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New member from Spain... possibly purchasing a KS-16 B today!

Pablo C.

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Hi! It's a pleasure to find such a good virtual place to share experience with other EUC riders... I am Pablo, from Spain, and hopefully today I will close the deal for a used (but in good shape) KS-16 B 840Wh EUC (only 300 kms on it). It will be my first one... so I cannot find and have it here to start learning!

I was initially planning to go a bit cheaper and get a Ninebot One E+, but I decided to make a mid/long-term purchase. Because it has already happened to me in the past that I end up buying two or three products and, in the end, it will become more expensive. So, here we go with the KS-16 B... hope not to regret during the learning stage ? hahahaha

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Hi! Get wrist guards for yourself, and also don't forget to protect the wheel a little - the first outside ride will scratch it up the most, so don't wait until after the first big scratch:efee47c9c8:

Definitely an upgrade over the E+. How much did it cost you?

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Thank you! Although I have experience with roller in-line, skateboard, surf, snowboard, ski... Now I am 35 years-old, so not falling like I used to do when I was younger. So your advice, @meepmeepmayer, is highly appreciated ?

The price was 600€, which I consider to be quite good here in Spain considering how the market of the new unicycles is right now. Also, the second-hand market is not so big here, so not so many alternatives really. I hopefully get the KS here on thursday, so promise to give feedback about my learning-adventure!

(By the way, when I get it and start playing with the mobile app, connection and parameters... Could any of you say which is the most stable/best firmware version to install to this EUC? Or if going with the latest one in the app, everything should be fine? Thank you beforehand!)

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9 minutes ago, acevalsl said:

Hola Pablo, si necesitas alguna ayuda, yo soy de Valencia. Saludos

Hola! Por ahora no te puedo ni mandar mensajes privados, de lo novato que soy en este foro ? No me ofrezcas ayuda tan gratuitamente, que tengo que aprender a andar, a configurar el monociclo... muchas cosas! jejeje No me digas que tú también tienes un Kingsong...

(Sorry to the other members for posting in Spanish, but my profile is soo new that I cannot even send private messages! hahaha-)

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