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Why i'm switching from Z10 to MSX

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Z10.. Probably the best wheel to teach people on..

Fantastic slow speed control, and really tries to keep the rider upright, useful for learning on.

Unparalleled offroad

Fantastic build quality

Handle and Mudguard work great (even though they detract from the look)



?Carving at any speed above say 15mph (25km/h) requires this uncomfortable split leg riding style that just isn't enjoyable. (See the attached image)


I've not ridden an MSX, but i've ordered one (from Speedyfeet).. I'll be keeping the Z10 as my go-to learner wheel (and retiring/selling my Tesla and E+).


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The Z10 has its unique riding behavior. That's neither good nor bad, just how it is, a different but great option for people to choose. But I understand your reasoning. I would prefer the msX behavior as well. Minimal input for the desired result vs. the heavier leaning into one does on the Z10.

Try not to hit any hidden roots at speed when you test it:efeebb3acc:

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4 hours ago, Simon Feenan Vans-Colina said:

I've not ridden an MSX, but i've ordered one

Let’s talk about switching after you have ridden the MSX and can really compare the two wheels. Ordering things and riding them are both great fun, but still two different experiences. ? Hope to hear more from you about riding the MSX.

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