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  1. It should be UN 3091. Please share your cost for shipping with FedEx
  2. U1 and U2 on the driver board are Allegro ACS72981 current sensor. It should be bidirectional 100A or more. Not sure about sensitivity and supply voltage. The pictures with “burnt” sensor is the conformal coating overheating and turning brown. Not sure if the solder between the sensor and the pads melted and got disconnected. Possible causes for the current sensors to overheat are short in the motor, poorly applied thermal interface material to the heatsink, and poorly designed pcb footprint and traces.
  3. Do you have a PIN lock setup on your wheel?
  4. Rotciv

    s1 accessories?

    The S1 is a good starter wheel, it’s the wheel that got me started. The pads and the stand are probably the accessories I would suggest. Depending on your location, you should be able to find them at AliExpress
  5. It seems that the original sounds are store in W25Q32BV flash memory. I think other data such as mileage, activation date, etc. are also stored in the flash memory. Perhaps @MRN76 can help on how to dump and program the W25Q32BV flash memory.
  6. Has anyone figured out how to revert to the original factory sounds?
  7. When you get on the Z10, your first impression will be that this wheel just doesn't want to turn. You will also feel that slowing down while going downhill is very weak and going across an incline is a struggle. Those are just new things that you have to relearn with the Z since you're coming from a KS16S. Once you've become familiar with the Z's riding dynamics, you will not realized how effortlessly it is to ride until you go back to your KS16S. Here's @RoberAce showing how Z riders perform high speed turns: I personally think Ninebot will eventually bring the One Z to the US but not through independent dealers. They're playing it safe, US has strong consumer protection laws with very vocal consumers that have access to lawyers. There might be certifications that Ninebot would like to meet, UL and CE might be some of them. Since they just release the One Z in EU, they might have received CE certification.
  8. @Marty Backe can you check the resistance between all 3 motor leads? I wonder if the insulation on the windings degraded and caused a short thus blowing the fets.
  9. Can you make a video? Maybe it thinks the handle is lifted.
  10. Congrats! 🍾 It’s a joy to ride once you get used to it’s riding dynamics. I would suggest you establish your proper tire pressure. The Z10 doesn’t need much pressure, start around 24-28psi.
  11. So after a week of testing different methods of fast charging my Z10, here are my observations: The BMS has thermal cutoff, letting it draw a lot of power (W) and it will get too hot and will cutoff charging At 500W/8.5A I can charge for about 30 minutes before cutoff At 470W/8A ~1 hour before cutoff At 440W/7.5A it will fully charge and balance the pack A pack that was used to ride ~30 miles can be charged until CV phase in less than 2 hours Since I usually have several hours between long rides, I've decided to stick with 440W/7.5A charging. Luckily, my smaller Wate 5A charger is also adjustable and I was able to push it to 7.5A. I might be putting more work on the the transistors, but they are not even reaching 50°C. When I get a chance, I'll find out exactly what model transistors they're using. I've been using the 5A charger at 7.5A for several days without issues. Size comparison between the 10A, 5A, and standard 2A Ninebot charger: Potentiometer to adjust the 5A charger to output 7.5A during CC phase: Here's a pack that was used for 27 miles, start of charging until CV phase is 1:25
  12. After around 200 miles with this firmware, no issues and my fault message above has been resolved.
  13. If the tool @MRN76 made can write sound files to their proper memory location, it should be able to read and copy the factory sound if it hasn’t been replaced? Someone who haven’t replaced their sound can try the tool and extract the original factory sounds? @MRN76 Может ли ваш инструмент скопировать и сохранить оригинальные звуки с панели управления?
  14. Any link to the Russians making battery packs for the Ninebot Z? I wonder if the cells can be oriented vertically when the wheel is laying on its side and use heat shrink wrap instead of the plastic enclosure.
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