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  1. From what I’ve read so far this is what it really boils down to, the MSP is £150 cheaper than the KS16x and faster, so my gut is telling me to go with this as I’m worried I might outgrow the KS16x and regret not getting the MSP Personally that would be my choice as well. But I think you can not go wrong with either of these wheels. I guess you have seen this comparison of the KS16x with the MSX (100V) by Chooch here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=MUQJ6rrVHSA He has ridden both wheels extensively and it might highlight the differences for you, if you haven’t seen his video yet. But my impression from what you wrote above is, that you are aiming for speed and thrill. So the MSP might be the wheel to go for. If you plaster it up well with enough foam strips, it should survive the first few months of learning without too much damage. But please make sure, you also invest into some good protective equipment at least for your head, hands and knees. You are going to invest into a powerful e-horse and you will regret riding it without the right protective measures, trust me. Finally, I want to share a private conversation that I had with @Marty Backe a while ago, when I was contemplating to buy the MSP. I really like the MSP and how it rides. Love the tire that Gotway put on it too. A bit softer than the MSX tire so it makes for a very nice ride, IMO. Although clearly not as fast as the MSX, I was comfortably cruising at 32mph (~50kmh) just last week. It will certainly feel much faster than the Z10 and much more powerful (2500watt motor). But if you want to comfortably go 60+ km/h than you really do need to get the MSX instead. Note that Gotway is making special MSP's that have the higher speed MSX motor. EWheels in the United States is selling them and there is a European dealer also selling them. You would have to find a dealer that has them. These are the fastest wheels ever made (faster than the MSX) and would easily meet your speed criterion. Marty So this special wheel Marty is talking about here, the MSS (MSuper Sport) may also be something, you might want to look into. But I don’t know if you can get your hands on one? Since I could not decide, what to order at that stage, I waited a little longer for someone to come up with the perfect wheel, a wheel that is super light and easy to transport, as beautifully looking as the Z10 or KS S18, with a 200+ km range, adjustable suspension and the capability to go 100+ km/h within 3.2 sec. And of course a red airbag carpet that Is rolled out in front of you in case of a cutout. 🤕 But of course this wheel is still 🤫 up in the stars. But meanwhile came the Sherman and I decided to go with that for now. 🤣
  2. Many in this forum will agree with me: with EUCs it is a bit as with potato chips - one is not enough! First of all your skill level increases (there is a steep learning curve involved), then there are a few new sensational wheels every year. And they really get better and better but they still all have their flaws. So what @Tasku says makes a lot of sense to me. My first wheel was the Ninebot E+ and I still have it and teach friends and family how to ride an EUC. In my experience it takes people 3 Minutes (a skier and inline skater) or an hour (a girl who can ride a normal unicycle) or up to three days (a friend, who never did any similar activities) to be able to ride your first kilometers without dropping the wheel. And they all soon wanted something faster and bigger. Then came a Kingsong and the ACM but the wheel I really learned riding on was the MSuper V3s+ (the one with the faulty control board and the oscillation issue) It felt very heavy at first, but you will grow into these heavier wheels. So the MSX or MSP might well be, what you are looking for, even though it is not a beginners wheel. So if you have the chance to learn the basics with someone, who is willing to help you learn on an old banged up wheel for a few days, take it and then grow on a heavier wheel. I myself love the Z10 a lot. It is really well build, looks aesthetically awesome 😎 and is a lot of fun. It is fast enough for most people But it is not for everyone, since the riding characteristics are very different from most other wheels. And then of course there is the aspect of what you are going to use your new wheel for. If you plan to use it for commuting go with the KS16X or the V11, if you want it more extreme go for the MSX or MSP. I was very close to order me an MSP myself, but then I bought the Sherman and it is the best wheel I have ridden so far, but probably too heavy to be practical for many people. I am happy to have my other wheels, especially my Z10 for everyday trips to the convenience store.
