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Ampers in WheelLog


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Can you explain how to understand amper values in the WheelLog charts? I tried a couple of hills and I saw that the charts showed 30-40 A currents. I have little idea if that's a lot or if there is still plenty of room for torque. My wheel is KS 14b (500w).

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That current is the motor current (not battery current). For slow speeds that should be quite ok - but could lead to overheating going uphill like this for longer distances.

for example on an ks16b (800w nimonal power) this amperage lead to an overlean at 27 km/h (http://forum.electricunicycle.org/topic/7855-anatomy-of-an-overlean/) - so how much safety margin you have depends on your battery voltage (charge state) and your speed.

according to https://airwheel.ru/test-monokoles-na-dinostende/ your ks14b should have some max peak power of 1,1 kw with cold motor and full battery, so with some safety margin and assuming that batteries are most times not at full charge while riding some 6-700w peak power sgould be available quite at any time.

this should enable you to ride up to about 15 km/h with ~30A (very roughly)



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