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  1. My son weigh 29 kg, and the Z10 weigh 25 kg... He can weave through pedestrian on the sidewalk or in the park, but the wheel simply weigh too much for a child to control at higher speed or perform emergency actions. So, I would suggest only let him play with it occasionally, but thats only my opinion.
  2. It's really depends on how brave you are... and your perception of easy. Z is difficult to really jump without mods, but typical curb isn't too hard to just ride over, it's a big wheel.
  3. No, I don't know, it's gonna be a real pain to replace tire yourself.
  4. Turbocharged

    Z6 or V8?

    Get a Z10 for the fun of it or keep your V8 for practicality. Z6 lacks dual battery system. It’s not as safe. And it’s not much of an improvement over V8 performance wise but weigh nearly twice as much, and not nearly as convenient around town as a commuter V8 is. V8 is still one of the best all around wheels.
  5. I still prefer low to mid 20s, weight 82kg
  6. So, don’t try to learn EUC on Z... can’t ride anything elses
  7. The magic number is 40 degree C in current firmware if I remembered correctly. You have to wait till it cools down befor Z will start to charge. It may change with FW updates, which is long overdue in my opinion, later on
  8. In fact, it is relatively easy to learn on a Z, it’s low center of gravity and stable wide tire all make it easier. But keep in mind that Z is a EUC of its own class, its riding charactis are very unique. If you learn on a Z, you will have difficulties adjusting to most other wheels. Even ninebot is known for its build quality, a 50 lbs wheel is heavy and you can crack the shell more easily. And heavy wheel is more dangerous when it crash into something or even worse, someone... A ninebot S2 with side pads is still one of the best for learning. It’s safe, built extremely tough never breaks, and even after you mastered the techniques and bought powerful wheels, you will still go back to a S2 from time to time.
  9. Sure I will forward your request as user feedback
  10. For current fw, there is no switch to turn the system notification sound on or off, but there is a volume slider, I never tried to slide it all the way down, I’d like to keep a low volume, so I know it’s been switched on or off, and it’s important to know if the spin lock function is activated, I always wait for the confirmation sound before I really lift the wheel up. The sound effects are very pleasant. And don’t worry about the warning volume, all warning sound are not affected by the volume slider, and remains at the maximum, But it’s still hard to hear sometime when you are riding fast and the wind noise is too loud.
  11. For 1.0.0 fw, it doesn’t reset brake assist anymore.
  12. I know, but then anyone else can connect to it... I don’t like that... Made a prank the other day, connecting to one other guy ‘s Z and played a short engine explosion sound on his wheel...
  13. Bluetooth is on by default, I wish I can turn it off, I don’t want to play my voicemails via my wheel, but since it’s not password protected, if I don’t connect to it, basically anyone can connect to it at will... and play whatever embarrassing sound ... you should see a “ninebot” under Bluetooth search.
  14. Then good chances you will like it off... I keep it off most of the time.
  15. @Marty Backe Did you try out the Brake Assist option, some find it helps going down constant downhill slope. It was designed to give the rider a better posture in such situation. Feedbacks for this function varies among Z owners, you may like it.
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