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  1. Toshio Uemura


    See! And this is how the addiction starts! And the diZs will spread all over the country. Better call the WHO before it becomes pandemic. 🤣
  2. Toshio Uemura

    Ninebot Z10

    I just couldn’t resist riding the Z inspite of the rain. Look what happened! 😃
  3. Toshio Uemura

    Should I order the Z10 - I am a newbie :-)

    I can confirm that. You can make penny turns on the Z with no effort. (See my earlier videos). Riding backwards and on one leg is very easy too. So this heaviness is not your enemy; it works for you, as long as you are not trying to go down steep hills on one leg (backward or forward 🤣) I am not so sure anymore, if (for an adult!) the Z10 would be a bad wheel to start learning, as long as you put it on a short leach (like a suitcase belt) so its beauty doesn’t get wasted. But if I had to start all over again, I would get myself an old cheap ACM or E+ until I had gotten the basics and then straight up to the one and only Z.
  4. Toshio Uemura

    Should I order the Z10 - I am a newbie :-)

    Marty is one of the 1000 Arabian Knights! He loves his harem and is planning to enlarge it, I think 🤔💭
  5. Toshio Uemura

    Marty and Duf LIVESTREAM! Sunday September 8th!

    I meant more like this kind of jousting: it really looks fun. May be we start a Japanese version of this below OSAKA Castle. 😝
  6. Toshio Uemura

    What is the minimum protection you wear?

    I think they are the savest (if you put terrain into the equation). Otherwise it might be the 🛴, but I would not exchange my EUC for a scooter. 🤣
  7. Toshio Uemura

    Z10 hill climbing ability

    I am engaged now: I have my Z10. Don’t need any other wheels! It’s called true ❤️ if you don’t look at all the other beauties out there. You may soon understand ... (whistle) PS: I keep the other wheels for friends, visitors and family to learn and upgrade step by step.
  8. Toshio Uemura

    New Inmotion V10 (V8 Fast)

    With the MSuper V3 and the Z, I use my old proven E+ valve extension. It works fine. No 😓 💦 sweat.
  9. Toshio Uemura

    Z10 hill climbing ability

    Same here for the break assist. I felt somehow indirect like having less control. That’s why I turned it off and never used it again. And yes it is a 67 Volt ACM. My third wheel after the KS16. It gets me up a bit further then the other two but not to the top.
  10. Toshio Uemura

    Z10 hill climbing ability

    Even with this weight advantage that will definitely make a difference in the final climbing 🧗‍♂️ angle, I still have the comparison to two other EUCs (Tesla, MSuper v3s+) that make it up this hill and three others (KS16, NBO E+, ACM) that don’t make it up this hill with a reference weight (62 kg) and a “reference” hill (the one you see in the very back of the foto). It does not look that steep from a distance, but it is quite steep. And in this comparison the Z10 feels torquewise a bit behind the Tesla but quite close to what it feels on the MSuper. I don’t know however how this translates to weights over 80 kg. I have not yet experimented with the brake assistent. It didn’t feel right the one time I used it, so I switched it off and never used or tried it since, but it might be useful going down steeper hills. I will try occasionally. But today it is raining heavily.
  11. Toshio Uemura

    Z10 hill climbing ability

    A bit too much, ... but still fly weight class! 🧚🏻‍♂️ (62 kg) 🐝 And I agree: going downhill on the Z10 is not as comfortable as on the Tesla, but you get used to it. It’s probably because I am imagining what could happen if this heavy guy runs away underneath your feet and escapes down the hill on its own. 😝
  12. Toshio Uemura

    Z10 hill climbing ability

    This is not the steepest of hills, but I regularly climb it with my MSuper, my Tesla and now the production Z10. All three wheels get up there without problems. I feel the Tesla is a bit more snappy (powerful) on this hill, but the Z is the most stable. So I am really looking forward to your hill climbing test. But I think, you will not be disappointed next time.
  13. Toshio Uemura


    No not by chance and neither on purpose, but I will definitely look into getting one now that you mentioned it. So does that mean other sticks do not create this illusion of invisibility? I thought it had to do with the camera and it’s blind spot and not with the stick. I was going to use this one: Manfrotto 2 in 1 Monopod & Pole: http://amzn.to/2vPJBWu (did i mention it can be used as a monopod as well???)
  14. Toshio Uemura


    I am still waiting for my “Insta360 ONE 4K” to be delivered, should arrive in the next few weeks. These 360 cameras are so nice.. a real progress in amateur videography. This summer there is either wind or rain I had no chance yet to get my MavicPro up in the air. 😢
  15. Toshio Uemura


    Almost as good as a drone! Rofl 🤣 and probably much easier to handle. But why is everybody so dead serious? Isn’t anybody using music 🎶 while riding? It is so much fun!🤗