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  1. Kalmar

    Firmware 1.08 (ks14s)

    ... code optimization maybe or something like that. I have 1.08 (and little problems during the upgrade from 1.02 to 1.08). I'm satisfied
  2. It was unofficially. Now, officially, you can write: "I could always hit 30kp/h on my 14D" ...and end tiltback (ollie-speed) is moved to 30 km/h I see it like that.
  3. Actually it is 1.07 not 1.7 http://forum.electricunicycle.org/topic/9752-firmware-107/ ... and what to do with this? I still have ver 1.02
  4. Kalmar

    My KS-14D wiggles when going fast and straight

    At the beginning I had it too. KS14D is very agile.
  5. Kalmar

    "White" LED during ride on KS16S

    You have discovered a new feature I thought this option was blocked and here is a surprise. Perhaps this is an option for single colour LED strips (for some markets or pre-production test option). White side light may be too bright and therefore the manufacturer blocked the change of colour from the app.
  6. Kalmar

    KS14S Speed Throttling

    It seems that new firmware (1.04) is worse than the previous version (1.02) - KS14D @ToffeeGirl in this topic writes about similar situation with KS14D -> http://forum.electricunicycle.org/topic/8164-14d-firmware-v104-is-out/?do=findComment&comment=119439 I have KS14D - v1.02 and I do not upgrade to 1.04
  7. Kalmar

    LED lights on the 14D

    Yes, it is the same. 4 patterns - no user-definable, 4 colours can be defined freely (without white colour)
  8. Kalmar

    KS14D Firmware 1.02

    Don't install 1.02 version Speed limit is 20kph (~21kph agressive but short rocking tiltback), below 50% battery level (49% and less) I got KS14D with a new firmware version, so I have no other choice It would be better if the limiter operated from 40%.
  9. Kalmar

    An Upgrade Bwhell

    The speed will increase only about 2 kph but much more comfortable going without tilting. The disadvantage is that you can hear the high frequency of motor control. If you want, I will place a description of this modification here. I just have to prepare it. Unless you see here (Polish non-commercial electric unicycle forum) -> ecojazda.pl - bWheel U8 zmiana sterownika. Sign In required. Your mainboard looks a bit different. CXM A8 mainboard - production date 2014.08
  10. Kalmar

    An Upgrade Bwhell

    bWheel U8 = CXM A8 I have a modified U8, with Microworks 30B4. Maximum safe speed = 17kph. First warning 17,1 kph (GPS). GPS speed 17,1kph = EGG App speed 23 kph (CXM is 16", Microworks motor 14") Odometer error is about 1.13: GPS distance x1,13km = app distance Microworks 30B4 is best (and only one) option without tilt-back. EUC is softer than before. I'm riding in Madden mode. Another modes are too soft for comfortable riding. HangHong 16" (low speed) motor: magnets 57, coils 63. Nominal power is 500W, torque is not bad (more than generic Chinese wheels). Microworks mainboard is better than original CXM mainboard. Since the replacement of the controller I had no accident on the uneven sidewalk or bike lanes (earlier yes, few times, too fast cut-off or something like that) CXM battery: 16P2S, 32 x Samsung ICR18650-22P / 264Wh - 4,4Ah/60V https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Vm0ZX4yKH-w
  11. Kalmar

    Best EUC leg padding

    @TwixFix : Custom 620wh Battery Pack for Gotway MTen
  12. Kalmar

    Best EUC leg padding

    ...or Beta 7800G
  13. Uliana, i understand that your plans have been changed?
  14. Kalmar

    charging voltage

    This means smaller current (wires, connectors), less heat on system board (smaller radiator, no fan, etc...), higher RPM=wheel max. speed (In BLDC motors RPM also depends on the power supply voltage), higher system efficient (higher voltage=less losses).