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  1. Power LED control is implemented in various ways. I will take out the control boards (2pc) and see how it is done. Maybe we can dim the light in the last stage of the control and keep the dimming. @Desty I bought a 5A charger in the same store as the wheel
  2. I also bought. And I am happy too. It's perfect for me. The lighting would have to be modified. It's shining a little too bright and too high.
  3. This is correct, I have 1.11, but you don't need to update. 1.09 is a good version.
  4. I'm 224 lbs (102kg) and tyre pressure is 45-47 psi (~3,2 bar). I do not exceed a pressure of 4 bar due to the greater vibration transmitted to the axle. The tire absorbs shocks. Speed settings: 27km/h 3rd warning, tiltback 28km/h. At my weight I won't reach higher speed. Firmware 1.11 If battery is depleted, tiltback will start sooner.
  5. Something wrong is happening in this company. No answers, no contact with seller. It is a pity, because in Poland it was one of the best shops. I advise against buying in this store until the situation is clarified. Last contact details to service&support -> info from the local EUC forum : Electric Transport Group Sp.z.o.o (Ltd) ul. Parkowa 2A/15 58-580 SZKLARSKA PORĘBA (PL) Mobile: +48 690 545 069
  6. If the signal level is too low, it does not turn on.
  7. I upgraded to 1.09 and surprise, with app v1.50 my wheel is disco wheel now "music spectrum" is new feature (firmware v1.08 and above + 1.50 app). LED's are VU meter now. The limiter is like before (v1.08). It's ok. Now i understand the description of the new features v1.08 new spectrum switch (can switch on/off by the latest version APP) when playing music, led display battery condition at unicycle still for 1,5 seconds v1.09 adjust the RGB spectrum sensivity. APP shows the battery over-voltage and low-voltage state after unicycle power on the fan will
  8. ... code optimization maybe or something like that. I have 1.08 (and little problems during the upgrade from 1.02 to 1.08). I'm satisfied
  9. It was unofficially. Now, officially, you can write: "I could always hit 30kp/h on my 14D" ...and end tiltback (ollie-speed) is moved to 30 km/h I see it like that.
  10. Actually it is 1.07 not 1.7 http://forum.electricunicycle.org/topic/9752-firmware-107/ ... and what to do with this? I still have ver 1.02
  11. At the beginning I had it too. KS14D is very agile.
  12. You have discovered a new feature I thought this option was blocked and here is a surprise. Perhaps this is an option for single colour LED strips (for some markets or pre-production test option). White side light may be too bright and therefore the manufacturer blocked the change of colour from the app.
  13. It seems that new firmware (1.04) is worse than the previous version (1.02) - KS14D @ToffeeGirl in this topic writes about similar situation with KS14D -> http://forum.electricunicycle.org/topic/8164-14d-firmware-v104-is-out/?do=findComment&comment=119439 I have KS14D - v1.02 and I do not upgrade to 1.04
  14. Yes, it is the same. 4 patterns - no user-definable, 4 colours can be defined freely (without white colour)
  15. Don't install 1.02 version Speed limit is 20kph (~21kph agressive but short rocking tiltback), below 50% battery level (49% and less) I got KS14D with a new firmware version, so I have no other choice It would be better if the limiter operated from 40%.
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