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buy EUC without battery for very low shipping cost


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The cheapest EUC costs 80$ in China (inclusive battery) (see alibaba.com). but with shipping and taxes we pay 320$ in total in europe. Why? because there is a high energy battery pack in it and thus it cannot be sent with normal post service of the countries (too dangerous). It has to be sent with special shipping company like DHL, Fedex,.. which are very expensive (they even ask money for SHOWING (!) the product to customs apart from custom taxes and shipping cost).

Wouldn't it be possible to send the EUCs without batteries so that they can send it with normal shipping for +-30$ instead of +-150$ (it will arrive in 3 weeks instead of 3 days but that is no problem)? Unconnected batteries (even in big amounts) can still be sent with normal shipping.

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I'm pretty certain that Jason McNeil was able to place an order for some batteryless wheels so it should be possible for other dealers to do so through Gotway at least.  I don't know about battery shipping regulations though. If it were that simple most dealers wheel makers would be doing it most likely so there must be some catch. 




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