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KS18 AY+ for sale, 1200 W, new wires, Fan, only ~400km! // Germany


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Hey guys, 

i wanna sell my KS18 AY+ 680WH because the real battery range for a heavy guy like me (114KG / 230lb)

is not enough...in reality i get about 40km of range and thats not enough for my new job route.

It is one year old , stood 7 months in my heated and dry living-room because in my old job i had no time for driving.

Because of that circumstances the mileage is only around ~400 km. I was a complete newbie and learned driving on it in October 2016

so it has a couple of scratches at the pedals and the shell. 


I wanna go for a KS18S with the 1680WH Battery to match my needs for a traveling machine to work everyday.


Looking forward to get around 900 EUR + shipping or you can pick it up in Germany near Osnabrück / Bielefeld.

i can send it to you via DHL insured...i dont know the (international) shipping cost, but that should not be a minor problem.


You can pay "cash&carry" when picking up or via PayPal.

Feel free to contact me! 



IMG_20170831_214023 (Large).jpg

IMG_20170831_223609 (Large).jpg

IMG_20170904_084225 (Large).jpg

IMG_20170904_084235 (Large).jpg

Screenshot_20170831-223112 (Large).png

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Several members suggested I talk to you about this @Lukas83.  I weigh 130kg so need something heavy duty.  I am a newbie, so my budget is set at £600 (€680) including shipping to London.  Would you accept that offer?  Also, is it very heavy?  Is there a solution for carrying it around, like a telescopic handle?  I assume it comes with a fast charger?


Many thanks!



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