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  1. Rotciv

    Ninebot one Z10 braking

    Slight squat and leaning back works well for emergency and rapid downhill braking with the One Z
  2. Rotciv

    insta360 x latest edition ?

    It seems we ordered on the same day 10-10 but mine has not even shipped yet. No email regarding being shipped or tracking number. Post some euc videos ASAP ?
  3. Got this message a second time today with my One Z10. Noticed it last week and didn’t think much of it. The wheel still works without any problems ? This was last week. Noticed I was moving about 7 mph when I took the screen shot.
  4. Rotciv

    Z10 Milage

    Did 38 miles on mostly flat bike path today and both batteries still have 41% charge at the end. I think it was mostly from my recent weight loss; down to 168lbs from 170lbs ? and going at painfully slow 8mph ? I think it’s possible to get 50-60 miles on a charge with the Z10, but the caveat is you can’t go faster than 8mph
  5. Everyone should provide feedback via the app every time the app is updated or a new firmware is released.
  6. I’m not a lawyer but here’s my take after a few minutes doing my research: -Dallas City code 32-8 states a person commits an offense if they drive a motor vehicle in any park or recreation area. No mention of electric bike, epamd, electric wheelchair/scooter -Texas Transportation Code section 541.201 define motor vehicle as (11) “Motor vehicle” means a self-propelled vehicle or a vehicle that is propelled by electric power from overhead trolley wires.  The term does not include an electric bicycle or an electric personal assistive mobility device, as defined by Section 551.201 I’d say any tickets for riding your wheel can be won in court. Keep a copy of the judgement with you while riding around the park.
  7. Rotciv

    Z10 curb climbing

    This guy can bunny hop the One Z
  8. Rotciv

    Broken Z10 Trolley Handle

    Probably tried using the trolley as seat ?
  9. Rotciv

    Ninebot One Z : Z6-Z8-Z10

    That’s a very interesting observation that I need to try. I always mount and dismount with my right foot. Tried my left foot with other wheels but never felt comfortable. I’ll try mounting the One Z using my non-dominant foot and see how it feels.
  10. Rotciv

    Ninebot Z10 - power supply Charge Doctor mod

    It’s the same 120W charger for the mini plus
  11. Rotciv

    Ninebot One Z : Z6-Z8-Z10

    Top speed is the same for the U.S. 1.0.2 and Chinese 1.0.0. You can push them pass 30+ mph for a second or so, just respect the beep and watch out for the cutout. No load top speed just before cutout is 38 mph
  12. Rotciv

    Ninebot One Z : Z6-Z8-Z10

    I disagree with that statement. I only have about 2000 miles combined riding on my One S1, 14S, and the One Z10, but here are my reasons why I think the One Z has plenty to offer. The slow speed agility is better than any of my other wheels. It can perform 360s and figure 8s without any effort on very tight spaces. It can also go at walking speed without having to twist your body around for balance. I think this is a big advantage to anyone that’s just learning to ride. High speed stability on rough roads is a lot better than my other wheels. The One Z tends to just roll over bumps and potholes without being fazed. Well engineered machine. There’s a lot of thoughts put into making the One Z. From the aluminum cladded PCB for better heat dissipation, to placing the battery pack inside the wheel/motor cavity to keep the top and bottom weight distribution almost the same. Aesthetic is another offering the One Z has. I think everyone agrees that the One Z is just a beautiful wheel.
  13. Rotciv

    Ninebot One Z : Z6-Z8-Z10

    Received my One Z10 from @Jason McNeil and here are my observations compared to the other One Z10 from a Chinese reseller: -Tire air pressure was 32 psi. Reduced it to my ideal 26 psi -Firmware is version 1.0.2. The other One Z10 has 1.0.0 and saying no new firmware available ? -Pedal angle calibration doesn’t stick. Tried to calibrate with different angle and will always default to 1° tilt back after calibration. The other wheel will calibrate to what ever angle I want.
  14. No matter how old they get, they will always be your babies ?