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  1. Toshio Uemura

    I just ruined the tire of my Z10 :-(

    🙏 thank you. Do you know where I can order that? 😃
  2. Toshio Uemura

    German Discussion Group

    Vielleicht schenkt mal einer den zuständigen Bürokraten ein altes Ninebot, damit sie in die Apotheke um die Ecke fahren können, um sich ihre Schlaftabletten, die sie diese Tage für den Büroschlaf brauchen, kaufen zu können. Dann bräuchte man nur noch einen Ausdruck der finnischen Regelung als Handzettel zum mitnehmen in der Apotheke auslegen.
  3. Toshio Uemura

    I just ruined the tire of my Z10 :-(

    You don’t own it until you dis- and re-assembled it. 🤣 Hope you get some new in-sights for all of us. And trust me: it can be fun to disassemble things once in a while. 😉 But the thing with the power button really is awful. Could probably have happened to any Z10 owner. Thanks 🙏 for taking the fall for us. I will take super care for that power button next time I check my tire pressure. By the way: Mine turned on once behind the driver seat of my car, because something on the rear seat accidentally came in touch with this super sensitive button. Had my Z tire spinning wildly and ruined my floor mats. Luckily it happened while loading things in my car not while in traffic. Maybe someone will come up with a simple solution, like a snap-on part made of pvc or a hard rubber or soft plastic cover that also acts as additional water protection for the switch and doesn’t spoil the overall looks of the Z too much ... ... someone ...anyone ........ pleeeeeaase?!!
  4. Toshio Uemura

    First electric unicycle

    The E+ was my first wheel. I had lots of fun with it and I still have mine for occasional slow-speed nostalgic strolls in the park or neighborhood. I would never sell mine. It‘s a great wheel and a looker.
  5. Toshio Uemura

    Z10 voice settings

    Wouldn’t it be even better for your confidence if you YOURSELF became Yoda and chanted in any voice you like: „The force IS with ME!“ each time, you press your power on button. And a beautiful Chinese 🧚‍♀️ fairy confirms this fact to you in her emphatically practiced voice: Th‘ Brew Toothhhh .... suckkthessfullly! The chances that - in time - this could become reality for you are so much better then the chance that Ninebot employs Master Yoda itself as a voice actor for their power buttons in any near future.
  6. Toshio Uemura

    Z10 voice settings

    Well, at the end of the day this all boils down to a matter of taste. I do not need my girlfriend or boyfriend or the Queen of England or Hannibal Lecter (Sir Anthony Hopkins) to tell me that my Bluetooth connection was successful. This friendly Chinese voice does the job and ? I love her. Here in Japan we here these Japlish voices everyday. They are part of our culture. And the world has more languages then just English with or without perfect accent. Let’s be happy that she does not say: 藍牙連接成功!
  7. Toshio Uemura

    Cop stopped me to ride my euc

    The days, that firearms discharged, when you fell on them are over, or so I heard ... wistle! The only thing that was in danger here was the wheel itself, I suppose, and not because of his gun. ? But yes, when they meet next time let’s propose swapping: you get my EUC to practice, I get your gun ... to practice! That whould probably be much safer for everybody involved. ?
  8. Toshio Uemura

    Cop stopped me to ride my euc

    Better be careful! When the cops get too excited about this, they might soon chase us with their own EUC squad, and leave their clumsy panda cars in the garage, ? I just hope this brave and open minded cop doesn’t get disciplined when his superiors see him on YouTube.
  9. Toshio Uemura


    Beautiful ride! Thanks for sharing. Loved the music!
  10. Toshio Uemura

    German Discussion Group

    Ist bei unseren EUCs die Lenkstange nicht die „Stange“, die die Fußpedalebene bildet? Wir lenken doch und halten uns doch mit den Füßen. Im Notfall muss man eben einen Handstand auf seinem EUC machen, um den Bürokraten anschaulich klar zu machen, wo die Lenkstsnge bei einem EUC ist. §1 (1) 2 könnte man also für erfüllt ansehen, falls da im offiziellen Wortlaut nicht nachgebessert oder genauer definiert werden sollte? Oder täusche ich mich. Ich kenne einige Motorräder mit unterbrochenen Lenkhebeln (sprich: unterbrochener Lenk“Stange“). Ist es verboten, ein Motorrad mit den Füßen zu lenken?
  11. Toshio Uemura

    German Discussion Group

    Fahr ich morgen mit meinem Z10 oder lieber mit dem Tesla? ...., oder doch lieber mit dem MSuper? ..... Fahr ich den halben Tag im Schlosspark oder doch lieber den ganzen Tag Off-road in den Bergen ... jetzt, wo der Taifun Nr.24 sich endlich ? verpisst hat und das Wetter wieder toll ist? Berge? ... Oder Schlosspark? .... Boahhh! ............... Meine Probleme möcht ich haben! ... pfeiffff
  12. Toshio Uemura

    Instead of 5 Ninebot Z10 , you can get this for $10,000

    Well! Taste is a strange thing and beauty is not to argue about. A sense for beauty you either have or you don’t. It’s that simple! With people who find dogs like these cute, we can not argue, we just have to silently shake our heads and feel a little sorry for them.
  13. Toshio Uemura

    Instead of 5 Ninebot Z10 , you can get this for $10,000

    ???THeeeee MOST UGLY vehicle I have seen in the last five years. ??? If I would win one I would pay the delivery boy to bring it to my worstest enemy. ???
  14. Toshio Uemura

    Advice for beginners

    If your purpose is just commuting almost EVERY DAY and using the SUBWAY (in Germany), I would go with the scooter. (Even though the EUCs have the higher fun factor AND draw more attention), for your purpose the scooter will be safer and you may get less harassed by police and/or station staff. And especially since this is your way to school, you don’t need such harassment, what you need is a convenient and safe way to commute. Please also consider, that with an EUC you need to wear some protective equipment. Telling you otherwise would be irresponsible. So my advice: Get the scooter for commuting. AND safe up for an EUC later, just as a hobby. And a year later, once you are confident with your EUC and riding it around people and trolleying it in subway stations, you can then decide which suits your purpose best.
  15. Toshio Uemura

    Downhill with your EUC

    Great advice! But I love ❤️ bombing downhill until my eHorse beeps frantically. ? ??? This is the one and only way to get 60 to 90 km/h of speed out of almost any wheel without cutoff. (Just joking! Don’t try this at home!!!!) ?