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40 minutes ago, davidbruce45 said:

Has anyone changed out the tires on a Segway mini pro? I just noticed that my tires are starting to get a little slick. Not surprised, I just went over 1200 miles. I wonder what the life of the tires are? Anyone? Thanks.

If the tread gets less than 2/32 of an inch on a car, they are unsafe.  On a minipro they should be okay until you get a flat.  1200 miles is a lot.  it would be interesting to see a picture of the tire.

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 Update, I just noticed some bulging coming from one of the tires so I ordered some tires. Watched a couple of videos on how to replace them.  I got almost 1400 miles on this set of tires.  Hopefully my battery will last another 1400. 

 Bought some new tires, it took a week for them to get here. It was a big hassle to get them on. Had to get help from a friend to instal them.  Then I had to take them to the tire place to have them blown up.  I got 1378 miles on the first set.  Not too bad, hopefully  i'll get another 1300 out of the Segway.  It does ride quite a bit smoother with the new tires installed. 

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