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"White" LED during ride on KS16S


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As I received my wheel, I turned LED side panels to be off during riding, because I do not like flickering colorfull patterns which are available - a bit infantile. But riding in evening is a bit dangerous, because I am not visible, mainly from sides.

Luckily about a month ago, I accidentally turned "white" light on. I mean all three colors of all LEDs are switched on during ride, and when stop, battery level showes up. Firstly I thought it was some error, but few days ago it happened again.

I tried to find out how to switch this mode on, unfortunatelly only way I came up with is by spam clicking on/off button while moving wheel back and forth.

There are some bad quality photos (sorry) and a video.

I cannot read chinese, so maybe there is something about it in manual, sorry if spamming.




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You have discovered a new feature  :)
I thought this option was blocked and here is a surprise. Perhaps this is an option for single colour LED strips (for some markets or pre-production test option).
White side light may be too bright and therefore the manufacturer blocked the change of colour from the app.

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