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When the controller cannot be controlled

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Today talk about riding a unicycle downCurrently on the market unicycle divided into two categories of players and consumer classPlayer level unicycle, The greater the power, the lower the probability of fall, but does not mean absolute safety, especially when the battery is low. Consumer class motherboard even if the set of a variety of protection, but the battery and motor parameters is too low, there are risk of fall down. Player-class cars have also set a variety of security protection, but if they ignore the danger, but if you really fall you can not blame the manufacturers. Whether it's GW, RW, or Kingsong, there are some people fall, Today, do not say the reasons for riding fall, Talk about product technical issues, fall, Soft board fall and power down, Soft board fall, after the fall, the boot can ride normally, power down fall,after the fall, the unicycle can not boot. The following three cases will occur soft board. 1/ The battery output power is too large, Battery protection board safety self protection, Stop output power. 2/ The motor torque is below the load, the motor stops working. 3/ The controller judges the riding state of the vehicle and cuts off the power automatically. Soft board in a sense is also a power outage, The second case for some skilled drivers is a chance to save, but the probability is low. Direct power is caused by burning the hardware, including the motherboard, protection board, motor and so may be burned. More common is mos and battery insurance and so on. All in all, safe riding, mainly in people, not in the unicycle. Any car is at risk of falling. Like a motor vehicle, Bugatti Veyron, Porsche, Rolls-Royce and Wuling Hongguang have the possibility of traffic accidents. Riding a wheelbarrow, remember to wear a protective gear, pay attention to traffic, do not play mobile phones, vehicle speeding, low pressure and other alarm do not disregard the danger.


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