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Xiaomi Ninebot Mini Pro vs Segway Mini Pro

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I am new to this world and would like to know the main differences. From my readings i see ninebot mini pro most of the times and i dont know if they are talking about the xiaomi or segway model. How can i know?

Whats your opinion of the xioami model?

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Hello @brandaopj

Xiaomi mijia is the chinese brand 

In china 

Mini & mini pro  & mini plus package are branded ninebot mijia Xiaomi 

In europa mini pro and mini plus are branded segway ninebot 

Your ninebot mini pro bought in china came directly from Xiaomi Mi Store  (like Apple store )

Xiaomi with sequoia invest buy indirectly  segway patent with his Ninebot 

Ninebot was bought by Xiaomi 


If you look kickscooter ES1 es2 in china are branded mijia 

In europa usa are branded segway 


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