  3. Mit dem Kauf von Einrädern ist es ein bisschen so wie bei der Anschaffung eines Rassehundes. Wenn man meint, man könne bei einer Anschaffung in dieser Größenordnung ein paar Euro sparen und in der Zoohandlung statt bei einem seriösen Züchter kaufen, muss man sich in der Folge lange Zeit mit den Macken und Makeln seines Wonneproppens herumschlagen. Bei einem EUC gilt für mich: Das beste ist gerade gut genug; und nur beim Händler deines Vertrauens kaufen! Man vergisst gerne, dass man hier der Technik blind seine körperliche Unversehrtheit anvertraut. 100 vermeintlich gesparte Euro können, wie beim billig erstandenen Hundchen später schnell ins Geld gehen oder einem zumindest die Freude am erträumten Kauf versalzen. Ich leide aus eigener Erfahrung mit dir! 😝
  4. https://www.biblegateway.com/passage/?search=Deuteronomy+32%3A10&version=ESV
  5. This may be a bit overkill, but it is probably worth looking into it for riders who already suffered injuries and need some extra protection. With the Sherman now being out on the streets it might be worth thinking about an airbag system like this when touring in high speed traffic (which I don’t suggest to do 😝!) Guys who have the bucks to buy a Sherman, can and should probably spend 1/3 of the wheels price for safety equipment. I already ordered myself a new helmet and some cool gloves 🧤
  6. It’s probably a California thing! In Japan the snow boarders do this a lot: get themselves lost in the mountains and valleys, then call the helicopter in for their free ride home.
  7. Does that mean it is an adventure when you have a 50:50 chance to get home unharmed or better even alive? Or at what survival rate exactly does the “adventure” start for us EUC enthusiasts? I always thought of EUC riding with all its potential hazards and its well-temperate danger as a kind of “extreme sport”. I wonder: Do we really have to make it even more extreme than it already is by having a couple of helicopters on stand-by? I thought that’s what only back-country snow boarders were doing! But the lesson I learned from this is to have at least one friend or family member be aware of where exactly I am planning to go and give him a call all 3 hours or so. And if this call does not come, have him search for me and pick me up (with a crane 😝) or call for help.
  8. And don’t tell me in the UK it means „Queens Consent“. I knew that!
  9. That’s what all of the guys, who are pasting the stickers, think, some even insist, it would mean „Quality Control“ but in fact it means QuacktaCular - Something that tastes as good as a duck, but doesn't quite reach the high standards of ducktacular (DC) as in Washington DC.
  10. Definitely! We can see it on @Marty Backe‘s face how exhilarated he his on every ride with his Sherman. Bet he missed his Sherman dearly on his last trail ride. I wonder how the Sherman would have done in the quick sand they had to cross. 🤣 Maybe Marty will do a second challenge of this trail this time with the Sherman.
  11. Didn’t know they do any. I always thought someone at the end of the production lines just put a little round sticker „QC passed“ (QC = Quacktacular - Something that tastes as good as a duck, but doesn't quite reach the high standards of ducktacular.) on every wheel not knowing why and what it means. 😆
  12. Backcountry Essentials Anyone traveling in the wild with his EUC should always have the following: The willingness to complete the total ride well within 70% of the wheels battery capacity. A topographical map of the area, preferably with compass or GPS. Information about recent weather conditions. The knowledge to use and apply the above. Proper riding gear and first aid kit (Chooch Tech has a good video on that on his channel) Some extra protection against heat/cold and rain. Enough food and water. Friends to ride with, and preferably someone who knows exactly where you’ll be going. 😝 Cell phone (with battery power) or other means of communication; extra battery. The ability to say no when conditions look bad — people are often more difficult to handle than weather, wheel or terrain.
  13. “a bit ...”?! This had the potential to end differently ...! But @Marty Backe is a real pioneer. Let this be an important lesson to all of us, so that these two didn’t put their lives on the line for nothing.
  14. Reminds me a bit of the release of the Ninebot Z10. Keep people waiting, the longer the better. They will be desperate. 😝
  15. Riding with you is SPARTA pure! ⭐️ ⭐️ ⭐️ ⭐️ ⭐️ 🌗 5 stars for dramaturgy, suspense and film making 5 stars for recklessness 5 stars for taking just enough water with you on this trip 5 stars for the guts to call 911 in time 5 stars for the California emergency services 🚁 and the ranger 5 stars for your wife’s patience (hope she hit you with the rolling pin upon return!) 5 stars for the both of you to have survived this. ... and the half moon is for your orientation skills, planning skills and other missing Boy Scout skills 🤣 Enjoyed this one a lot!
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