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  1. I was 24, when I set foot on my first EUC a while ago ... whistle 🙃
  2. I'm moving away from declaring "Best Of" wheels. What a wise choice. 😝 Have hopes but never expectations, then you may experience miracles but never disappointments.
  3. The mere thought that any of these things could ever be „safe“ or even „safest“, I consider most unsafe and bound for mayhem. If you need safe, make sure you know nothing about them. The less you know about your EUC, the safer you feel! 😝
  4. It’s not at all a crazy speculation. Last year I lost my new Tesla this way, because I wrote a day too often in the rain and water has crept inside or pooled up somewhere. Most wheels are not as resistent to rain and wet conditions as their commercials seem to promise. I had no problems with my Z10 in the rain so far.
  5. I don’t know how much speed you are looking for when commuting to work, but if 40+ km/h is enough for you, the Z10 is a great and reliable wheel on and off road. It is great for tricks and very stabil on any terrain. Great build quality, great design! If you are looking for higher speeds then go with the MSX or the Nikola.
  6. Did you, by chance, let him try out your Nikola+ and let him ride it for a while? I am asking because I recently had a faceplant on my old Ninebot E+, that I love to take out for a Sunday stroll in the park once in a while nostalgic as I am. It happened in the first 2 or 3 minutes of mounting it and accelerating „as I always do“ and I believe it happened, because I got so used to the power of my Z10 and MSuperV3+ and the other strong wheels. Your body adapts easily to a stronger wheel, but taking it down a notch seems to be not that easy. So if he was on your Nicola + for a while it might have made this little difference in his perception of: "you know, a lot of times I'll do this...."! Just a thought 💭
  7. Yes. Such features would be great. They can leave the design as it is. It’s perfect and timeless. So let’s hope for the best and see what Santa Clause will bring us.
  8. Wow. Just wow. I am speechless at that talent 😮. My knees can barely handle a curb drop, and here’s this guy jumping off buildings and nailing it with with no protective gear 😮. Yeah. This guy must have a whole squadron of angels flying around and watching over him. Some people are just awesome 😎
  9. Have you ever looked into the Agressive Street Skating Forum? Chances are high you haven’t. You would find enough material for new laws to get inline skates banned from public streets. 😝 https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=X4lxR-lfssw My point here is: Most people only look into things they are interested in. There are probably few pedestrians or EUC ambivalent people sneaking across this forum and watching our speed limits. And for EUC riders speedometer overlays offer invaluable information on the wheels we ride and their limits. And isn’t that a purpose of our forum to share all kinds of information on our hobby with others. Basically every video you post riding an EUC in the public domain at ANY speed incriminates you because EUCs are not allowed in traffic or on sidewalks in most countries. They are treated as toys and supposed to be ridden in our backyards or driveways..
  10. I hope so. Last week I just ordered myself a second brand-new Z10 (for Sundays and Holidays only). So I would hate it, if a Z10Pro came out this year. 😂 but ... but ... but ... next year! I would love to have another 10-15 km/h of speed more on the Z10 and a bit more power on grassy hills in the mountains. Hope the Z10Pro will make that a reality. What features are on your wishlist?
  11. Will we have to wait for it as long as we waited for our very first Z10 after Ninebot released their first teaser commercials?! 😭 🤣
  12. Have you asked the “guy” why he wants to sell it? Knowing his reasons for selling a Z10 would be important to me.
  13. I bought mine in July 2018. Imported it directly from my dealer in China. Never had any issues or accidents. Just ordered myself another one here in Japan to have a spare in case they would ever stop producing them. It’s a great EUC, the one that rules them all. Couldn’t be a day without my Z10. Just for reference: It cost me 187.000 Yen (approx. 2.300 CAD) brand new. So 1500 CAD sounds like a good deal. I guess it depends on the reason the previous owner wants to sell it. Some people buy things they can’t handle, some people sell shit that is broken. If you can afford a 1500 CAD gamble buy it. If not, go the extra mile and get a brand new one. The Z10 is definitely worth its money.
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