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KS-16S, Turning off the beep


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A new KingSong wheel comes speed locked. It will not allow speeds over 20km/h. After a set number of  km  you can unlock the wheels speed limiter. You can turn off the first two alarms in the app. The last alarm can be set to 34 or 35 km/h.  The last alarm can not be turned off. The last alarm is telling you that is you go any faster you will fall flat on your face because the wheel can not go any faster.  The wheel can only keep you balanced if it can go faster than you are currently going.  

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9 hours ago, qmrichardson said:

Is it possible to turn off the beeping that occurs at higher speeds? It's really bothersome.  Thanks for any help...

You can set voices to „On“ ..then you have a voice alarm instead of beeps on the 3rd alarm...and 1st and 2nd are off when voicealarm is turned on! But you cant get rid of the 3rd alarm...it always will have beeps or voice.

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