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Is 2000W in <15kg possible?


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I wonder if 2000W motor in 10-15kg wheel is even technically possible? How much powerful motors weigh?

99% of my EUC rides are to commute 8 km one-way and I have no problems to charge after every ride. My V8's 480 Wh battery is more than enough, so in order to have as lightweight EUC as posible, I suppose I could downsize to 400 Wh or so. That should still be plenty enough to keep myself above 50% of battery (IIRC someone said that battery is used only for actual motor load, not the constant rated power). As far as I understand, batteries make up for quite some weight of EUCs.

So is something like 2000W, 400Wh, 16inch 2.5-3" wide tire possible in 12kg package, making it as super-safe city settler wheel in terms of wheel stability and power reserve for potholes, scrappy sidewalks, uphills, constant acceleration/braking?

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