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  1. Is it that bad?! Woww! I didn’t expect Ninebot to be soo everybody else. Yeah, unfortunately that’s China. Regarding QA, they still have a lot to learn. Hope they soon realize how important quality assurance is for international business. Hope they start supporting you better for the sake of US riders. 😊
  2. It’s such a wonderful wheel. Please don’t discontinue the Z10. A lot of folks in the US would suffer from such a decision.
  3. The weather had been very unfavorable this year. Unbearable heat, then lot‘s of Taifuns, ☔️ rain and rain. And I have been horribly busy recently. Not even time to read and write here in the forum. But let‘s see: Here is were I went over the weekend. But I didn’t take any videos. 😐 Sorry!
  4. It’s like Marty says: You own it, when you fix it!
  5. Fortunately it is not a frequent issue! But shit happens. Take it easy, but take it. I suffer with you. It is a drag. Reminds me of me waiting almost one year on my new Z10. Hang in there. It’s worth it. 😊
  6. For now we are taking on bicycles, but it won’t be long ... a few years from now, some of us ... the brave ones ... will leave motorbikes behind ... 😝
  7. I have been riding my Tesla now for over a year, while I was waiting for the Z10 to be released. Never had any issues. It is a beautiful, fast and agile ride, very powerful uphill, so I would not worry too much, as long as you don’t ride at extreme speeds. You probably will not regret your purchase.
  8. Jikan ga tateba wakaru! ? (Time will tell!) https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=z7XlZlaykxk
  9. ? thank you. Do you know where I can order that? ?
  10. Vielleicht schenkt mal einer den zuständigen Bürokraten ein altes Ninebot, damit sie in die Apotheke um die Ecke fahren können, um sich ihre Schlaftabletten, die sie diese Tage für den Büroschlaf brauchen, kaufen zu können. Dann bräuchte man nur noch einen Ausdruck der finnischen Regelung als Handzettel zum mitnehmen in der Apotheke auslegen.
  11. You don’t own it until you dis- and re-assembled it. ? Hope you get some new in-sights for all of us. And trust me: it can be fun to disassemble things once in a while. ? But the thing with the power button really is awful. Could probably have happened to any Z10 owner. Thanks ? for taking the fall for us. I will take super care for that power button next time I check my tire pressure. By the way: Mine turned on once behind the driver seat of my car, because something on the rear seat accidentally came in touch with this super sensitive button. Had my Z tire spinning wildly and ruined my floor mats. Luckily it happened while loading things in my car not while in traffic. Maybe someone will come up with a simple solution, like a snap-on part made of pvc or a hard rubber or soft plastic cover that also acts as additional water protection for the switch and doesn’t spoil the overall looks of the Z too much ... ... someone ...anyone ........ pleeeeeaase?!!
  12. The E+ was my first wheel. I had lots of fun with it and I still have mine for occasional slow-speed nostalgic strolls in the park or neighborhood. I would never sell mine. It‘s a great wheel and a looker.
  13. Wouldn’t it be even better for your confidence if you YOURSELF became Yoda and chanted in any voice you like: „The force IS with ME!“ each time, you press your power on button. And a beautiful Chinese ?‍♀️ fairy confirms this fact to you in her emphatically practiced voice: Th‘ Brew Toothhhh .... suckkthessfullly! The chances that - in time - this could become reality for you are so much better then the chance that Ninebot employs Master Yoda itself as a voice actor for their power buttons in any near future.
  14. Well, at the end of the day this all boils down to a matter of taste. I do not need my girlfriend or boyfriend or the Queen of England or Hannibal Lecter (Sir Anthony Hopkins) to tell me that my Bluetooth connection was successful. This friendly Chinese voice does the job and ? I love her. Here in Japan we here these Japlish voices everyday. They are part of our culture. And the world has more languages then just English with or without perfect accent. Let’s be happy that she does not say: 藍牙連接成功!
  15. The days, that firearms discharged, when you fell on them are over, or so I heard ... wistle! The only thing that was in danger here was the wheel itself, I suppose, and not because of his gun. ? But yes, when they meet next time let’s propose swapping: you get my EUC to practice, I get your gun ... to practice! That whould probably be much safer for everybody involved. ?
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