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Alternative Gotway app?


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Hi -

I am a new Gotway MSuper user and am very disappointed by the app.  The user interface makes little sense (see all the forums about what the close alarm stuff does)and often when I open it it seems to want me to log in over the internet (troubling as the place in my building where I usually fire up the wheel has no cell service so I can't check the battery level).

Had anyone created an alternative app?  Or just attempted to reverse engineer the protocol over Bluetooth?

I am an iOS developer and if there is not an alternative app I would be interested in creating one.  I can think of plenty of interesting features (e.g. customizable announcements through headphones, use of phone vibrate...) but mainly would just like auto reconnect with no buttons to press when you launch the app.

Please let me know if anyone has created or attempted to create one.



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There are no third party apps that can change settings. You can use the old Gotway app (without online requirement) from the download section here (Android only).

For day to day riding, use Darknessbot/GyroMetrics (iOS) or Wheellog (Android). They are much better, and also you can't accidentally fat finger "close all alarms" (whatever that means) or anything else.

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Also the latest Gotway app is on the Play Store/iOS App Store, or you can download the older but equally functional non-social app from the Download section of this forum. There may be some older and shittier version in other places, that's why I'm saying this.

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