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KingSong app bricks wheel firmware

Christoph Zens

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When I started the (new) KS app this morning it managed to kill the firmware of my wheel such that it doesn't start anymore (at least not the way it should). What happened?

  1. Opened the app (Android version)
  2. Selected "device"
  3. Got a message about connection problems
  4. Selected "More"
  5. Got a dialog box stating that I have to upgrade the wheel firmware before I can use it, with the two options to cancel or upgrade
  6. I was thinking, oh, finally they published a new firmware, and hit "Upgrade"
  7. The wheel shut down (so there WAS actually a bluetooth connection)
  8. All lights OFF, the wheel said: "Bluetooth is OFF" and engaged some kind of brake (the wheel can be turned, but it turns much harder than usual)
  9. The app remained on a firmware upgrade screen, stating it would upgrade the wheel firmware from 1.00 to 1.02

This was of course nonsense, because the wheel was already running 1.02 and it was shut down by the app, bluetooth OFF, no more connection between app and wheel, and no real firmware upgrade running on the wheel. I know how an upgrade looks like, since I upgraded from 1.00 to 1.02 when it came out. The app downloads the firmware image, shows progress on a circle (takes a loooong time), the wheel is not powered down but instead also shows progress on its side LEDs.

I let it sit like that for half an hour or more, then tried to foce a restart by pressing the power button for a long time. The wheel firmware was obviously stuck, so this was the only option to try. Well, after holding down the power button for a few seconds, the wheel started to beeeep until I let go of the button. The wheel brake was released and the wheel could be turned normally again.

Now when I power it up, it says "Hello Kingsong" followed by "Bluetooth is OFF", but no side LEDs, and it activates the wheel brake again. Same when I press the Bluetooth button instead. Power down needs the long press. So, the wheel firmware was bricked by the app in one instant by some kind of stupid software bug / design flaw. Anybody any suggestions? Maybe disconnect and reconnect the battery, but I would call my dealer fist, before I open the wheel (it's still "original").

Here is the screenshot of the dialog, where you should not press "Upgrade":



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12 minutes ago, Christoph Zens said:

KS wheels seem to have a basic built-in system which allows the app to find the wheel and install firmware on it, even if no working firmware is  currently available on the device. Some kind of a fallback system to boot when normal operation is not possible

That is new on this "orange" beta app :-)

If that would happen on the old green app, you would have to send it to your seller or use the "KS engineer" app, which normally is only provided to sellers. (and is in chinese language)

Fortunatly they changed that on the new one, which means even if you fail with a update, now you are still good to go!

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11 minutes ago, Steven Algoet said:

I guess I need that engineer version... Same problem here after update from 1.05 to 1.07

But no solution found jet

Normally not needed on the "White/orange" app…...as this app has a fallback System and can install a Firmware even if there is None on the Wheel or it was interrupted!

Stay on your original thread please….in the end we will find a solution!


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