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  1. Schön wär‘s, wenn unsere Autos noch „brummen“ täten. Aber mir scheint‘s, die Zeiten sind lange schon vorbei. 😝
  2. One question: Do you have a basic insurance (like the ones that cover drone accidents and damage)? If not, I would strongly recommend to get one. It’s about 29.000 Yen/Year and as long as you don’t cause any deadly accidents it should cover most eventualities and might well give you another „joker“ (out of jail card) 😝 with our lovely police 👮‍♂️ Looking forward to your next video.
  3. Well, the biggest lesson here is: Guns do not belong into the hands of average citizens. Even our police here in Japan does not carry guns most of the time. Everybody may snap once in their lives; but it makes a big difference if you have a gun at reach in such a situation or not. And looking for the right solution to avoid such outcome by analyzing and focusing on the escalation/de-escalation of conflicts is just one aspect. With guns it’s a bit like with this pandemic. The more people have this virus, the more dangerous it is for all the others. So believe it or not some of the basic equatio
  4. How to make your Z10 sound like a Harley Davidson. 🤣 it‘s easy!
  5. Klingt ziemlich nach Abstufung, findest du nicht?! 🤣
  6. Es gibt immer Abstufungen im Leben! Bei uns gibt es zum Beispiel an Ampeln „hellgelb, gelb, eidottergelb, orange, hellrot, schamrot, rot, dunkelrot und blutrot. Bei blutrot sollte man dann spätestens auf die Bremse tippen. Aber ich fürchte das gibt es bei euch In Deutschland auch alles nicht. Chigai ga Wakaru Otoko (違いがわかる男) heißt das bei uns: ein Mann, der die feinen Unterschiede kennt! 🤣
  7. Wenn du mit schöner Regelmäßigkeit 50 km fährst, lohnt es sich vielleicht auch über einen Sherman nachzudenken. Der ist zwar auf der teuren Seite und ist ziemlich schwer, bietet dir aber gerade dadurch, die notwendige Geschwindigkeit, so dass es dir beim täglichen Fahren solcher Strecken nicht so schnell langweilig wird und du dich nie um Batteriereserven sorgen musst. Ist allerdings kein Anfänger-EUC und in Deutschland sicher am weitesten hinter der Illegalitätsgrenze. Aber bei euch ist ja alles in der Richtung illegal und ich habe den Eindruck, dass dich dass nicht unbedingt von einer Probef
  8. This explanation makes a lot of sense to me. If you step into the road you leave the safety of the walkway behind you and if something comes toward you however slow speed, something that surprises you, you try to get out of the Road back to the walkway where you felt safe in the first place. That is even more true for older people, who don’t drive vehicles anymore and therefore can’t judge speed and direction of movements that well.
  9. This kind of attitude (I call it Road Darwinism!) is one reason for accidents. In my opinion, the driver (rider) of the more powerful, potentially more dangerous vehicle, always has more responsibility in traffic. Just blaming old people or kids or dogs or (quote) “bloody pedestrians” is no excuse for a careless behavior in traffic. I believe, if you hurt a handicapped or drunk person you shall be held responsible even under German laws. So why should it be different on an EUC! Just go the extra mile and stop ✋ if you see the slightest chance that you could hurt someone. https://www.youtu
  10. Isn’t that what they call “Wishful thinking” 🤔
  11. 320 km/h for the investment banker in his Bugatti Chiron and 020 km/h for the bourgeois on their e-scooter. No future for Shermany! 🤣
  12. I am sorry 😐 That was not my intention at all. 😇 I apologize, if what I said, has offended you. Let’s better focus on our common interests such as riding our EUCs. May be it is my bad English that makes native speakers misunderstand, what I am trying to say. My bad. I hope you accept my apology. 🙏
  13. I rest my case and go riding. The weather is perfect today. 👋
  14. I am not on Twitter nor Facebook nor any other social network. Problem solved! Instead I read several local and international newspapers of all political and religious Couleur (in Japanese, English, German, French ... and I am working on my Arabic and Russian, but it is not good enough yet to read newspaper articles In these languages. So I use translation software for information from these countries. ) And doing so it is quite obvious that Arabic extremists, German Neonazis and certain American and Chinese groups have more in common then they would admit. So they might as well start grou
  15. Let me help you. Right is where your thumb is on the left, and left is where thumb and index finger form an “L” when you look at the back of your hands. 🤣
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