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  1. is v1.09 stable version? only with new Kingsong app someone update and test?? thanks
  2. hola, yo la uso y me va perfectamente con una 16s y iPhone x
  3. 1.05 work fine and apparently not different drive
  4. Pedals problem can be mode selected. Noise is normal in ks.
  5. si, un ks16s, pero uso monociclos hace tres años. no te preocupes por aprender. te envío un privado y si necesitas algo me pasas tu teléfono o tu email y te ayudo.
  6. Hola Pablo, si necesitas alguna ayuda, yo soy de Valencia. Saludos
  7. ups... my wheel work fine. I installed from android 1.47 version....
  8. You can Now install 1.05 in ks16s
  9. I have WheelLog but can not change ks16s to 40km/h
  10. kingsong say it is false. not exist this firmware
  11. KS say open firmware update functions next week, but not speak about new firmware updates ............
  12. Update app but same firmware 1.03...........??
  13. We need a program that is independent of login with servers. no cannot depend on their servers to configure our KS. waiting that the new app to solve problems, but it is necessary to remove the login to run the modification of parameters. the login only to social issues...but never for change our parameters. @Flora Yuan Something to say about it?
  14. Hi, I can connect with my new ks16s but I can not change alarms and others parameters because iOS app can not login my account. Try with iOS and android and I can not login never. someone know what happens with servers? very good wheels but catastrophic service. Feedbacks system in web return always error code Skype call not work........... ??????????
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