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Gotway ms3+ vs Kingsong KS-18L


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Hi everyone... I was wondering about these two.

Looking at pictures of these two the msuper appears to have a beefier tire than the KS-18L. According to preliminary specs they should both use 18x2.5 inch tires. Then how can the msuper look beefier?

Are my specs wrong?

Will the 19x3 inch tire thats on the MsuperX be much beefier than the current msuper tire? It already looks beefy and doesn't look like it needs to be bigger. Maybe it's a marketing thing. I suspect it could be the rim (motor) is wider on the gotway and makes any mounted tire wider than on for example the kingsong.

Thanks for reading /a

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The Msuper has a noticeably smaller body, so it’s no wonder the same size tire looks beefier. Once we see a photo the both are in, the relative sizes will start to make sense.

I think the 19” x 3” tire on the MsuperX could make the overall wheel size approximately the same as the 18L.

The MsuperX with it’s hard pedal mode might be a beast like no other on rough trails. I wish I had the guts to get myself a Gotway, but after last year’s disasters? I don’t think so.

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