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  1. I just ordered a 18XL after riding the 16S for many years. Chose it over the 16X based on other discussions, and let's hope it's nice!
  2. Yesterday I did a too tight turn in a roundabout with my 16S. The pedal hit the ground and I fell for the first time in 3-4 years. Now I'm thinking I want a wheel with higher ground clearance. Is that maybe the 18XL?
  3. Thanks man, that did it. I now use 0 - 0 - 35 - 35 in the sliders.
  4. Hi I recently upgraded to the new firmware and now I'm back to the original annoying beeping and early tiltback. I don't remember what settings I used to adjust that to the fastest possible speed without any warnings. Anyone?
  5. Just installed the official app to do the upgrade, but it sais i already have the lastest firmware, which is 1.09. Wheel is KS16S
  6. Whats the difference to the original app? /Evert
  7. App works excellent on my C2 with a KS16S.
  8. App got updated and now it shows latest firmware is 1.08 and the wheel is up to date!
  9. I went ahead and upgraded mine, the behaviour is strange though. It goes to 100%, the wheel starts in a continius beep until I shut it off. After that it still shows 1.08. Tried it again, and this time without that beeeeeeep. 100% success but still 1.08. Ahh well..
  10. Im in the same position, 1.08 on the wheel and 1.09 in the new app. Still holding off. Has anyone seen a list of fixes?
  11. Just ordered the Ticwatch C2, will test this app soon!
  12. That's strange, I only get this even though I have the newest app.
  13. My wheel changes mode instantly. I can feel the difference flicking through the different modes while driving at full speed.
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