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  1. when I remember right in the msx is to247 not 227,correct?
  2. 3000 watts? is it not only 2000? or what did I miss...? glad I'm in Germany... if it's all true I will pick one up and give you a review guys
  3. lol same problem here
  4. where to buy the new one? havent seen any on Ali or in other shops...
  5. yep they are really good - the service is fantastic, used it one time for my ks18ay and it was really good and they have fair prices
  6. anyone here can translate polish to English?
  7. Me to, great text, thank you Rock
  8. Just subscribed your channel, brilliant video! That was just what I was looking for - the acceleration and brake comparison was great! Keep going, stay safe and watch out for slippery garage pavement
  9. OK, glad that nothing happens, but Sorry I can't understand why the guy who fell Is so unbelievable stupid. Maxing out without protection isn't a good idea...and somebody wrote that he did fell in the past already... I am really pissed by this stupidity-this is bad for all euc riders and our and other euc communities. Even that TV channels in Spain have reported over that crash...in Germany this would have been end in a total Desaster, the German state would have banned everything according to eucs - even a euc helmet would have been forbidden here, because eucs and euc riders are *the pure evil coming from hell* and driving only rude and intolerant. If you wanna Kill yourself, you can do it, but do it with legal stuff like bicycles, motorcycles, your car our a knife - but please not with an euc, because the community and all others will suffer from that.
  10. welcome to the club... I tried to convince my wife to learn riding, but she don't want to... so the WAF (women acceptance factor) is very small over here. also, viel erfolg beim Verkauf!
  11. would love to get it, but the price is absolutely to high... 2500 eur is disgusting for 600wh more battery and the same tech specs before.
  12. Thank you Jason, that was exactly the information i was searching for weeks!
  13. -> Where did u hide Squirrel?! Hope your wheel is ok as well...
  14. Hey guys, as some of u perhaps know, i sold my ks18ay+ a year ago because i had no time for riding, have small kids and so on - but now i have some more free time and really miss it riding my euc. For now i have a serious problem...cant decide between MsuperX 84/100V or should i wait for the new KS18XL? KS battery beeps already annoyed me a lot on my ks18ay 680wh - the range wasnt really good as all bc my wheight is about 220 lbs and I`m 184cm in height. (i should have bought a bigger battery that time, i know.) I would love if anyone of you guys can give me a comparison (especially in acceleration) of the msx 84 vs 100v vs KS18L vs Ninebot Z10... im not a long range commuter, (mostly 30miles/~40km) so the range is not that important to me. i love acceleration, stiffness and responsiveness. unfortunately nobody in germany have this wheels where i can test them, so i really need your help. I have read the 84/100v msuperx thread, but there is no comparison in acceleration or general behavior - i did not found any comparison between the 18L / msuperx performance wise. mostly its about the range, safety, build quality, etc. euc guy has a great acceleration video on yt, but still no comparison to other wheels like Z10 / KS18L / msuperx 84v. So: what would you guys go for maximum performance (not the highest speed) ? Acceleration, stiffness, responsiveness. Thank you in advance and safe riding
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