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  1. Lukas83

    Msuper V3 1900, photos from Lukas gotway

    The Msuper X looks just perfect to me - sold my ks18 before a month ago to a friendly guy here in Germany (he promises me to register here ;) Does anybody have an idea about max rider wheight? (payload?! - correct?) I dont wanna buy a new wheel in the near future, but the Msuper X seems to be awesome... The 22" Monster is to big for me i guess.
  2. Hey guys, just wanted to let youn know, that my wheel is on ebay for sale. Normally i dont wanted international shipping, but for a forum member it`s not a problem - just let me know if you are interested or bid on ebay. https://www.ebay.de/itm/Kingsong-KS18-AY-nur-520km-gelaufen-frische-Wartung-Elektrisches-Einrad/132536086943?hash=item1edbc4319f:g:ws4AAOSwWG5apafg Kingsong69 knows me and the wheel - had it at 1Radwerkstatt in September 2017 for a new (safer) wiring etc. (just maintenance) There are some scratches from practicing, but i never had a serious crash with it and the batterys are still pretty good because of the low mileage (300 miles / 520km ) ! Wheel runs perfect and its the last active cooled version before the KS18S series. --> shipping to Europe / UK for 60 EUR to trusted Forum Members Best, Lukas
  3. New Price : 750 EUR including shipping in Germany! Wheel is to expensive for staying around... must go to someone who rides it.
  4. Lukas83

    Gotway repair global support

    ok havent Read the warranty part... than it's a different story of course
  5. Lukas83

    Gotway repair global support

    You can try to ask @1RadWerkstatt in Germany. (they are normally Kingsong Pros, but perhaps they can help you) I had a small repair there with my Wheel and the guys are absolutely great, very friendly, fast and the prices are fair. I recommend it! Give it a try. best, Lukas P.s: i dont understand why GW France refuses to repair? Sounds to me that you buyed your wheel used in the internet and they should help you out - for my example i would consider buying a new EUC in the future @1RadWerkstatt because they gave me good support and i appreciated very much. If GW France refuses to repair i would never buy a new wheel there...customer service is different in my opinion.
  6. Lukas83

    rollingbull X7

    one of the worst wheels you can buy...even for kids. the motor sucks and the built quality inside is horrible. She is pretty lucky that this thing is damaged and she was not having an accident because of overlean / cut out! Do your daughter a favor and go for a cheap used kingsong 14 / gotway 14 inch. you can lock the max speed over the app...so you will not have the problem with overspeeding. The riding bull is cheap crap and very dangerous for your kids. If you not believe watch the youtube vid posted above
  7. Lukas83

    Bad Accident on Onewheel+

    great to hear that your brother is doing good again! i have bused this jacket and can recommend it even in hot conditions: Fox jacket / vest its the german amazon but i guess they sell it in the states as well... its more like a vest and you are very well protected. the built quality is absolutely great and it's comfortable to wear. when it's cold out there you can easily put a jacket or hoodie over and you're fine. shoulders underarms breast and your back are perfectly protected. give it a try....i'm 1.84m tall and my wheight is similar to your brother with 114 kg - i buyed it in xxl and when i lose 5more kg it will fit perfectly to my body. best, lukas
  8. Lukas83

    Mten3 First Impressions / Review - BUY ONE NOW!!!

    lol 5:27 was fun as well...what was going on with this big booty power ranger style ladys ?
  9. Lukas83

    Which EUCs has the highest payload?

    ks18 and 114 kg here...no problems at all ((except the range with 680wh))
  10. Lukas83

    Tesla Sanyo 20700 Batteries

    yeah especially in small housings like a box mod / electronic cigarette ...im vaping since 2010 and 20700 is definitely an improvement in power and overall capacity...a lot of guys in the vaping scene already say that 20700s are the future... But in an euc i don't see improvements for the actual 18650 made wheels, except they change the design and housings for the batteries and save some space / packs.
  11. Hey guys, i wanna sell my KS18 AY+ 680WH because the real battery range for a heavy guy like me (114KG / 230lb) is not enough...in reality i get about 40km of range and thats not enough for my new job route. It is one year old , stood 7 months in my heated and dry living-room because in my old job i had no time for driving. Because of that circumstances the mileage is only around ~400 km. I was a complete newbie and learned driving on it in October 2016 so it has a couple of scratches at the pedals and the shell. I wanna go for a KS18S with the 1680WH Battery to match my needs for a traveling machine to work everyday. Looking forward to get around 900 EUR + shipping or you can pick it up in Germany near Osnabrück / Bielefeld. i can send it to you via DHL insured...i dont know the (international) shipping cost, but that should not be a minor problem. You can pay "cash&carry" when picking up or via PayPal. Feel free to contact me!
  12. Lukas83

    KS18AY+ at the Beach?

    Thank you for your answers! thats great news!
  13. Lukas83

    KS18AY+ at the Beach?

    Hey all, just wanted to ask if it`s a problem when i drive my KS18 at the beach - not directly in the sand - were on a north sea island called "Borkum" in Germany for holiday (probably somebody knows it) and we have a lot of pavement besides the beach, but the sand is very fine and the wind spreads it also on the pavement. So it`s important to me if my KS 18AY+ would have any problems with sand. If it´s a problem i will not drive here...anybody experienced driving the euc on sandy roads? Thanks in advance
  14. Lukas83

    Kingsong 16 S, what set up do you use?

    im always using the player mode cause im 114kg and the other modes are to soft for my taste
  15. Lukas83

    Riding safe by WheelLog APP

    Using this app for a couple of weeks and i absolutely love it! Its so good that i would pay for it