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Learning to ride my KS16S


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To get the hang of it, and to be able to catch the wheel, I've been starting off the first couple of days with the trolley handle as a support between my legs.

I think it feels really nice to have that support, and believe I've learned much quicker this way than without the handle.

Second day riding ever on a EUC for me I managed a 16km trip, taking quite a lot of turns and small hills. I don't think that would have been possible without the support of the handle :)
Anyone else did the same way to learn?

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No, I confess I never tried this, because I didn't have the idea.

But maybe it helps in the learning phase, I'll try it once just for fun, to see how it feels. 

However, at the end one must step back from it again, because to become more reactive for sharp curves (e.g. in case a person suddenly jumps in your way) you should be able to tilt the wheel left and right with your feet by changing weight from one leg to the other. This would not be possible with an extended handle.

Curves like that can be done a lot faster than just leaning the whole body from one side to the other.

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