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Ninebot One Z Not Charging


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Took the Z10 for a long, high speed ride of about 30 miles on constant beep. The first 20 miles or so was mostly at max speed and short 30-34 mph burst with the wheel in it's 4th beep. The rest was gradually slower due to lowering battery level. After the ride, I had dinner and got home about an hour later.

Tried charging the Z10 and it will not charge but will still turn on. When the charging cable is plugged in, the led indicator stays green on the charger and no activity on the wheel battery indicator. Checked the output voltage of the charger and it was ok. I then decided to open up the side cover to check the battery connections. While opening the side cover, I noticed that it was still warm. When the cover was removed, the armor plating on the battery pack was even warmer. One pack was blinking red and the other was blinking blue, they should only blink red when charging, so somethings not right.

Remembering the same issue with the One S1 not charging due to high battery temperature, I decided to disconnect the XT connectors and let the battery pack cool. A few minutes later when the pack felt cooler, I reconnected the XT connectors and tried charging, and it was charging!

Some observations: The complete battery pack has lots of thermal mass. If it gets hot, it's going to take a while to cool down. Battery pack has armor plating where it press against the cover. The battery pack is composed of two packs and they take turns powering the wheel at predetermined interval.

TL;DR Battery got too hot to charge, took almost two hours of waiting before it can be charge.

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