and give feedback to strangers when they ask us the question :" Yeah but what about when the electronics fail?" 2.EUC failure is a possible but minor reason for crashes, which makes spending time on thinking about it less interesting. That is an awesome feedback, one that I am very happy with, but maybe that's your opinion based on stories.. but I am not sure if it really is the case.. it's just your feedback , hence a poll.. the link you provided to the new post is excellent, but it's from 2017 and most new chosen models are not on it.. cheers CL
  8. No real interest in this Poll? Has this been done before ? Or is something lacking?
  9. very recognisable, it all comes down to the price these days.. the most heard question, or remarks : Wow that must be expensive.. !!! what is the price..? And after a while it get's boring I answer often : they come in all prices and colours Sir : yeah but this must be really expensive.. hmm it is one of the more expensive ones, it has a big range and high end speed, this is a more high end wheel Sir but you can learn on much cheaper ones.. Yeah but what is the price? Depending on when I rest or not, or if the guy seems genuinely interested I feel like continuing the conversation but the "PRICE" question get's annoying.. Not the experience, not the new green commuting style nor the fun factor wins in general.. But then you get those amazing conversations like I had a few days ago, where you end up talking to the guy for a half hour or so , which is very rewarding for both..
  10. oh man that second clip is awesome and brings a smile to my face Loki is indeed very playful but more importantly you all look very happy and all big smiles on your faces , awesome ! My australian shepherd is today 9 years old ! I should make a clip/video to celebrate this.. let me think about that
  11. good to know and hint ! my first poll here, so I didn't know you couldn't skip.. I try to implement "none of the above... "
  12. I only think about real life scenarios or things that really happened to you.. or that was the initial idea behind the poll, hypothetical ones that didn't occur to people are less interesting for the poll.. Feel free to elaborate, but the poll is more simple , but if you mean that I missed out on some scenarios feel free to advise and give input It's not about my poll but ours.. , it's about learning and since I had no real big crashes and I only rode about 1200 km's the last year I am sure other people have more input.. I am not sure if I can add lot's of other scenario's to the poll (for instance I couldn't add an extra poll, I was limited to the 4 , which is fine by me ) I am happy with such good forum anyway...
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